What size motorcycle do I need for my weight?

What size motorcycle do I need for my weight

The size of the motorcycle that you need for your weight is a consideration you need to check since most people ignore it. Usually, most people consider the price of the motorcycle, its performance, design, and maintenance cost. Getting the right size for your weight enhances comfort when riding the motorcycle and increases its performance.

In most cases, people forget the factor, and they start regretting later how the size of the motorcycle affects their weight. Therefore, before buying the motorcycle, check on the size plus the height of the motorcycle. Remember, when riding a motorcycle, you need to be comfortable for a smooth journey.

The article below shows the ways of knowing the size of the motorcycle you need for your weight and the related information with it. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and conclusion.

Ways of knowing the motorcycle size for your weight

Different motorcycles are built for different purposes, such that some carry fewer loads while others carry heavy loads. Most people assume all motorcycles are made of the same height and size that can fit anyone. That’s not the case; motorcycles also have sizes that you need to check. Below are some of the ways you can use to know the size of the motorcycle that fits your weight:

1. Weight of the body

Before choosing the size of the motorcycle for you, check on your weight since it directs you to the right motorcycle with a good carrying capacity. The carrying capacity determines the engine capacity since a heavy person cannot ride a smaller motorcycle since there will be difficulty in accelerating.

Therefore, in this case, you need to determine the weight limit of the motorcycle such that a particular motorcycle can carry up to a certain weight and that you will check your weight if it ranges in the list. To get the weight limit of the motorcycle, you need to calculate it using an elaborate formula.

Getting the weight limit of the motorcycle

Weight limitComputation
Carrying capacityGross vehicle weight rating – the weight of the motorcycle.
The dry weight of the motorcycleAverage weight without fluids and fuel
Wet weight of the motorcycleAverage weight with fluids and fuel

2. Engine capacity

Motorcycle engine capacity can be as low as 125cc and get up to 600cc. The engine capacity runs depending on the rider’s weight; for heavy drivers, choose a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 600cc. Remember, when you are heavy and the motorcycle’s engine is powerful, you will be comfortable with the motorcycle.

3. Purpose

Different motorcycles have different purposes making them have different designs. The motorcycle chassis and wheelbase design align with the engine tune and suspension setup. Therefore, a good design for specific usage can accommodate your weight, too, when riding.

4. Height

The motorcycle’s height determines the motorcycle’s size for your weight. Usually, most motorcycles accommodate both tall and short people; however, some do not accommodate either tall or short people, so you need to choose one that fits your height. Therefore, a motorcycle that fits your height will possibly fit your weight.

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Why do I need to select the correct size motorcycle for my weight?

Selecting the right size motorcycle for your weight increases an individual’s comfort and reduces the chances of accidents. Riding a motorcycle requires one to balance their body weights for an easy journey. Therefore, when you are not using the right size motorcycle for your weight, you can quickly lose balance when riding and get into an accident.

What shows the motorcycle is not suitable for your weight?

Several signs can help you know that the motorcycle does not fit your weight when riding it. You will feel awkward operating the motorcycle if you are a new rider. You will check on some signs and feel the motorcycle does not fit your weight. Below are some of the signs:

  • Hanging on the motorcycle such that you cannot fully stand on the ground while seated on the motorcycle. With hanging feet on the motorcycle, you cannot easily access the controls like the brake and gear. So there is a high risk of getting into an accident.
  • Standing with the tip of the toes while standing on the motorcycle. It causes poor balance; if you are heavy, you can easily fall when taking a break or when you want to stop.
  • Struggling when riding to reach the hand or foot controls.
  • Failure to sit comfortably on the motorcycle. It shows that you cannot handle the motorcycle and that it is more prominent for you.

How to check if the motorcycle size fits your weight

There are a few steps you can follow when checking if the size of the motorcycle fits your weight. The steps are reasonable as you choose your motorcycle type and will not regret it. After choosing the motorcycle, it fits you, but maybe at some point, it is loose. Therefore, you need to adjust the motorcycle to fit you. Below are the steps:

       i. Get the motorcycle by your side: in this case, you need to have the motorcycle at the place you are buying it from.

     ii. Sit on the motorcycle: you need to sit on the motorcycle you are choosing to test if it will suit your weight.

  iii. Feel the distribution of your weight on the motorcycle: after sitting on the motorcycle, you will feel how your weight will be distributed. You must try balancing by moving from side to side, forward and backward, and ensuring that you can handle the motorcycle’s weight. If you try any of the movements, you find that there is anything complicated with it; choose to decline the motorcycle as it is a clear sign that it is not the right size for you.

  iv. Inspect the distance of the control from the seat: the distance from the seat and the controls indicate how you will reach the controls when driving. Ensure you can reach the controls while seated and not straining to get to the controls. If you feel any hardship with getting to the controls, the motorcycle is not the right size for you.

For online shopping, you are ordering the motorcycle, so you do not have time and space to test if it fits your weight; worry less. The steps below guide you on getting the right motorcycle, even without testing.

1)    Check on the published measurements: every motorcycle has published measurements in the manufacturers’ manual book under the specification section. The motorcycle specification contains all the measurements like the engine capacity, carrying capacity, speed, weight, size, height, etc. 

Therefore, check on the motorcycle’s size, height, and weight and see if it fits you well. With this method, you need to be sure of your weight and height to compare it with the specification of the motorcycle.

2)    Consider the online methods:  the online method of checking for the size of the motorcycle fit you is the ergonomic simulator, where you can check everything about a motorcycle before starting the ordering process. 

In this method, you have to give your height and weight, and the tool will compute to you if the motorcycles you choose are compatible with your details. If they are incompatible, your request is declined, and you must choose a different motorcycle that fits your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

1.     How do you adjust a slightly bigger motorcycle to fit you?

To adjust a slightly bigger motorcycle, you need to: adjust the suspension in the motorcycle to your preference or replace the motorcycle seat if it is more extensive.

2.     What are the best types of motorcycles to buy?

The best motorcycles to buy are cruisers, sport bikes, touring, standard and dual-sport.

3.     What is the weight limit for most motorcycles?

The weight limit for motorcycles ranges from 350 to 400 pounds.

4.     What is the best engine capacity for a beginner?

Choose an engine capacity of between 300cc to 600cc engine to handle. However, less than that is also good if you are lightweight, but over that will be too hard for you to handle.

5.     What is the overall weight of a motorcycle?

The average weight of a motorcycle is about 600 pounds, which is 275 kilograms. However, some weigh more or less depending on their type and model.


Well, if you are asking yourself, what size motorcycle do I need for my weight? The answer is to check your weight and get the motorcycle you are compatible with. If you have never ridden a motorcycle and are lightweight, choose a motorcycle below 500cc. However, if you are heavy, choose a motorcycle with over 1000cc engines. The article shows ways of getting the right motorcycle size for your weight.

Moreover, getting the right size motorcycle for your weight increases comfort, maneuverability, fun, and adventure. Avoid riding a motorcycle that is either heavy for you or very light since it can easily lead to accidents when you force the ride. Check on the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the motorcycle’s weight limit to avoid making a wrong choice.

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