Privacy Policy For acknowledges the importance of  the valuable information shared by visitors. Candyoutdoor is not affiliated with exposing user’s precious information to third-party sites.  The privacy policy gives a specific idea about how we collect information from our visitors and use it at the same time to ensure the privacy of shared information or data. 

Who We Are

We are and our website address is You can reach us for any kind of queries and information and we are dedicated to helping you anytime. Send your queries or suggestions at  

What Personal Data We Collect And Why We Collect It


When a person visits candy outdoor and shares his queries or experiences through comments, we collect the information from those comments and check his or her IP address to make sure there is no spamming bot or robot.

To make sure your email address is valid and belongs to you,  The anonymous hash codes created by your email address are sent to the Gravatar service. Then your comments are approved on the site and people can watch your public profile. To read more about the privacy policy of Gravatar service, visit Your email address is not used for any promotional use or advertising activities. 


Users are not given the option to upload videos, images, or other media files on the sites. However, they can download information of media files uploaded on the site. We collect user information through views, content interests, most liked media contents, watch time,  most-watched content, and comments. 

Contact Forms

Candyoutdoor only includes necessary queries in contact form such as name,  email, personal information, and other legal identification fields. When you fill up a contact form the information is sent to us via direct mail, without involving any third-party sites. Email Address is kept to reach you as long as your queries are not answered properly. Any information on the contact form is not shared anywhere and protected with advanced security.


Cookies make your internet browsing comfortable and easy. These files contain your given information so that you won’t have to enter them repeatedly if you visit the same site again. In candyoutdoor, all cookies are first party-based and created by site developers. There is no involvement of outside parties. We only use cookies to save your login information. These cookies are session out after a certain period. Several types of cookies are used on the site such as login cookies,  additional cookies, temporary cookies. 

Embedded Content from Other Websites

In candy outdoor, you may find embedded content such as articles,  media, images, and videos from other sites. These embedded contents count you as a visitor of that particular site if you open them and use cookies to remember your basic information. We don’t provide any sensitive information to any embedded sites and choose sites that are trustworthy and upload informative content.


Candyoutdoor website uses Google Analytics to collect some of your basic information such as your location,  device model and browser,  internet protocol address, isp provider, your site visiting information, frequently opened contents, interest, etc. 

We use analytical data for traffic research and statistical models, website content development, etc. None of your data is used for personal use or selling third-party sites. If you still wish to stop Google Analytics from collecting your information

If you wish to know how Google collects and analyze your data, read Google’s Privacy Policy from here :

Who We Share Your Data With 

We don’t share your data with anyone. Instead, we use your information and data for the development of our offerings and the quality of site contents. Contents are made according to your interests, suggestions, and likings. We don’t use your data for any kind of marketing or third-party endorsement.

How Long We Retain Your Data

Your data are categorized and retained according to the information it provides. Important data like your conversation and suggestions on any contents, your login information are retained forever. Some data like your mails and email addresses are kept till you get your replies and then cleared. Users can change their personal login information except for a given username. 

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

If you sign in and provide information or comment on any content,  you can ask for a  statement file later that includes all your given data. You can request to withdraw any information you provided on-site except the legal documentation. 

Where We Send Your Data

The information or comments you provide are being checked whether they contain any kind of malware or ransomware. Also, we make sure no spamming bots are commenting. To check,  we send your data to many spam locator services. 

How We Protect Your Data

We use secure third-party software such as Oracle, Egnyte to keep your data secure and more secure methods such as encryption,  masking, antivirus, firewall, etc.

What Data Breach Procedures We Have In Place

To protect your important data from taken out, we use some secure and effective data breaching procedures, some of the data breaching procedures followed by us are :

1.Malware and Virus Protection

2.Spam and Phishing link removal

3.Password Sniping 

4. DDoS 

5.Backup of Database Management. 

What Third Parties We Receive Data From

Candyoutdoor receives data from various trusted third-party sources such as Google Analytics, Alexa, Facebook, and Youtube cookies. These data are analyzed to understand the trends, writing information, and content preferences. 

What Automated Decision Making or Profiling We Do With User Data

Automated decision or profiling is done to assume an individual’s behavioral patterns. These decisions are made through various procedures like surveys, ratings,  questionnaires, user’s public data. 

Our Contact Information

For any kind of questions about data,  contents,  suggestions, complaints, and queries, reach us at We are here to reply to all your queries. Let us know what you think about our content and share your valuable words for the betterment of site content.