Terms And Conditions


The Terms and Conditions of Candyoutdoor.com provide users a proper instruction about accessibility and usage, rules and regulations to follow while visiting http://candyoutdoor.com

When you visit Candyoutdoor you’ll have to agree with all the terms and conditions of the site. The terms regulate your activities and guide you to understand the do and don’t of this webpage. For example, to access the site the minimum age limit is 18. You are not allowed here if you are a minor. 


The purpose of Candyoutdoor is to act as an information hub where visitors, writers, contributors all can share their experience, activities, informative data, problems, and ask questions to bike lovers from all over the world. The content shared on the website is from the daily activities of bike owners and not to be taken as a professional guideline. However, there will be a citation of the professional’s name if any advice is taken from them. 

The information and stats of this website should not be used as a professional alternative and users are advised to take the help of experts such as doctors, mechanics, or others on the issues related to their safety and health. 

Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents, writings,  visuals, information provided on the site are intellectual properties of the site owner, and visitors are given limited access to view and read all the creative works. 

Candyoutdoor and its contents focus on originality and don’t hold any resemblance with other’s works. However, if you think any content of the site is colliding with the intellectual work of yours and others please provide your valuable thoughts at


Fair Use Policy 

Candyoutdoor acknowledges the intellectual property rights of others and uses media, information, or images belonging to another individual within the permitted law and proper credit.

Section 107 of the Copyright Act gives a clear idea about fair usage and categories such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research purpose. Under the copyright act, one can use this categorized information and won’t be sued for copyright claims.

Agreement of Usage 

The given terms and conditions are agreements between visitors and site owners about the use, distribution, publication of any contents of the site. 

Users must follow all the rules and regulations when they are visiting and collecting information.


There are particular restrictions for you while visiting candy outdoor. These help to keep the site free from any unprecedented situations. 

  • You are not allowed to use any content of the site for your promotional and advertising activity
  • Any content of the website is not allowed to be used publicly without the consent of the site owner.
  • Data and statistics are not allowed to use for research works without permission
  • No permission to embezzle intellectual works and one may face legal consequences if they plagiarize under copyright law.

Content for Future Research

Any information or media users share such as audio, text, videos, designs give Candyoutdoor the exclusive rights to use them for future research and publications. Users must provide authentic intellectual information and contents. Candyoutdoor holds legal rights to remove any contents belonging to others and published without permission.

Liability Limitation

CandyOutdoor and its owner are not liable for any kind of actions of yours that are somehow connected with the works of this website.

Complaints and Retractions 

If you believe any works of this website has resemblance with other people’s intellectual rights

reach us at rahman@candyoutdoor.com for your queries and suggestions. 

Terms And Conditions Altering

Candyoutdoor holds the right to change, remove and add new terms and conditions permitted by law. Users are requested to visit the terms and conditions sections for any updates.

Government Law And Jurisdiction 

The terms and conditions interpreted here follow all the rules and regulations of State Governments. If any terms and conditions are found inappropriate or invalid under current law they will be removed immediately. Any dispute or infringement can be settled in the state and federal courts.