About Mahbobur Rahman

The Road Not Taken – by Robert Frost is the favorite poetry of Mahbobur Rahman.  

From early childhood, Mahbob has been dreaming about journeys through the roads. Not on foot or in a car, rather he loves to ride motorcycles, the most daring of all rides. The road less taken by many has become a fancy for Mahbob from a very age. So was his love for the mechanism of the ride and how to take care and repair them. He also has a vast knowledge of motorcycle parts and needed accessories which can be seen through his writing.

Motorcycle riding is his forte. Day by day he has traveled around many places throughout the USA, overcoming many hindrances while on the road. From the mountains of North America to the busiest towns in NY, Mahbobur Rahman has been riding through all along.

With time passing by, Mahbob developed an interest in writing. He wanted to let others know what he has learned. As a biker, he experienced many tough journeys. The journeys could not kill him, rather made him stronger. His written words echo the stories behind the wheels.

His writings show his love for transport and following his footsteps, you can overcome any trouble your beloved motorcycle is giving. From tire changing to battery changing, oil changing and even riding without a motorcycle to learn the balance and tactics is described beautifully in his words. He is a good mechanic and following his lines, you can repair your own bike too.

As a rider, Mahbobur Rahman is a pro. And with a knack for outings, he is one of the best to show different moves and obstacle-overcoming tips. Besides, his love for racing can be seen through his writings. He is a racing pro and wishes to connect to people through motorbike racing.

Besides, you will find his directions through many accessories you may find in the market. To become the best rider, you can just follow his blogs and pick up the right gear for you whenever necessary. 

As an outdoor specialist, Mahbobur Rahman shares his knowledge, pros and cons of travelling through the mountains and the valleys while showing you the way for safe rides and hassle-free journeys.

A journey with Mahbobur’s Blog is just another way of learning the art of travelling and fixing what you have perfectly. 

So, don’t wait, there are miles to go before you sleep.