Can A Dead Motorcycle Battery Be Recharged? [Full Guide]

Can A Dead Motorcycle Battery Be Recharged

Trying to start your motorcycle and failing is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Have you ever faced that? Well, it may occur if your motorcycle has a dead battery. But can a dead motorcycle battery be recharged?

Don’t worry; it is possible to recharge a motorcycle’s dead battery. A dead bike battery can be recharged using a jumpstart and a trickle charger. The procedures are pretty simple and easily completable by yourselves within a quick time.

Now you know about the solutions, how can you recharge without damaging your battery? This article will guide you through the steps of recharging a dead motorcycle battery.

2 Effective Methods to Recharge Dead Motorcycle Battery: 

Dead motorcycle batteries are rechargeable and reusable. Based on the condition of the battery, you may try different actions. Have a look at the methods below that may help you to recharge a dead motorcycle battery – 

Method 1: Jump Start using another Motorcycle

The first and the most effective method is by using jump start. This will be done using another motorcycle. Connection should be made accurately to get the perfect output. Connect the dead battery to a motorcycle by following the below steps –

Step 1: Attach the positive terminal of the jumper cable to the dead battery and add the other positive terminal of the jumper cable to the working battery.

Step 2: In the same way, attach the negative terminal of the jumper cable to the dead battery and add the other negative terminal to any metal surface of the bike.

Step 3: Turn on the motorcycle and run the engine for a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Disconnect the jumper cable in the reverse order you plugged them. Turn on the motorcycle with the dead battery and run it for a couple of minutes. This will recharge the battery.

Method 2: Trickle Charger

Trickle charger is not like the traditional charger. It delivers a very low voltage and charges the battery by taking a longer time than usual, and prevents overcharging. 

So, how to use a trickle charger to recharge the dead battery –

Step 1: Trickle charger comes with two clamps. Connect the red clamp with the positive terminal of the dead battery & Connect the black clamp with the bike frame that is unpainted and grounded.

Step 2: Plug in the charger and check if the charger indicates the status of charging. Trickle charger usually takes a longer time than usual. So it may take hours to a day to get the dead battery fully charged.

Step 3: Once the battery is fully charged, remove the clamps of the charger. Unplug the charger in the reverse order by removing the black clamp first and then the red one.

Step 4: The procedure of charging a dead battery is completed. Now, start the engine. 

These are the methods to get a dead battery recharged. You either need the jump starter or the trickle charger. Apply the one that is accessible and sounds easier to you. 

How To Test Motorcycle Battery Using Multimeter:

Now you know how to recharge a dead battery. So, how to test a motorcycle battery to determine whether it can be recharged? Well, it’s very much simple and just requires a multimeter. 

Set the multimeter at 20V and plug the clamps into the battery. If the multimeter shows a voltage higher than 12.4, the battery is completely fine for a motorcycle and just needs to get recharged. Check the voltage range and what they mean – 

Battery VoltageStatus
12.6V – 12.4VRechargeable 
12.3V – 12.1VLifespan Decreased
11.9V – 0VReplace Battery

How To Know if the Motorcycle Battery is Dead or Bad?

A dead and a bad motorcycle battery aren’t the same. There are differences between the batteries and their symptoms as well. Let’s have a detailed breakdown below – 

Symptoms Of A Dead Motorcycle Battery

To identify a dead battery, you should know about the dead motorcycle battery symptoms. Dead batteries can be recharged and used with a decent voltage level. Check the common symptoms below  

  • No Ignition;
  • Not holding the charge;
  • Problem with headlight and horns;
  • Irregular meter readings.

Symptoms Of A Bad Motorcycle Battery

Bad batteries are different from dead batteries. A dead motorcycle battery can be recharged or reused, but a bad one is quite risky. Here are the common bad motorcycle battery symptoms – 

  • Sulfated battery;
  • Cracked body part;
  • Broken terminals;
  • Leakage with fluids;
  • Discolor of the body part;
  • Charging problem.

How To Jumpstart A Motorcycle With A Dead Battery?

Jumpstarting means starting a motor vehicle that has a discharged or drained battery using jumper cables and another vehicle. It’s possible to jumpstart a motorcycle with a dead battery. 

The procedure is quite risky and may cause harm to the motorcycle. So, make sure to follow the procedures accurately. 

Step 1:  First, attach the red clip to the positive terminal. 

Step 2:  Attach the negative clip to the unpainted metal surface. 

Step 3:  Activate the jump pack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Charge A Completely Dead Motorcycle Battery?

Well, if the dead battery belongs to a good brand, then it can be charged using a trickle charger. Connect the black clamp of the trickle charger with the battery’s negative terminal and the red clamp with the positive terminal.  Fully recharge the battery before disconnecting the charger.

It may take several hours to get the battery charged. Depending on the battery’s capacity and the charger rate, there may be more time than usual.

How Do You Know If A Motorcycle Battery Is Bad?

A dead battery and a bad battery are not the same. A dead battery can be revived using a jumpstart, but a bad battery won’t hold the charge for a long time. You can detect a bed battery by visually inspecting it. 

There will be broken terminals or cracks in the plastic casing. Bad motorcycle batteries also cause fluid leakage and discoloration. If no such problems are visible, conduct a professional and test the battery to confirm the condition of the battery.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Dead Motorcycle Battery?

This actually depends on which method you are applying. There are two ways to charge a dead motorcycle battery. Jumpstarting and trickle chargers are two different methods used for charging dead motorcycle batteries. 

Using a trickle charger takes longer time than usual. It may take 12 – 48 to completely charge a dead motorcycle battery. Jumpstarting won’t take much time, as it’s just boosting the dead battery. A complete process of jumpstarting will be completed within 10 – 30 minutes. 

Is It Possible To Recharge Dead Motorcycle Battery By Yourself?

Recharging a dead motorcycle battery is pretty easy. It’s possible to recharge a dead motorcycle battery by yourself. If you are using the trickle charger, then just connect the clamps. Jumpstarting also can be performed by only yourself.    

You just need to maintain the safety issues while performing this task. Connect the clamps as mentioned in this article and unplug them in the reverse order.

Final Words

I guess you have no doubt about whether a dead motorcycle battery can be recharged or not.  It’s possible to revive a motorcycle’s dead battery. If you follow the procedure in the article, the motorcycle battery will last for a long time.

First, figure out the battery’s condition, whether it’s dead or bad. If it’s dead, apply a jumpstart or trickle charger, as they both are effective. Using a good-quality battery is recommended as it’s easier to recharge a dead battery from a quality brand.

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