Can A Motorcycle Jump Start A Car? (All You Should Know)

Can A Motorcycle Jump Start A Car

Is your car’s battery dead and needs a jump start? To jump start a vehicle, you need another similar vehicle. Well, don’t worry if you don’t have another car around you for a jumpstart. In that case, you can use a motorcycle to get the job done. 

It’s possible to jump start a car using a motorcycle. By using jumper cables, you can revive a dead battery. Connect the jumper cables to both vehicles so that the car’s dead battery can be recharged from the motorcycle’s battery. The battery of the motorcycle should be in good condition.    

The procedure may require longer than usual but will work if the methods are done correctly. So, how can a motorcycle jump start a car? Find the detailed instructions below – 

How Can a Motorcycle Jump Start a Car? (5 Easy Steps)

Jump Starting a car with a motorcycle is tricky. It will work if only you manage a bike with a good battery. The following steps will guide you to jumpstart a car using a motorcycle’s battery.

Step 1: Know the Basics

First, get a clear idea about the jump-starting process. It’s just boosting your dead battery using another battery. The other battery should be at least 12.6V or higher and obviously from a good brand. 

As you are using jumper cables as the only tool, ensure it’s a heavy-duty device with no issues. Get a jumper cable that has strong clamps with teeth.

Step 2: Prepare the Vehicles

Select a wide and open place for the process. Ensure there is enough light in the place so there will be no misconnection.

Now, Bring the bike closer to the car. This will make the cables accessible and allow you to connect them easily. Open the hood of the car to get access to your car battery. 

Step 3: Connect the Positive Terminals

Get the jumper cables and connect the positive terminal(red) of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of your bike’s battery. In the same way, join the other positive terminal of the jumper cable and connect it to the positive terminal of the car’s battery.

Jumper CableConnecting Points
Red Clamp 01Dead Battery +
Red Clamp 02Donor Battery +
Black Clamp 01Donor Battery –
Black Clamp 02Dead Metal(unpainted)

Step 4:  Connect the Negative Terminals

Now, connect the negative terminal(black) of the jumper cable and connect it to the negative terminal of your bike’s battery. Place another negative terminal of the jumper cable to any unpainted bolt or anything. This will act as ground.

Step 5: Start your Car

Start your car and keep the power on. Wait for a couple of minutes. It may require a longer time than usual as the bike’s battery is very much less configured than a car’s bike.

This was all about the major steps. Now, keep the bike powered and try to start the car. If the battery is recharged accurately, it will turn on for sure. Once the car starts, check if the bike starts or not, as it charges something more than its capacity.

Once the process is done, unplug the jumper cables in the reverse order(last connection first) from the table. 

How Do You Know If Your Battery Needs A Jump?

Jump Start helps to revive dead batteries. But how do you know if your battery needs a jump or not? Well, some signs indicate if the battery is dead or not. Have a look at the common signs that require a jump start.

  • No Response

The first issue that a dead battery show is no response. Plug the key and try to start the car. There will be no response on the dashboard. This indicates the battery is dead and needs a jump.

  • Engine Problem

If the car cranks after plugging the key but doesn’t start, that also can be a reason for a dead battery. This is because the battery is refusing to power the car. So, the problem is not the engine, it’s the batteries problem.

  • Old Battery

Batteries come with a specific lifespan. During the lifespan, they provide the expected service. Once the lifespan is over, the performance starts to get dull. The average lifespan for the car’s battery is 4-5 years. Batteries need jumpstarting if they are old and struggling to start or power the vehicle.

If the battery requires frequent jump-starts, then you should better replace the battery. You will damage the electrical components by frequently jumpstarting your car.

Is Jumpstarting Good For Your Car?

Jumpstarting is good as long as you follow the procedures precisely. Any wrong connection may cause sparks, shock, or even fire. Modern cars have updated electronic control units and systems. So, jumpstarting may not always bring a good result. 

Jumpstart sometimes ruins the alternator of cars, creating a mess for the users. As two vehicles are involved in a jump start, the risk will be equal for both. Jumpstarting for the first time is fine but don’t try it if it’s not that urgent.  

Jumpstarting your Car using a motorcycle needs more caution than usual. A motorcycle’s battery is much less configured than a car’s battery. It may damage the motorcycle if the jumpstarting isn’t done accurately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Damage Your Car By Giving A Jump-Start?

Jumper cables recharge dead batteries by using power from another battery. It’s effective to recharge or revive dead batteries. Multiple connections are required to use a jumper cable, so it will be unsafe if there is any misconnection.  

Misconnections may damage the electric parts of your car. Not every time will you get an effective result. The onboard electronics of a modern car are quite sensitive and may cause extensive damage for incorrect jumpstarting.

What Is The Safest Way To Jump-Start A Car?

Jump Starting is a common strategy to recharge a dead battery. It should be performed by maintaining proper safety, as there will be a major loss for any wrong connection. Using another car’s battery is the safest way to jump-start a car.

If you are using a bike’s battery for jumpstarting your car, make sure the battery is in good condition. Plug the terminals carefully, and remember to plug the red cable first, then the black one. 

Why Is It Safe To Jump Start A Car With Another Car’s Battery?

It’s not recommended to use a motorcycle to jumpstart a car. This is because a motorcycle doesn’t have a battery of the same configuration. You will get a better result by using a car to jump start another car, and it’s also safe.

Jump Starting a car with another car’s battery is safe because they both have quite similar configured batteries. The voltage won’t differ that much between the two batteries. So, it will be less risky for the vehicles to boost one another. 

How Long Does It Take to Jump Start A Car?

Jumpstarting usually takes a very short time as it is just boosting the dead battery with a good-conditioned battery. It may take 10 – 30 minutes to jumpstart a car. Using a bike for jumpstarting a car may take a bit longer than usual. But it won’t take more than hours.  

If the method works, it won’t take much time. A failed jumpstart will take much time with no benefits. 

Is It Bad To Jump-Start A Car Multiple Times?

It’s fine if you are required to jumpstart your car for once. Jumpstarting is only recommended if the battery is dead. If your car requires jumpstarting twice or thrice in a week or month, you are recommended to change the battery as early as possible.  

Jump-starting affects the working battery and the alternator of the car as well. A misconnection will damage both cars’ batteries. So, it’s obviously not recommended to jump start a car multiple times.

How To Avoid Damage While Jump-Starting a Car?

Jump Starting can be required anytime, anywhere. So, it’s better to know how the damage can be avoided. To keep your car safe, it’s important to connect the cables as instructed. The red clamps should be connected first, and then the blacks. Also, you should remember to unplug the cables in reverse order.

Check the manufacturer’s website or manual if there is any instruction about jump-starting. Some manufacturers forbid their owners to jumpstart the car as it damages the electronic components.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how can a motorcycle jump start a car, try to follow the procedures mentioned in this article. As the process is quite simple, it can be done without any professionals.

Connect the terminals precisely to avoid any accidents. If you are planning to jump-start your car using a motorcycle, ensure the battery of the motorcycle is in good condition. 

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