Can You Wear Sunglasses Under A Motorcycle Helmet?

Sunglasses Under Motorcycle Helmet

Sunglasses are a necessity for many riders around the world. But, there is a common question asked by the many bike riders- can you wear sunglasses under a motorcycle helmet? Here is the thing, helmets are of many types. Some motorcycle helmets even come with attached sunglasses in them. 

There is no specific answer to the question of whether sunglasses fit under a motorcycle helmet or not. It totally depends on the type of helmet. Wearing sunglasses under a full-face motorcycle helmet will be very annoying. A half helmet is the best option to wear a sunglass under it.

Usually, some riders don’t even bother to use sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can be a necessity, especially when you are riding in the countryside. Although, some cafe riders wear sunglasses. It also looks good and it completely suits the half helmets. Here in this article, you will get to know exactly the answers to this question. 

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Sunglasses Under Motorcycle Helmet: Can You Wear It?

If you are someone who rides a bike in the scorching sun or a far place, sunglasses are a must for you. As you know, it protects your eye from direct UV rays from the sun. You also have a better view while riding. But the challenging part is wearing sunglasses under the helmet.

You see, many of us don’t even realize until we take care of the situation. Wearing sunglasses under a motorcycle helmet is really easy when you apply the right methods to do so. After a while, your head will start to itch. The fast wind can cause the sunglasses to move. This will create a very annoying situation and could make the motorcyclist very uncomfortable.

There are half, modular, open face helmets and many variations of helmets to choose from. Experts say a lot depends on the type of helmet the rider is wearing. If you think practically, you can guess, each model of each helmet is made differently. 

For example, wearing sunglasses under a half and open face helmet is really easy and convenient. But if you wear a full-face helmet, it becomes a slight problem with sunglasses underneath.

Overall, wearing sunglasses under a motorcycle helmet is only workable when you are choosing the right option. You just have to be careful about the process. 

6 Hacks To Wear Sunglasses Under A Motorcycle Helmet:

Have you ever done something by applying some tips and tricks, and it was swiftly done. I have 6 hacks for you, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them. These tips and tricks will help you wear sunglasses under a helmet like a pro. 

Without further delay, let’s get to know the hacks.

Hack-1: Try to use thin-framed sunglasses all the time. Trust me on this, it will really be a helpful tip to follow. This will not irritate you while you are riding, rather it will be good for full-face helmets too. 

Hack-2: Do not use any heavy or metal-framed sunglasses. There are plenty of plastic sunglasses which are available on the market. They are good quality sunglasses too. It will perfectly stay in place and because of its less weight, it will be the best comfort option for you. 

Hack-3: I would suggest you wear the type of sunglasses which fits size to size according to your face. Fitted sunglasses are one of the most used by many experts. This will be small in size and fit under your motorcycle helmet smoothly. If you don’t find any, you can make one by ordering it. 

Hack-4: If you need to wear sunglasses daily the best tip for that case is to buy an extra size helmet. It will fit your glasses properly and without any doubt, it will make it easier for you to use your motorcycle helmet. For example, if you wear an L size, you can get yourself an XL. This will pretty much get the job done. 

Hack-5: Getting yourself a helmet with built-in sunglasses is the best pro tip for me. Personally, I love this hack. I also suggested this tip to my fellow riders. Wearing a helmet with built-in sunglasses is so useful, and you really don’t have to worry about carrying external sunglasses. You can wear a suitable size of yours. 

Hack-6: Wearing sunglasses can be a complication. To avoid that, what you can do is, get a sun visor. Sun visor almost works as great as sunglasses. It can protect you from excessive sunlight and get the work done. 

My Recommended 5 Motorcycle Sunglasses To Wear Under Helmet: 

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Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles

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Epoch Hybrid Photochromic Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses 

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My first recommendation is Bertoni sunsensor riding glass which has a wraparound shape to restrict wind. So even with the helmet glass off, you can prevent wind with this glass. However, if you want an anti-crash lens with a flexible leather strap, you can go for Bertoni Chromed frame goggles

For ultimate comfort during a ride, you can look for Epoch hybrid motorcycle sunglasses. It is suitable for summer rides as it is lightweight and casual. If you don’t mind wearing a bulkier sunglass that has polarized lens and is windproof, Bertoni F120A padded glass is a premium choice. 
If you consider the durability of the sunglass, Get lost Helmets Riding Goggles is the right choice. It has no foams which increases its longevity.

Related Questions

Is It Safe To Wear Sunglasses Under A Motorcycle Helmet? 

Wearing sunglasses under a helmet totally depends on how you wear them. It can be good or bad. Wearing sunglasses is problematic when you wear them the wrong way. 

However, it can only be called safe when the sunglasses fit snugly over the helmet. Many of us think that it is easy to wear it under it. But we don’t realize the results.

If you wear sunglasses in the wrong way, you will get furious after a while. It can be irritating and tingling. Therefore, it will create an intolerable situation. Sometimes, you can also bleed because of the strong wind that can break the frame of the sunglasses. So, to keep it safe, you must follow the tips and tricks given above.

You can rely on it by wearing small sunglasses or after wearing the helmet put the glasses on. 

How Do Motorcycle Helmets Put On Sunglasses?

Pragmatically, you can put your sunglasses inside your helmet. Either you wish to wear sunglasses or everyday glasses. Follow the steps perfectly to put on sunglasses:

  • Wear your helmet typically the way you wear it.
  • Adjust the strap clip just how it comforts you. Make it a little tight to make sure it stays in place.
  • Go easy on your glasses and put them slowly inside the helmet. Remember to not misplace the adjustment.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with all the adjustments otherwise, it will create unnecessary problems while riding.
  • Take off glasses, at first gently pull out your sunglasses.
  • Unhooking the clip and holding your strap takes off your helmet. 

By following these above steps, you will be able to completely put on and take off your glasses. Just make sure you are following everything safely. 

Can You Wear Sunglasses With A Full Face Helmet?

Full face helmet is the most used helmet among rides. Wearing sunglasses with a full-face helmet can be a bit challenging. Full face helmets cover the whole face including the head except the eyes. Only eyes and nose are visible. According to professional riders, wearing sunglasses is not acceptable with full-face helmets. 

There is another option of a helmet by which you can perfectly set the combo of sunglasses and helmet. Open face and half helmets become the ideal one here. A half helmet doesn’t cover the full face, and it only covers your head. You can easily put on glasses under it. 

You can put on your sunglasses if you put them on after wearing the helmet and using a fitted small frame. Wearing metal frame sunglasses is highly denied unless you are comfortable with it. 

Can You Wear Sunglasses Under A Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

Modular helmets are also used by many riders around the world. A modular helmet is generally a full-face helmet. The main difference is you can move the jaw part of the helmet which will make it an open-face helmet. 

Coming to the question about modular helmets, you really can wear sunglasses under them. It basically works the trio of the half, open face, and the modular motorcycle helmet. You can easily wear sunglasses under them. Now, when you place the jaw part down, it might become a problem in some cases. 

So, to avoid that you need to keep your sunglasses not very wide, just fit them accordingly. 

It will add a lot of advantages if you use thin side framed glasses, comparatively less weight, and sturdy. Therefore, if you keep riding with it, you will get comfortable from time to time. Do keep in mind, you must do it safely. 

Final Verdict

Whether you can wear sunglasses under a motorcycle helmet is often a very difficult question to answer. However, it isn’t rocket science to figure out the answer.

The bottom line is, you can comfortably wear sunglasses under any type of helmet if you follow the right methods. To be honest, it can be a difficult choice at first. I hope my provided information will be helpful for you.

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