Riding A Motorcycle While Pregnant: Safe or Risky?

Riding A Motorcycle While Pregnant

Riding a motorcycle is always a fantastic adventure for both men and women. Nowadays, along with men, women feel the courage to ride motorcycles. Women tend to ride motorcycles in their pregnancy period as well. But is riding a motorcycle while pregnant safe for health?

The pregnancy period is the most crucial yet critical period for women. But still, riding a motorbike isn’t wholly prohibited. It is a great physical activity. While riding a motorcycle is not usually risky for the pregnancy, it exposes the woman to more risks than usual. However, consulting the doctor before riding the bike is a must. 

In this guide, I will help you understand whether riding a motorcycle is a good idea or not during pregnancy. Before attempting, I will also discuss the pros, cons, and factors you should know. 

3 Benefits Of Riding A Motorcycle While Pregnant

Even though riding a motorcycle during pregnancy seems risky, it has several advantages. This adventurous ride helps the rider to relax, improve their mood, and so on. So, consider the following benefits of riding a motorcycle while pregnant:

  1. Physical Exercise:

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are essential during pregnancy. Motorcycle riding is an excellent way of staying active while pregnant. However, the journey of growing a human inside is not the same for every woman. 

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that women can continue a regular exercise routine as long as the pregnancy is normal. Staying active does not risk pregnancy. Riding a motorcycle can be a significant part of the routine if everything is normal. 

  1. Improves The Mood:

Pregnancy affects a woman’s physical aspects and significantly affects her mental condition and health. Staying happy and stress-free is essential for the mother and child’s well-being. Riding a motorcycle on the roads creates a sense of freedom and adventure, which causes the brain to release endorphins. The increase in endorphin release results in a happy mood. 

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Riding a motorcycle on the road and enjoying the cool breeze on your body can help you relax and improve the body’s blood circulation. High blood pressure can bring complications into the pregnancy, and motorcycle riding can help to maintain the blood pressure.

  1. Improve Sleeping:

Excellent and peaceful sleep is non-negotiable during pregnancy. Motorcycle riding while pregnant helps to clear the brain of stress and ensures a good exercise routine. It also improves the sleep quality of the expecting mother, providing proper rest. 

  1. Higher Brain Functionality: 

Focusing on the road during a motorcycle ride is essential. Riding while pregnant requires extra precaution and concentration on avoiding accidents. Motorcycle rides during pregnancy help the brain function faster and ideally focus on scenarios. 

4 Things Should Be Considered about Riding A Motorcycle During Pregnancy 

While motorcycle riding has a few benefits during pregnancy, ensuring proper safety is a must. Check out the below essential things to consider when riding a motorcycle during pregnancy:

  • Doctor Consultation:

Proper care and regular check-ups are essential to staying safe during pregnancy. Before getting your hands on a motorcycle and riding it, consult with the doctor. The doctor will take the necessary steps and decide whether it is safe to ride a bike or not.

  • Choose Smooth/Flat Road:

Wet, slippery, and bumpy roads are prone to motorcycle accidents. While riding a motorbike during pregnancy is not particularly dangerous, the bumps on the road can cause discomfort and complications. Accidents on wet and slippery roads can result in significant injuries to the mother and baby. 

  • Pregnancy Trimester: 

Taking the trimester of a pregnancy before riding a motorcycle is essential. The first semester on the bike is relatively safe if proper measures are taken. Regular motorcycle riders often ride the bike till the end of the second trimester. However, riding a motorbike in the third trimester can be dangerous for the baby and mother.

  • Sitting position:

The sitting position on the motorcycle while pregnant is vital to consider. On the back seat, sitting with legs on each side is the best idea as it reduces the risk of falling down the motorbike. When driving, wear comfortable clothes and sit closer to the controller to ensure proper balance. 

  • Be Hydrated Always:

Maintaining a balanced diet with exercise is essential for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Hydration is a crucial component in staying healthy. Make sure to stay hydrated during a motorcycle ride as it can cause fatigue and reduce blood pressure levels, causing you to lose balance. 

  • Avoid High-Speeding:

High motor speed can be dangerous and increase the risk of accidents. It is also hard to brake and control the high speed of the bike on a busy road. Avoiding high speed while riding a motorcycle during pregnancy is an excellent way of ensuring safety. Keep pace in mind when riding the motorcycle. 

3 Risk Factors Of Riding A Motorcycle During Pregnancy: Know Before Attempting

As mentioned above, a few benefits of riding a motorcycle when pregnant exist. But some risks are associated with the situation as well. Take a look at the risks and see whether they outweigh the advantages. 

  1. Accidents And Fatality: 

The risk of death in a motorcycle accident is about 30 percent higher than that of a car. Seatbelts, airbags, and so on often soften the blow of injury. However, motorbikes have none of these safety features available. And this fatality risk is more significant in the case of a pregnant woman as it can cause the death of both the mother and unborn child. 

  1. Increases Adrenaline In The Body: 

The ride on a motorcycle is exciting without any doubt. But this motorcycle ride often increases the adrenaline pumping through the body and multiplies the heart rate. An increased heart rate is not suitable for the baby’s health. 

  1. Falling Risk:

Sitting on a bike with a pregnant belly is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Turns, overtakes, and road conditions often cause the motorcycle to lose balance, and there is no support. Falling off the bike can result in abdominal injuries and injure the unborn child or the mother and baby. 

Related Questions:

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Riding a motorcycle while pregnant is safe as long as the pregnancy is normal. Wearing the proper safety gear, considering the type of motorbike and road conditions, is a good way of ensuring safety. Consulting your doctor before riding a motorbike is the best way to ensure that things are safe for the little one. 

However, the motorcycle is typically safe for the first and second trimesters of the pregnancy. During the third trimester, it is best to avoid riding a motorbike. 

Is It Safe To Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Sitting on the back of a motorcycle while pregnant is typically safer than driving it. However, this depends on the baby’s condition and the pregnancy’s complications. Many doctors do not recommend motorcycle rides during pregnancy as bumps and shocks during long rides can hurt the baby. 

If you are riding on the back of a motorcycle during the early stages of pregnancy, make sure to consider safety. And it is better to avoid riding long distances on a bike when pregnant. 

Can You Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Taking the proper safety precautions, you can back-ride on a motorcycle while pregnant. The risk of accident and fatality is typically higher for motorcycle drivers. Wear a suitable helmet and go for short rides on even roads.  

Make sure to avoid uphill tracks and bumpy roads, as it increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. However, the best possible solution for commuting safely during pregnancy is to use a car or public transport. 

Which Types Of Roads Are Suitable For Riding Motorcycles While Pregnant?

Roads without bumps and potholes are suitable for riding a motorcycle while pregnant. Also, dry and non-slippery roads are essential to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. The effects of shocks and bumps can affect the unborn child and create complications. 

Wet and slippery roads make it hard to control the motorbike and result in an accident. Accidents like these can cause damage to both the mother and child inside her. 

Can Bumpy Motorcycle Rides Affect Pregnancy?

Bumpy motorcycle rides can affect a pregnancy significantly. The bumps from the road can injure and damage the baby’s brain and increase the heart rate. It can also raise many other complications that might risk the baby’s life. 

Before taking your motorcycle out on the road, make sure that the road is smooth without bumps. And ensure that the rides are short distances in good weather. 

Is Two Or Three Wheeler Better To Ride While Pregnant?

Endangering the health of the mother and baby is ultimately out of the option. Riding a two or three-wheeler while pregnant is safe for the first and second trimesters. But it is not at all safe during the third trimester or labor. 

Avoid the two or three-wheeler ride after the second trimester at all costs. Using a car or public transport is the safest option available. 

Final Verdict:

Riding a motorcycle while pregnant is not so risky, but knowing the precautions is crucial. Since the situation has advantages and disadvantages, riding with proper precautions is acceptable. 

If you are a regular motorcycle rider, get in touch with the doctor and discuss the details of the situation. Go on a ride on the motorcycle if the doctor provides a green signal and enjoy the cool breeze and freedom. Don’t ride harshly or on curvy roads. Also, ride for a short time and enjoy refreshments with nature.

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