30 Motorcycle Tips For Beginners [That’ll Make You Pro]

Motorcycle Tips For Beginners

The people who have been using motorcycles for years know almost everything about them. They know how to ride, how to take maintenance and everything. But beginners don’t know many important things that may create serious problems regarding motorcycles. 

Here are some motorcycle tips for beginners to avoid any unwanted situation. I divide all my tips into three parts. They are riding preparation tips, riding time tips, and finally maintenance tips. So, without making any delay, let’s get started. 

Motorcycle Riding Preparation Tips:

1. Check Lights:

Lights are important when we ride our bikes. A motorcycle has three types of lights. 

They are:

  • Headlight,
  • Backlight, 
  • And indicators. 

Needless to say, each light is used for a specific reason. Look at the table. 

HeadlightHeadlights help you see the road at night.
BacklightBacklight tells other vehicles about your presence at night.
IndicatorsIndicators indicate your movement. Either you are going to go to the left or right.

Note: There are 4 indicator lights in a motorcycle. All these are very important. If any one of these stops working, then he/she will surely fall into a serious problem. So, before you are preparing for a ride please check the lights.

2. Check Your Controls:

Another important part of a motorcycle is its controls. Controls are these parts like brakes, gear control, horn, throttle, clutch everything. When you ride your bike, you have to check all your controls whether they are working or not. 

You might be thinking why you have to check that every time? The answer is very simple. The controllers help you control your speed, engine, and everything. If any of the controls do not work, then there is a chance of an accident. To avoid accidents, you have to check all the controls every time you start riding.

3. Check Chassis:

Most people avoid this important thing. They give priority to other small things but avoid it thinking it less important. I swear, this will take less time to do but it is most important. 

Chassis is the body or frame of a motorcycle. If any part of it is broken or any nut is not properly tightened then it may create a problem in your riding. Sometimes it may be the cause of the accident. If you are thinking of a long ride then you must do this.

4. Check Oil:

A motorcycle needs two types of oil. 

These are: 

  • Fuel 
  • And engine oil. 

Here we are talking about fuel. Everything about engine oil will be discussed in the maintenance part. 

As you are preparing to take a ride, please check if you have enough fuel in the tank or not. You should think about the distance of the road and also any uncertainty on the road. Thinking about everything, you should take more fuel than you need. This will keep you more secure in your ride. 

5. Wear Helmet:

Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is a safety element of a motorcycle. Everyone should wear a helmet while riding. The motorcycle is a vehicle that has less safety system. It has no seat belt, no roof, and many other things. But safety is uncompromising. 

Thinking that helmets are used as a protection of the rider’s head. It helps keep that sensitive part safe during any unexpected incident. Some country traffic rules make it mandatory for riders. So, make sure you have a helmet to protect your head. 

6. Keep Toolbox:

Every motorcycle company includes a toolbox with its motorcycle. That toolbox includes all the important tools that are important to fix any trouble with the motorcycle. If you go for a long ride and your bike troubles in a place where no servicing place is available. How will you handle that situation? 

Thinking about these situations, the companies give the toolbox with the motorcycle. Keep that with your motorcycle when you are planning for a long ride.

7. Keep License And Other Papers:

If we look at the traffic rules of different countries, we will find almost all countries have a system of motorcycle licensing. If your country’s traffic rules require a motorcycle riding license, then you have to keep that with you. Otherwise, you may fall into a police case. 

Here’s a list of important papers you should keep with you at every ride. 

Document NameReason
Riding licenseA license is a mandatory part of your riding. You must be caught by the police if you fail to show your license. 
Ownership paperAn ownership paper will help you prove that you own this motorcycle. You may be criticized by the police without your ownership paper. So keep your ownership paper to avoid any unwanted hassles.
Insurance paperFirst of all, you should insure your motorcycle Insurance. And then make sure it’s available in your motorcycle toolbox. 

These are very important. If you don’t keep them, you may be punished according to your country’s rules.

8. Wear Guards:

Sometimes we see bikers who ride bikes and do bike stands wearing guards. These are safety elements like helmets. You have to wear them at the time of motorcycle riding. As helmets protect our head from an external blow, in the same way, other safety guards will protect our other body parts like the knee, elbow, and hands. 

Some of us just think guards mean special gadgets. Gadgets are very useful. But if you don’t have these safety gadgets then you wear thick clothes like jeans and keds shoes. These will also help you reduce the injury if any accident happens.

9. Check Battery:

Nothing kills a ride faster than a dead battery. But some of us don’t give it more priority. When you are preparing for a ride, you should check the battery. If your motorcycle battery has a 12.7/12.7-volt charge in the stopping time then it is okay. 

But charge is not the only thing to check in the battery. You also have to check the battery connection. If the battery connection is lost or dirty, you have to fix them.

Motorcycle Riding Tips:

I already showed you the things you need to check before starting motorcycle riding. But now I will tell you motorcycle tips for beginners when riding. Preparation is important but riding is more important. You have no chance of making any mistakes at this time. If you do that, then it will surely go against you. So, you have to follow all the tips I share with you in the section. Let’s explore.

10. Check Side Stand:

When we stop our bike, we stand on the side stand. But if you forget to check the side stand before starting your motorcycle, then there is a chance of an accident. Most of the time bike accidents happen for the side stand. 

If you forget to neutralize the side stand before starting the bike, it will hit the road at the time of driving. That will create an accident. Thinking about the safety of bikers from the side stand accidents, some motorcycle companies are focusing on the use of sensors on the bike. 

In this technology, if you forget to remove your side stand, your bike will not start. So, be careful about the side stand.

11. Follow Traffic Rules:

When you are riding or driving on the road, you have to follow the traffic rules. This is important for your safety and also for others’ safety. The traffic rules of different countries are different. So, as you are a beginner and will be a regular rider from now, you have to know all the traffic rules of your own country and follow them. 

If you avoid following the traffic rules, you have a chance to face a motorcycle accident and also have a 99% possibility of being arrested by police. Be serious about the traffic rules of your country.

12. Ride In Low Speed:

Now, companies are in the race of producing high-speed motorcycles. The young generation is very much fond of speed. You might also be planning to ride your bike at full speed. But I want to warn you. 

If you are planning to ride your bike over speed, you are planning to bring your bike to your end in the near future. As you are reading motorcycle tips for beginners, I am sure you are not a craft rider. You are still learning. 

If you ride your bike at an over speed at this time, you will not be able to control it properly. At first, you should learn to control everything very well and then think about speed. But high speed is always dangerous for riders. It does not matter whether the rider is an expert or not.

13. Use The Horn Accordingly:

Horn is the part that helps the rider or driver most. It is used to make others aware of your presence. If other vehicles or passersby do not notice at the time of riding then you have to use it. Horn also makes other people aware to clear the road. 

When you are riding, you have to use the horn accordingly. You are not allowed to use the horn near schools and hospitals and different countries prohibit using the horn in other sensitive places. You have to follow the traffic rule in case of using the horn. Please don’t miss it. It creates sound pollution.

14. Be Aware Of Other Vehicles:

Roads are the haunt of vehicles, here all the vehicles need every day. Some of the vehicles are drive-by new or inexperienced drivers. Thinking about all these you have to be aware of other vehicles while riding the bike. 

All times accidents do not happen for self mistakes. Sometimes we have to pay for other’s mistakes. So, you have to be aware of other vehicles on the road while you are driving.

15. Don’t Ride On The Walkways:

Almost every country’s road system has walkways or pavements for passersby. People use that to walk. According to the traffic rules, of all countries, riding or driving on the pavements or walkways is not allowed. 

If any rider or driver does that then he might face the police case for breaking the traffic rules. These types of habits also create problems for other people. So, avoid riding on the walkways. This is a violation of traffic rules.

16. Don’t Use Phone:

Using the phone is a very common habit for us. We use the phone every time we are free. This habit comes to us even when we are riding. Sometimes, we talk over the phone during the time of riding. 

When we talk, we cannot concentrate on riding. Not only talking over the phone, but some people also use headphones while riding to listen to songs. This is also very dangerous. Riding is a very sensitive task, if we use the phone at the time of riding, there is a very good chance of facing dangerous results. 

17. Avoid Overload:

The motorcycle is a personal vehicle. It is designed to be used alone or with one person besides the rider. It is not allowed to ride with more than two people. If you ride in double then ensure both have safety guards like helmets and others. 

Some people have a habit of taking long rides with three-person in one Motorcycle. It should be avoided for your safety.

18. Don’t Ride After Drinking:

I have seen some people who have a dream of riding in the time of inebriation. They think this has a very amazing feeling. Don’t ride when you’re drunk because:

  • First of all, this is a violation of traffic rules. 
  • Secondly, this is a type of invitation to death by yourself. 

If you also plan to ride your motorcycle after drinking any kind of spree, this will help you fall into these two types of problems. I want you not to do this at all. 

19. Don’t Ride When You Are Sleepy:

If you are sleepy but you have to go somewhere, then avoid a motorcycle. Use other types of vehicles and avoid driving by yourself. Sleepiness is also a kind of inebriation which can lead you to severe accidents very easily. Therefore, you should avoid riding in the time of sleepiness.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips:

When you have a motorcycle, you have to maintain it. Maintaining has different types and different tips. If you don’t know how to maintain a motorcycle and which part of it should get more priority in the time of maintenance, you might mistakenly leave things. For this reason, I am going to help you take care of your motorcycle properly.

Motorcycle maintenance is the process of inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting various components of a motorcycle to ensure that it is running smoothly and safely. This can include tasks such as changing the oil, checking tire pressure, and cleaning and lubricating the chain. Transporting a motorcycle for repair or maintenance may be necessary if the repairs are too complex or time-consuming to be completed on site. Motorcycle transport companies can provide door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery services to transport here your motorcycle to a repair shop or maintenance facility.

20. Check Sprockets:

A motorcycle has two Sprockets. 

  • One is with the engine, 
  • And another is with the back wheel. 

These two Sprockets are connected by the chain. How important this part is, you might get that. Usually, a Sprockets’s lifetime is 40,000 KM. But you have to monitor that regularly. You have to mop it and use lubricants on the chain. You should go to the mechanic to do this. It should not be done at home.

21. Inspect Tires:

The tire has different things to check regularly. The main thing is checking the air pressure. Regularly check the air pressure using different air checking meters. Air pressure levels should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

You also have to check if any cuts or damage are there in your tires or not. This will help you reduce the possibility of a tire’s blowout. The wheel’s balance alignment also has to be checked. 

If you find any problem with your tire, don’t forget to meet a mechanic and do servicing.

22. Change Engine Oil:

At the beginning of this article, I told you that there are two types of oil in a motorcycle. Engine oil is very important to keep your motorcycle’s health okay. This is a lubricant type oil that helps the engine to be fast and work properly. 

You have to check this oil regularly. After every 2,000 to 10,000 kilometer your motorcycle runs, change the engine oil regularly. You also should use quality engine oil to get better service. For this change of oil, go to the motorcycle servicing center. All changes should not be done at home.

23. Clean Air Filter:

Besides fuel and engine oil, the motorcycle engine also needs air. It uses air to keep the engine cool and for many other purposes. The air engine should be clean and dust-free. 

For this reason, the manufacturer uses an air filter. After a time of use, the air filter also should be changed. The air filter changing time depends on different things like the condition of the road where you ride regularly. You should check the air filter regularly. When you think it is dirty enough and needs to be changed then change it. 

24. Use Cover:

When our bike stays in the garage or anywhere else, it also may get dirty and dust may reach some sensitive places of your motorcycle. If you want to save your bike from being dirty too fast and from being rusty fast, then you should use a cover

Sometimes, children may make some scratches on your bike. A cover will protect your bike from all these unexpected things. So, you should not hesitate to buy a quality bike cover.

25. Clutch Adjustment:

A clutch is also a very important part of a motorcycle. It is usually used to change gears at the time of riding. This is one of the most used parts of a motorcycle. We should take care of it very seriously. The main thing we can do with it is the adjustment. 

We have to adjust it properly. We also should concentrate on the tightness of it. When we maintain or adjust the clutch of our motorcycle, we should make it free enough so that it can play freely. If you find difficulty in changing gears at the time of riding, then you will not feel comfortable while riding. For these reasons, we should adjust that properly.

26. Engine:

The engine is called the heart of a machine. You should know how to take care of your motorcycle engine? pay special attention to the engine of your motorcycle for the best performance. When you go for service, you should get all the cleaning jobs done of your engine. 

The main part of the engine that needs more cleaning is its carburetor. You should clean it after traveling every 1500 km. If you keep it clean, then your engine will sound like a healthy engine and will take less fuel. 

Another part that should expect more attention from a motorcycle engine is the spark plug. We will talk about it in the next point in detail.

27. Clean Spark Plug:

Clean Spark Plug

I already mentioned the importance of a spark plug on a motorcycle. If you face any problem anytime like a misfiring of the engine or engine not being started, then you have to check the spark plug of your motorcycle. Spark plug helps the engine start and run. 

Most of the time, it becomes dirty with dust. You should check it regularly. If it is dirty, you have to clean it. It will be better for you if you can keep a backup spark plug with you on a long ride. 

If your spark plug becomes damaged, change it. But, you should be aware of it, you should not open the spark plug at the time of the engine running or you should not try to start the engine when it is on your hand. Because a spark plug creates power in it. That can be harmful for you.

28. Cleaning The Surface:

The surface of the bike should be cleaned regularly. If you don’t do that, then dust and other things will be attested to the body permanently. It will damage the glow of your motorcycle and sometimes it can create rust on the body. 

You can use rags and other cleaners to do this. There are some types of lubricants that help prevent dust from the motorcycle body. Go for them.

29. Maintain Battery:

I talked about the importance of batteries at the beginning of this article. Again I want to help you understand the importance of batteries. The battery helps the headlight and also the backlight to work. 

You also need a battery for using the horn and self-start of the engine. If your motorcycle battery is damaged, change it. Regularly check the battery voltage. A working battery should have 12.6 to 12.7 volts at the time of engine off.

30. Maintain Brakes:

You might understand how important the brakes are for a motorcycle. If your brakes do not work during riding, they will lead to an accident. For this reason, you should regularly check the brakes of your motorcycle. If you have any doubts about the brakes of your bike, you should go for servicing. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, here are all of my motorcycle tips for beginners. All are from my own experience. Please follow all these tips for safe motorcycle riding. Your safety means your family’s happiness. 

Mahbobur Rahman

Mahbobur Rahman is a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and share his experience with others. He has learned a lot from his own experience and wants to help others do the same. If it's your first time on a motorcycle or you're looking to improve your skills, Then Candy Outdoor is the right solution for you.

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