Motorcycle Riding Pants: [All You Need To Know]

Motorcycle Riding Pants

A lot of confusion appears when it comes to buying motorcycle riding pants. While some people get doubts about which pants to buy, some people contemplate if they would buy one at all. These dilemmas regarding motorcycle pants are common among new riders who don’t know why riding pants are necessary. 

These confusions occur due to the lack of knowledge. While expert riders always prefer using proper riding gears, inexperienced people often skip buying the kit. This is why learning about riding pants is important to make a definite and informed decision.

To help you out in deciding before buying riding pants, I am presenting a detailed article discussing which pants to buy, what qualities to check, and why you need riding pants to have a safer and delightful motorcycle journey.

Stay with me if you want to learn A to Z about riding pants. Let’s hop in.

5 Types Of Motorcycle Riding Pants

Let’s start with the basics. You must learn the options that are available in the market. Compiling all the products, I can say that there are 5 main types of riding pants that you can choose from. These are:

  1. Riding leather pants
  2. Riding textile pants
  3. Motorcycle jeans
  4. Motorcycle over pants
  5. Motorcycle leggings

Before taking it further, let me give you an idea about the price range of each type of riding pants. Also, I would mention some brands for each type that I prefer. However, you may browse through other brands too.

TypesPrice RangeRecommended Brand
Riding leather pants$250- $300Spidi
Riding textile pants$220- $250Alpinestars
Motorcycle jeans$200- $230Trilobite
Motorcycle over pants$150- $200Joe Rocket
Motorcycle leggings$150- $200Alpinestars

Now let us learn about each type in detail so that you can decide your preference.

Riding Leather Pants:

Leather pants are the most common choice among riders due to their glazy look, comfort, and durability. Leather pants can survive several crashes and minimal care can make them last for a long time. 

Though I have mentioned a brand name Spidi for leather pants, here are the common features that you must look for while buying riding leather pants:

  • The durability of leather pants is top-notch. The knitting and finishing are flawless making it untearable.
  • Leather pants are usually waterproof. However, the capability of resisting water may depend from brand to brand. Try to buy the one that offers at least 50% water resistance. 
  • Leather pants have thick armors in hips and knees. Try to find removable armored pants like Spidi to adjust according to your choice and make washing easier. 
  • Leather pants with zips that can be attached to jackets are the best. This ensures better safety and protection.
  • Riding leather pants are extremely comfortable. Leather is a material that gives ease in any weather condition. Besides, as they are stretchable and flexible, you get to move your legs freely. 

In terms of look, durability, comfort, compatibility, and road safety, leather pant is undoubtedly the best choice. However, more options are coming next to inform you all about riding pants.

Riding Textile Pants:

Textile paints are for those who like simple and lightweight pants. Textile is a remarkably light, comfortable, and soothing material that feels cool and comforting on the skin. 

Though textile pants can’t beat the durability of leather pants, they can easily survive a single crash keeping you safe. You must choose a trusted brand to get the best finishing and knitting. I have recommended Alpinestars as it is a reliable brand for motorcycle riding pants within your budget. 

The common features of textile pants are-

  • Textile pants are lightweight. Thus it feels very soothing on the skin and you don’t feel that you are wearing anything extra for a ride. 
  • Textile pants are durable. The excellent craftsmanship of textile pants can make you survive severe accidents as they would protect you from serious injuries.
  • Comfort is a crucial factor in why people choose textile pants. You don’t even feel that you are wearing something. The pants are well-fitted and flexible so that you can ride smoothly and enjoy ultimate comfort while riding.
  • The factor for which people choose textile pants over leather pants is they are not only waterproof but weatherproof. These pants can be used in almost any weather condition. Thus you stay protected during unfavorable weather conditions wearing textile riding pants.
  • The pants are armored in the hip and knee area with enough space to stretch and adjust. Thus you can freely move your legs and adjust the armors according to your comfort. 

Textile pants are simple yet very effective in diverse weather conditions and road accidents. Therefore, textile pants can be a great choice within your budget.

Motorcycle Jeans:

Some people can’t just get over denim pants, right? If you are a person who is fond of jeans and want your riding pants to be the same, this option is for you.

Nowadays, jeans pants are designed for motorcycle riding with excellent features that can provide more or less the same benefits as specialized riding pants. 

I have recommended the brand Trilobite due to its excellent crafting so that you get the best motorcycle jeans. The features of these pants are given below:

  • These are elastic jeans so that you can get the look of jeans but can move your legs freely. The elastic property facilitates your ride as you operate your legs better without feeling numb or interrupted.
  • These pants have stretchable panels in the knee, waist, and crotch area for added comfort. As jeans are quite rigid material, these panels offer comfort and the ability to move freely.
  • The abrasion resistance of jeans pants is excellent. They can survive well in severe accidents handling impact. The sturdy jeans don’t break or tear easily.
  • As jeans are solid, thigh vents are provided for air to pass freely. This property adds comfort to your ride as it allows ventilation.
  • The heavy pads and armors for the hip and knees provide extra protection to the sensitive areas so that they don’t get damaged during an accident.

Though jeans aren’t dedicated to riding, these specialized jeans are designed for riders who love denim pants. Thus you must choose a brand that makes rider jeans pants and select the one you are comfortable in.

Motorcycle Overpants:

Overpants are for those who want something to wear over their pants. People who ride to work should need these pants as they can easily wear these over their pants and remove them within seconds. 

Overpants are mainly made of lightweight textile that feels so comfortable that you won’t feel you are wearing two pants. Joe Rocket is a reliable brand for buying excellent riding overpants. 

The Joe Rocket overpants have certain features that are mentioned below:

  • Overpants have waterproof properties so that your inner pants don’t get wet. Also, it offers considerable protection against unfavorable weather conditions. 
  • The waist area has a belt that you can adjust to make it fit well. Therefore, you can order your usual waist size and comfortably wear it over your pants.
  • The mesh panels in the pants allow air to flow freely so that they don’t suffocate you. This makes you comfortable and relaxed.
  • The hip and knee armor are excellent, offering adequate impact resistance. Also, you would get enough space to move your legs.
  • Multiple zips in the pants allow you to adjust the pants just like you want and remove them easily after a ride. The zips allow fastening and removal simpler.

Textile overpants can be a suitable option for those wearing pants inside. This is a premium choice as you get excellent impact resistance, weather protection, comfort, and ease. 

Motorcycle Leggings:

Though motorcycle leggings are preferred by women riders, men riders also choose leggings. For people who like tight-fitted pants, this option is perfect. 

Needless to say that leggings would stick to your skin. They are flexible too so that you don’t face difficulty in operating your legs comfortably.

I recommend the leggings of Alpinestars as they produce premium quality riding leggings. Let me chalk down the features:

  • The leggings are elastic and stretchable so that the rider feels comfortable and relaxed. The tight-fitting doesn’t suffocate the rider due to its elasticity and flexibility.
  • Flex armors in the hip, and knees provide extra protection during an accident. The sensitive areas remain well protected.
  • The impact resistance of these leggings is outstanding. These pants can easily survive a crash protecting your legs from a major injury.

Anyone loving a sassy and classy look added with durability and comfort can go with this trendy option. Make sure to buy from a trusted brand.

Are Motorcycle Pants Necessary?

Now if you don’t understand the necessity of wearing motorcycle riding pants, then there is no point in differentiating between the types. So, if you are still skeptical about why you need riding pants at all, this section is for you.

You can ride a motorcycle without wearing riding pants. But your riding experience and road safety measures would substantially deteriorate without the riding pants on. 

Though it is a personal choice to wear or not to wear riding pants, experienced riders always suggest wearing riding pants, in fact, the entire riding gear. 

Let me chalk down the fundamental reasons why riding pants are necessary to clarify the matter.

  • The first concern is safety. The armored pads in the hip and knees are to protect your sensitive body parts from severe damage. As motorcycle accidents are common, taking precautions to safeguard yourself from detrimental injuries is important. To ensure safety on the road, wearing rider pants is mandatory as casual pants give protection.
  • Comfort is another factor to be considered. If you are not comfortable while riding, you may not ride properly. Riding pants are designed to give you comfort. The airy and flexible pants are lightweight and stretchable so that you can move freely while riding.
  • Riding pants are weatherproof thus protecting you from adverse weather conditions so that you ride without any tension of getting suffocated, wet, or irritated. You can have a comfortable ride without worrying about the weather. 

Apart from these, rider pants make you ready for a ride. Riding gears are designed specially to give comfort and confidence to the rider. While the riding pants are sturdy, they also offer comfort and ease. You can have full-fledged protection during a ride wearing riding pants.

Related Questions:

Do We Need To Wear Pants Under Motorcycle Pants?

Most riding pants are designed to fit your body well and provide comfort so that you don’t need to wear pants under them. If you are choosing leather pants, textile pants, leggings, or riding jeans, you don’t need to wear extra pants under them.

However, if you want to wear your regular pants, then you can’t choose the common options. You need to select a textile over pants that would easily fit above casual pants. This is an option for those who are going to work, office, or other professional purposes and need to wear formal pants. You can go for over pants that would fit perfectly over the regular pants. These are comfortable and airy offering ease and relaxation.

Therefore, both options are available- you may wear single riding pants or you can choose over pants to wear over your regular pants. The choice is yours.

Should Motorcycle Pants Be Tight?

Unless you are choosing riding leggings, you must not choose tight riding pants. This is because you must prioritize your comfort as well as make sure that your legs can move freely wearing the riding pants.

However, make sure that the waste fitting is correct. The waist fitting should not be loose or much tight. Buy pants of your regular waist size.

Ensure that your legs can operate freely and you stay flexible wearing the pants. Therefore, riding pants must not be too tight and the rest would depend on your comfort level.

How To Choose Motorcycle Riding Pants?

While choosing riding pants, the main factors that you must consider are given below:

  • Size and fitting- This matters the most as comfort level varies from person to person. Your riding ease would depend on the fit you select. Therefore, you must select the right size and fit to enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Pant material- Some people prefer leather pants while some are fond of textile. The pant material should be examined before buying. You must check how it feels on your skin and then select the pants.
  • Comfort and flexibility- You must get enough flexibility wearing riding pants. Make sure that you can move your legs effortlessly and are comfortable riding the motorcycle.
  • Weatherproof- The pants should be weatherproof to offer support in all seasons. Therefore, select pants that are waterproof, sunproof, and windproof.
  • Durability- The durability and longevity of the pants should be examined. Check how sturdy the material is and how long it can serve. Choose a solid pant that can survive several collisions.
  • Quality of armors- The armors should be strong with high impact resistance to offer adequate safety and protection. Also, ensure that they are comfortable on your skin.
  • Budget- Pay the right price for the product. Compare prices, check the quality, go through reviews before deciding. You must pay for the best product and consider your budget before purchasing.

If you keep these factors in mind, you can easily sort out which riding bike is perfect for you.

How Can I Prevent My Pants From Riding Up?

It feels embarrassing to see your riding pants moving up due to the splash of wind. This is a problem that bothers a lot of riders.

The easiest way to solve this issue is to get a bootstrap that would attach your pants with the footwear so that the pants can’t ride up during a ride.

However, the riding pants that are available in today’s market have specialized zips, closures, and buttons to fasten the lower part of the pants so that they don’t blow or move vigorously during a ride.

Therefore, you can buy riding pants from reliable brands that won’t move up while riding. Otherwise, buy bootstraps to attach the pants with your shoes.

Do Riders Wear Riding Pants In Summer?

Riders do wear comfortable mesh riding pants during summers. Meshed pants allow air to pass and pants don’t cause suffocation. Rather they offer ultimate comfort and ease.

Wearing riding pants is equally important in summer to stay safe on the road. You may encounter an accident anytime. This is why wearing riding pants are necessary.

As riding pants are now comfortable, airy, flexible, and lightweight, you need not worry about comfort and ease.


Now you have a detailed picture of why and how to choose riding pants and which options are available for you.

It is now your turn to choose safety and comfort during your next ride and buy top-notch riding pants to have a marvelous and safe motorcycle ride in the future!

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