Motorcycle Riding Jackets: [A Detailed Guide]

Motorcycle Riding Jackets

New riders often feel indecisive regarding whether to buy motorcycle riding jackets or not. Other riders stay in a dilemma about which riding jacket to buy among the abundance of options. These confusions are natural among inexperienced riders. Even old riders feel doubtful when it comes to upgrading their riding gears.

All these confusions appear due to the lack of knowledge and proper guidance. Once you learn A to Z about riding jackets and get to know how to select the right option, you can easily find the best match.

To help you out in your decision-making process, I am presenting this article to you which includes a detailed guide on the price range, how to select the jackets, which brands to trust, and answer to many other questions related to riding jackets.

Stay with me to get complete guidance and learn the most about riding jackets.

A Few Famous Brands Of Motorcycle Riding Jackets:

A bunch of jacket options are available in the market. Picking up one among the alternatives can be troublesome. Also, getting the best quality product that is long-lasting and durable can be a huge task.

Therefore, to make your decision-making process easier, I have carefully chosen the top 5 brands of motorcycle riding jackets that are top-notch in quality, satisfy the rider’s necessities, and offer an excellent riding experience.

Before learning about each jacket in detail, let me review the price range first so that you decide on your budget and see which one is compatible with you.

Jacket BrandsPrice Range
Scorpion $450- $550
Dainese $330- $400
Firstgear $330- $400
Sedici Garda $210- $300
Joe Rocket $150 – $200

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1. Scorpion.

The leather jackets by Scorpion are among the top-rated riding jackets that are available in the market. Not only because of the sturdy leather and long-lasting service, but it is also popular for its classy modern look that seems like a fashion statement. 

In the leather jackets, the overlapping of leather in the joints and chest area doesn’t only enhance the look but also offers comfort and flexibility. The leather is of high quality that can protect you from severe accidents and even survive more than one impact. 

The main features of Scorpion’s riding jackets are:

  • The classy riding jacket is made of top-quality leather and knitted finely to make it durable, long-lasting, with outstanding impact resistance to save you from severe injuries on the road.
  • The EverHeat liner, stretch panels, and vents allow you to have a comfortable ride at any temperature. It enables free movement, ventilation, and ease while riding with this jacket on. These are removable so that you can adjust according to your choice.
  • The sturdy armors in shoulder and elbow areas added extra protection so that these sensitive parts stay unharmed during an accident.
  • The zipper vents and pockets allow you to adjust the level of ventilation you require. You can regulate them according to your necessity to have a better feeling of comfort and ease.
  • The zipper closures and pant zipper keeps the jacket in place and you get a better fit by adjusting these zippers. Therefore, you get a relaxed ride. 

These features are added to provide ultimate comfort and safety during a motorcycle ride. Paying for Scorpion’s riding jackets is totally worth it.

2. Dainese 

The Dainese riding jackets are the best option for summer. If you live in humid and hot weather, this is undoubtedly the best choice for you. Dainese jackets come in a variety of outstanding riding jackets but most of them are specially designed for summer. 

The Dainese Summer jackets are lightweight and composed of textile mixed with soft mesh. The Duratex and Boomerang textile offer great durability and longevity as they have standard impact resistance. 

The look of the jacket is simple yet unique. The mesh lining is impressive and the shoulder armor gives a bold look to the jackets. The comfort level is beyond your imagination as these are carefully curated for summer. 

Let us dive into the features of Dainese’s jackets:

  • The windproof and sanitized lining inside the jacket improves the fitting as it sticks well to your body. 
  • Though suggested for slim people, the wrist, waist, and neck closures ensure that you get a perfect fit wearing this jacket offering maximum comfort. 
  • The lightweight textile feels so soothing on the skin so that you can have a comfortable ride.
  • The aluminum shoulder armor not only ensures maximum impact protection but also looks outstanding. Besides, the chest pads and extra pocket pads protect your upper body from getting severely injured during an accident. 
  • The mesh lining and light textile offer maximum air to pass through so that you don’t feel suffocated or hot. Your body stays cool and airy with this jacket on.

The soft, light and comfy jackets are just what you need for an enjoyable and safe summer ride.

3. Firstgear

Now that you have learned which brand you must pick for your summer ride, here is the option which you must choose if you live in cold weather. 

Riders must know how difficult it is to ride through the cold windy nights, right? You need not worry about it anymore. Firstgear’s jackets can be the best solution for riding comfortably in cold weather. 

The interesting part is, though it is designed for winter usage, it goes pretty well in other seasons too. This is because you can adjust the vents and closures easily to maximize the airflow and fit it loosely if it is hot outside. This means, though it is great for winter, you can also use it in other weather conditions.

Let me come to the features of this jacket:

  • The Hypertext and nylon crafting of the jacket made it durable with high impact resistance and durability. Thus this can protect you well during an accident.
  • The shoulder, elbow, and back pads are sturdy yet flexible and adjustable. This means you can set them according to your comfort but they would provide complete protection to your body.
  • The jacket is full of body straps so that you can adjust the fit. While in winter you can get a skintight fitting, you can make it loose in summer. This gives you comfort and flexibility.
  • The jacket comes with several air vents to allow air to pass freely so that you don’t feel choked. You can adjust these vents according to the weather condition to maximize comfort and ease. 
  • The most exciting features of the jacket are the under helmet rain hood and the 1.5-liter hydration bladder and pack. These features add extra value to this jacket. 

The jacket by Firstgear is a multi-season jacket with top-notch protection and comfort. The hydration bladder and rain hood have made it even more worthy. In this price range, it is truly a notable product.

4. Sedici Garda

Here comes a budget-friendly option that offers favorable features. The very first factor that I love is the solid look of Sedici Garda’s jackets. You would have a ‘love in the first sight’ moment once you see the design and unique crafting!

The jacket is made of high caliber textile that would feel soothing on your skin but possesses excellent durability. The tough textile has standard impact resistance and the lightweight jacket would offer ease and relaxation.

This stylish jacket is suitable for any weather condition, especially for hot, rainy, and snowy conditions. 

Let us explore the main features of Sedici Garda’s jacket to know more:

  • The jacket is waterproof thus you can comfortably ride in the rainy season and your body would stay protected from water. 
  • Multiple air vents, microfiber collars, and neoprene linings are added to maximize airflow and comfort. Also, the lightweight textile with mesh lining ensures that the rider stays at ease. The jacket allows you to move freely and flexibly.
  • The jacket features adjustable straps so that you can set them and get the right fit. If you adjust the straps correctly, you experience lesser jerks as well.
  • The rubber pads on the shoulder and elbows ensure that you don’t get harmed during an accident. The back panel is not provided. But the pocket is there in case you want to add a back pad. 
  • The additional features of this jacket are a hydration bladder, carbon reflective trim, pockets and zippers to accommodate your belongings, and a pant zipper (to attach the jacket with the pants).

All in all, this is a great brand choice within a low budget. It offers favorable protection and utmost comfort with excellent features that can enhance your riding experience.

5. Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket is a top-rated brand for motorcycle riding jackets. You can get an affordable riding jacket with excellent durability and quality. 

The Joe Rocket is suitable for all weather conditions. The jacket is made of high-quality Rock textile and Hetina possessing mind-blowing impact resistance and strength. This not only ensures safety but the look of the jacket is also what you would appreciate.

Honestly, such a budget-friendly jacket with exceptional features is rare in the market and can only be found in Joe Rocket. Thus if you are finding a cheap yet standard option, I would suggest you grab Joe Rocket’s jacket as soon as possible. 

Let us dive into the properties of the jackets:

  • The jacket has multiple airflow systems in it so that you can ride comfortably in the summer. The airflow zippers can be adjusted to monitor the airflow through the jacket.
  • The jacket has an insulated inner liner that you can remove. This is added if you need warmth during a ride in the winter. 
  • The jacket has sturdy elbow and shoulder pads for protection against accidents. It has a back protector too though you may like to buy a better one and replace it. However, the overall safety and protection level is satisfactory.
  • The jacket has buttons and zippers to adjust the fit. You can adjust the fit according to your comfort and ease.
  • The additional features of the jacket are pockets for extra armors, neoprene bands, pant zipper, and storage pockets. 

This is quite a favorable option with considerable impact resistance, comfort, and safety options. Trust me, you can’t get a better option in this price range.

Advantages Of Wearing Motorcycle Riding Jackets.

You may still be skeptical about why you need motorcycle riding jackets at all. To clear out your confusion, let me put up the advantages that you can enjoy wearing riding jackets.

The 3 main advantages of wearing riding jackets are given below:


The main purpose of riding gears is to ensure road safety. The same purpose is served by the riding jackets. 

The shoulder and elbow armors with back and chest pads are added to riding jackets to ensure that you don’t get severely injured in a road accident. 

The jacket material itself is sturdy and solid enough with abrasion resistance to protect you from any unfavorable incidents.

Besides, the riding jackets also protect you from adverse weather conditions. While it keeps you cool in summer, it prevents cold wind from penetrating in winter and keeps you dry in rainy or snowy conditions. 

Thus safety is the main concern when it comes to wearing riding jackets.


Comfort is another concern that you must prioritize while riding a motorcycle. The riding jackets are specially designed with high-quality material that would give you comfort and ease.

Whether it is a leather jacket or a textile jacket, the mesh lining, and other features are added to maximize the comfort level while riding.

Special features are always added to riding jackets to make them fit well, allow air to pass, and ensure that you can move flexibly and freely with the jacket on.

While casual clothes may create a clumsy situation, the perfect-fitting jackets provide you comfort, flexibility, ease, and relaxation. You would naturally feel ready and better to ride a motorcycle with the riding jackets on.


People won’t be able to take their eyes off you while you ride your motorcycle wearing a stylish riding jacket. The riding jackets act as a style statement and create an impression.

Riding jackets can give you a style that casual clothes can’t offer. You naturally look like a posh experienced rider who is ready to ride the beast!

So those who love to move with style, you can’t just get out with your motorcycle without wearing a trendy and classy riding jacket.

Related Questions.

Do I Have To Wear A Jacket While Riding A Motorcycle?

Most riders don’t find it comfortable or favorable to ride a motorcycle without wearing jackets. Though it is a personal choice, it is always suggested to wear riding jackets.

Wearing a riding jacket is important to ensure safety on the road. It can save you from major injuries during an accident.

Another reason why you should wear a riding jacket is to protect yourself from the cold wind, rain, or sun. Different weather conditions may create physical discomfort. This can be minimized by wearing a riding jacket.

Similarly, for a comfortable, free, and easy ride, it is always recommended to wear riding jackets as they have special features to facilitate your motorcycle ride.

Can You Wear Normal Clothes When Riding A Motorcycle?

It is a matter of personal choice whether to wear normal clothes or riding gears while riding a motorcycle. It is always suggested by experts to wear motorcycle riding gear to ensure road safety, comfort, and a good riding experience.

However, if you choose not to wear riding gear, you must select sturdy and durable clothes that can have some degree of impact resistance. Also, make sure that the clothes don’t move or blow much in the wind as this creates disturbances.

Nevertheless, you must wear riding gear to ensure maximum safety and comfort in a motorcycle ride.

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets Expensive?

Firstly, not all riding jackets are expensive. There are affordable riding jackets in the market. But you must buy from trusted brands if you want satisfactory service.

However, most riding jackets are expensive. This is because of the high-caliber materials that are used to make the jackets. Leather is an expensive material. Textiles are cheaper but crafting and polishing are expensive.

The finishing and knitting also decide the price of jackets. In addition, the extra safety and comfort features increase the price of the jackets.

Therefore, riding jackets are costly due to the material, making, and crafting, as they are designed for road safety and comfort.

How Do I Choose A Motorcycle Jacket?

The main factor that you must consider is the strength and durability of the material of the jacket. With this, you must check the armor quality.

The next thing to examine is how compatible the jacket is with the weather conditions you face the most. Choose a waterproof jacket if it rains often at your place. Similarly, go for vented jackets if you live in hot weather.

The next factor is the comfort and fit of the jacket. You have to be comfortable in the jacket.

Examining all these, you must look at the price and decide if it is worth it. Take help from online reviews and articles to decide on your riding jacket.

Why Are Riding Jackets Short?

Riding jackets are designed to make the rider comfortable. It allows maximum flexibility and comfort while riding a motorcycle.

The length of the jacket is kept short intentionally so that it doesn’t press against your belly and back. The length is short so that you can move your body freely and it doesn’t feel tight.

Besides, when the length is short, the jacket doesn’t sweep much in the air and doesn’t ride up. Therefore, to provide you comfort, the length is kept short.


Now you have a complete guide about which jacket to choose, how to choose, and why you must have riding jackets while riding a motorcycle.

Recall the aforementioned factors and get ready to buy your brand new riding jacket because safety and comfort should be your priority while riding a motorcycle.

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