Motorcycle Riding Gear For Beginners: [A Complete Guide]

Motorcycle Riding Gear

Many people stay skeptical about buying motorcycle riding gear. Either they don’t understand its necessity or they are confused about what exactly to buy. Also, many may find difficulty in finding the best riding gear. 

Though riding gear is widely available in the market, a lack of knowledge can create confusion and difficulties. Therefore, the best solution is to know well about the functions and types of motorcycle riding gear to make the best decision. 

If you are searching for such information about motorcycle riding kits, this article is for you. Here I would explain each kit separately and explain its uses. This would definitely help you out in learning about riding gear and decision-making.  

A Table Of Motorcycle Riding Gear With Approximate Price: 

GearCheapest PriceAverage PriceRecommended Brand
Body armor$40$160Alpinestars

7 Basic Kits That You Need For Motorcycle Ride:

Before we explain the importance of a riding kit, you first need to have an idea about the kits. Each kit has a specific role to play and altogether can provide a safe and delightful ride. 

Now is the turn to talk about the very basic kits that you must have as a motorcycle rider. Let me note down the 7 riding gears that you should consider purchasing as they would be enough for a safe and comfortable ride. 

1. Helmet

I assume, riders and non-riders both know that helmet is a mandatory tool that you need while riding a motorcycle. In most countries, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without putting on a helmet. 

The helmet fits in your head and covers the head, face, and chin area. Though not all helmets cover the full face, I always recommend and prefer using a full-face helmet for complete protection.

Always wear the helmet before buying. Head sizes vary from person to person. Thus fitting of the helmet differs too. Therefore, it is wise to wear it and see if you are comfortable in it or not. If not, go for other sizes available. 

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Helmets are best known for their impact resistance. As we all know motorcycle accidents can be fatal, helmets can considerably minimize injury and prevent death. 

The main purpose of a helmet is to protect the head and face. If an accident occurs, a helmet can save you from severe head injuries. The helmet may break but the impact won’t hit your head dangerously as the inner part of the helmet is designed to safeguard the head.

A sudden bash may instantly hit and wound your face. But a full-face helmet would protect your face too. The strong fiberglass might break in serious conditions but can protect your face from injury.

Besides these purposes, the helmet would protect you from dust and insects from entering your eyes and face. Thus, your ride would be easier and free of interruption or disturbances. 


Helmets are available at affordable prices as cheap as $25. What you need to notice is the inner portion of the helmet, the material of the outer part, fiberglass quality, and how much safety it ensures. Now you can get the deal that suits your budget.

Many expensive helmets are available too. Many may think of them as top-quality helmets. But in reality, most expensive helmets are pricey because of the design, and posh look. Mostly, it has nothing to do with safety. 

Helmets that come under the range of $25- $300 are quite good in quality and can provide excellent impact resistance, and protection during accidents. You can find different quality helmets online and motorcycle shops. However, I prefer buying online as a lot of options are available there.

2. Jackets:

Motorcycle jackets are wearable in all the weather. Though you must choose a jacket that matches the weather that you are likely to face most of the time in the year, most motorcycle jackets are suitable for all weather conditions.

Most people prefer buying leather jackets as they are long-lasting. Needless to say, that leather jackets are fashionable too. These jackets don’t sweep or move much during high-speed wind blows that you face while riding. 

Casual dresses move vigorously during motorcycle rides. But these jackets are crafted to protect your body against wind. You feel less cold during winter and less suffocated or hot during summer. Most jackets provide considerable protection against rain and snow as well. 

Textile jackets are good quality jackets with similar features to leather jackets. They are more suitable for rainy weather and lighter than leather jackets. 

Both types have excellent strength and knitting that doesn’t tear or loosen in the strong wind blows. Now, the decision is yours of which one you would be comfortable with. 


The main purpose of the motorcycle riding jacket is to protect your body from the blast of a speedy wind splash. Speedy wind blows can disrupt your comfort and ease of riding. Thus, the jacket protects you from interruption. 

Besides, a motorcycle-riding jacket is designed to match weather conditions. Some jackets are perfect for tropical weather while some are suitable for cold climates. However, most jackets suit almost all weather conditions thus providing you full-fledged protection against severe and adverse weather situations. 

These jackets are rigid and don’t get damaged easily. Also, they don’t move or glide much against the body and stay in place during a ride. This makes the ride smoother as you don’t need to concentrate on managing your outfit. 

These jackets are necessary for ultimate comfort, styling, and top-notch protection against diverse weather conditions. 


Though textile jackets are affordable than leather jackets, I would suggest investing in leather jackets as they would give a stylish look as well as last for a long time.

Motorcycle riding jackets are available at $50 as well. But I would always prefer to keep the budget around $100 to get the best quality jacket. 

Check the knitting, finishing, and material before you pay the price. Go for online shopping as you can compare prices, see reviews, and choose a standard jacket. 

3. Body Armor:

Most people would avoid buying body armor as they aren’t aware of it. Many may think that jackets would suffice. In that case, you have to buy an armored jacket

Armored jackets have thick pads inside the jacket and provide some sort of impact and friction resistance. However, I personally am much comfortable in a separate body armor that fits my body shape and sticks to the place. 

A separate body armor sticks to your body well. The inner foamed layer would absorb all the energy produced due to a sudden collision by protecting your body from the shock. 

In comparison, an armored jacket may not provide the best result as it won’t attach to your body well. A loose armor may displace during a clash and the best protection may not be served. 

Therefore, go for separate body armor. 


The main purpose of using body armor is to protect your body from friction and impact or clash. 

Body armor covers your chest up to the torso area (the front part), the back part of the body, and the shoulder area. The upper body part excluding your hands is fully covered by the armor. 

Now during a collision, the strong abrasion resistance outer part and the foamed inner portion together protect your body and joints from shock and severe injury. 

Apart from that, with body armor on, your body feels comfortable and confident while riding. It keeps you alert, makes your body stay in the right position, and rides the motorcycle with more concentration.

All in all, it makes your ride safer and you feel ready for the ride. 


Prices of the body armor would vary from company to company depending on the material used, finishing, and size. 

The standard body armors are available at $50 though you may get cheaper armors too for $40-$45. More expensive body armors are available too with better designs and comfort features. 

Some armors are available with hand coverage. If you are buying that, make sure you are comfortable with it as these may limit your free movement while riding. However, armor without hand coverage would work sufficiently. 

Make sure to judge the quality and comfort before you pay for the armor. Buy the one that fits your body.

4. Gloves:

Gloves are the most basic kit that people buy after getting a helmet. This is definitely a good idea as we tend to protect ourselves from injuries by using our hands. And the chances are your fingers may fracture or break during an accident as they are fragile and sensitive.

Gloves protect the finger joints and the palm of your hand well so that they don’t break during a collision. Also, during the operation of the brake and clutch, they would stay strong yet flexible with the gloves on. 

Gloves also give a tight grip on the clutch and brake as your hand stays firm inside the gloves. 


Uses of the hand gloves include protecting the fingers from injury and keeping the hands firm to operate the motorcycle properly.

The joints and muscles of the hands are guarded well with the gloves. Gloves have favorable abrasion resistance. The joint areas are safeguarded with hard material while the other areas are covered with tough fabric or leather. Thus the fingers and wrist area don’t get severely affected.

The grip of the brake and clutch becomes more firm and balanced with the gloves. Your hands stay in place wearing gloves. 


You can get top-quality motorcycle hand gloves at $15- $25. These gloves are excellent in quality. However, you can get gloves at a cheaper price like $5.

Needless to say, that expensive gloves are available in the market too but I won’t recommend them to you. 

Spending $15-$25 for hand gloves would be enough. Check the quality and material, judge the comfort and size, and pay the right price. 

You may get outstanding hand gloves in online stores at discounts and affordable prices.

5. Pants:

Casual denim, gaberdine, cotton, or synthetic pants don’t protect your legs during an accident. In fact, they would tear with a mere scratch. This is why you need special pants while riding a motorcycle.

The best riding pants have extra armor in the hip and knee area to protect these sensitive areas from a sudden clash. These areas are more subjective to injuries during a motorcycle accident. 

However, the pants provide considerable protection to the whole leg. These pants are rigid and strong compared to casual pants and don’t tear or wear down in an accident due to their super impact resistance ability. 

Riding pants are mostly made of textile and nylon fiber. Leather pants are available too. These materials make the pants durable and long-lasting offering a safer motorcycle ride. 


The fundamental use of riding or armored pants is to protect your hip and knee bones and muscles from damage. 

Hip and knees are prone to damage and fracture when a sudden collision occurs. The armor in the pants keeps the hip and knees in place as it is durable under pressure or impact. 

The other purpose is to protect the legs from scratch, tear, or bone breakage. The rigid textile fabric won’t get damaged easily during a clash. Thus, you can easily survive minor accidents. The hip and knee armors would help you in major cases.

Besides, the water-resistant motorcycle pants would protect you from getting wet rain and snowfall. 


You can get good riding pants for $70 to $90. This would depend on the material and design you choose. I recommend not to go below $70.

Nowadays you can find a wide range of riding pants in the market. Rather than focusing on the look, choose the one with the best material. Examine the strength and pay the price. 

Make sure to select the right fitting  of pants that gives you comfort and ease.

6. Boots:

Not all may prefer investing in separate boots. But the fact is, boots can offer a safer and more confident ride to you. 

Think of your slippers or flat sneakers slipping or gliding over the gears and brakes. This is a common scenario during a rainy or humid day. Your feet may sweat or get wet resulting in displacement from your footwear. This would make a huge fuss in operating the motorcycle. 

Moreover, if you face an accident, the chance of twisting or bending your feet decreases noticeably if you wear a pair of boots. 

The boot is strong with nonslip soles and zig-zag bottoms that won’t glide in the water. They are water-resistant too to prevent water from entering your feet. 

The boots provide ankle support thus stopping your feet from suddenly bending or cracking during an accident. Therefore, it offers great foot protection. 


The primary function of the boot is to protect your feet from twisting abruptly. It provides ankle protection thus preventing cracks or fractures. 

It also offers a firm grip of the brake and gears so that you can smoothly operate the motorcycle.

The boots keep your feet in place, restrict unbalanced movement, and prevent your feet from slipping or displacing from the place. Thus, you get a better riding experience. 


Spend at least $130 to buy a good-quality motorcycle boot. Don’t choose a cheaper one as the quality won’t serve the best purpose. 

Motorcycle boots are a bit expensive but you can use them for long and roughly. For regular use, invest at least $130 to buy your boots. 

If you can go up to $200, then you would get outstanding service with ultimate comfort and convenience. 

Examine the material, get the warranty, and find a well-fitted boot for yourself at an affordable price. 

If you go online shopping, make sure to choose the right size, read customer reviews, and pick the best one. Search for discounts if possible.

7. Body Suit:

This is basically an alternative to body armor and pants. If you want a single piece that would serve the purpose of body armor and pants, then a complete motorcycle bodysuit is the right choice.

However, I must note some points here. Remember, that a complete suit would lack comfort. Free movement would be limited with a suit. 

The textile fabric would provide rigid protection and offer a special safeguard for the chest, knee, hip, and other sensitive areas. 

People who remain busy and hate wearing several layers of materials before a ride, the bodysuit is the best option for them.

The bodysuit has a single zipper that you can fasten and open in only 10 seconds. You don’t need to separately open the riding pants and body armor if you are using a bodysuit. 


As mentioned above, a suit can serve the purpose of body armor and pants. It would protect your sensitive body parts from getting injured during an accident due to its excellent impact resistance. 

Though it restricts comfort and ease, wearing and removing a suit is a faster process than using body armor and pants. 

Therefore, it is the best choice for people who have a hectic schedule and don’t like wearing several layers.


Bodysuits are a bit expensive. They can cost around $400 to $600. These suits are very durable and can provide excellent protection. 

Also, these suits are way more comfortable than the cheaper suits. Therefore, I would always recommend buying a good quality bodysuit that costs between $400 to $600. 

Why Is Having Motorcycle Riding Gear Necessary?

You might be thinking that you are riding comfortably and conveniently without all these kits, right? 

Well, the problem is noticed when you face an accident or a collision. The problem appears when the weather is not favorable. While you may think it unnecessary in normal times, these are important to tackle difficult situations. 

You may know that 28% of road accident deaths occur by motorcycle accidents. This is a huge percentage! As the vehicle is open from all sides and no extra protection is present, accidents can cause severe injury that can lead to death too. 

Therefore, you need to take enough protection to save yourself from fatalities as we all know, prevention and preparation are better than cure.

Here are the reasons why experts recommend having motorcycle riding gear:

  • The primary reason is to ensure safety during a ride. While a helmet would protect you from a head injury, body armor would safeguard your front and back body parts. Similarly, the boots and pants would guard your feet and legs respectively while gloves would prevent hand injuries. Thus, for full-fledged body protection during an accident, these kits are necessary. These are tools that keep you safe on the roads.
  • The second purpose of the kits is to provide you protection against diverse and adverse weather conditions. Rain, sun, snow, storm, or humidity may disrupt a smooth motorcycle ride. These kits would minimize the interruption and provide you a convenient ride saving you from getting sweaty, wet, etc. They also prevent wind blow your clothes, making the ride easier.
  • The next purpose is to make you comfortable while riding. Comfort is not only about moving flexibly but it is also about how you feel while riding. Putting on the riding costumes builds confidence in you. Your back remains straight, your head stays firm, your feet and hands remain more stable. The feet and handgrip become tighter. All in all, it makes you feel ready for the ride. Thus your ride becomes safer, comfortable, and smooth.

Overall, you get a safe, comfortable, and protected motorcycle ride when you have these kits on you. 


Now that you know A to Z about motorcycle riding gear and why you must have them, don’t delay grabbing the best products.

Buy the best kits and prepare for a safe and comforting ride!

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