Motorcycle Riding Boots: [The Ultimate Guide]

Motorcycle Riding Boots

Motorcycle boots are boots specially designed for riding motorcycles. They have thick leathers as materials. Most of them are long. They start from above ankle to below knee tools. The hills are designed to be lower than usual boots as these are good for riding a motorcycle.

The movement with motorcycle boots can be easy. A riding partner – as many say. The ergonomic approach makes it easier to ride a motorcycle with a motorcycle boot. Even if there is an accident, several parts of your feet can be saved. Which cannot be done with a general shoe.

In today’s article, I am going to break down each and everything about motorcycle riding boots. 

Motorcycle Riding Boots: What Should You Look For During Buying?

A general or working boot in comparison with a motorcycle boot can be naturally different. The material, the ergonomics, the movement, all are different. 

If you are trying to adjust your general boots by trying them as motorcycle boots, then it would not be recommended. Because if you do so, chances are you may get hurt while riding the bike.

Let’s see about the variations:

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Racing Boots

Racing boots are specially designed for those who want to ride a motorcycle to race professionally. Or they just enjoy the racing riding their beautiful high-speed bikes.

Racing can be both on tracks and roads. Everywhere these kinds of boots are useful. 

Materials: These kinds of boots are made from leather, plastics, metal, and some other artificial components. 

Height: These boots are around 10 to 14 inches long and cover the calves, ankles, and reaches till the knee.

Touring/Street Boots:

Touring boots are not so different from Racing boots. But they are used in street racing. Not meant for tracks.

Materials: Touring boots are also made from leather, metal, plastics, and artificial elements. But ergonomically different from Racing boots.

Police Boots:

These are specially made for motorcycle police officers. These have more height than usual motorcycle racing boots. Minimum 18-21inch height each of them has.

Color: Police boots are mostly black with glossy leather.

Material: Police boots are mainly made from leather. But the sole is made from hard rubber.

Height: Between 18 to 21 inches.

Ergonomically different from others.

Boots: The boots are rather a good fitting for policemen as they have short-heeled or low heeled soles.

Motocross Boots:

These boots are highly popular among professional racers. This is their ultimate gear that should be worn to protect during a race.

These are rather much stiffer than usual motorcycle boots. It helps them to protect their skin and perform highly on motorcycle races. Especially in the rowdy tracks, these boots work like a charm.

Height: These boots reach nearly to the knee. 16 inches is the average height for motocross boots.

Material: These boots are made of leather, artificial leather, plastic, and clothing. It has some straps to put more tightness on the boots. Besides, there is a curved plastic or metal part in the front which covers the shin and protects from debris.

Another very popular name for motocross boots is – Dirt Bike Boots. 

Different Types Of Motorcycle Boots: How Do They Differ From Normal Boots?

A motorcycle boot is a tool for a rider. It is made for motorcycle riders. In various ways, they differ from normal boots.

Firstly, the basics of normal boots stand upon only one material most of the time. It can be leather or artificial leather or any other man-made component.

On the other hand, motorcycle boots come with a lot of materials. Most motorcycle boots are made of leather, artificial leather, plastic, metal, and or other man-made materials. 

This gives the motorcycle boots special features to meet the demand of the motorcycle riders.

Secondly, the height of racing boots always differs from normal boots. Normal boots are made for walking and working. So they have high heels to protect the heel and no protection on calves is added. 

But a motorcycle boot is a minimum of 10-14 inches tall. This gives comfortability to the motorcycle rider to wear it and it protects the shin, ankle, and heel altogether.

Especially when it comes to motocross or dirt bike boots, there is a curved plastic or metal part on the shin to save the shin from debris.

Thirdly, motorcycle boots are ergonomically perfect for riding. Riding takes soles low in height and good movement capacity. Motocross boots are designed in such a way that they can easily be used to kick. 

As well as while taking a turn or using your feet for brake or any other reasons, they easily cooperate with you.

Fourthly, the protection offered by motorcycle boots cannot be overlooked. A rider, especially a racer, can face serious problems on track. If it happens, motorcycle boots save them from having dangers that can be too deep.

As the motorcycle boots cover calves, ankles, and shin, these parts are protected from harm. Moreover, the material used in a motorcycle boot can help to protect from Debris. Like curved plastic or metal which protects the shin. 

Some motorcycle boots have a water-proof membrane over the body so that they can even be waterproof. As a result, a motorcycle boot can save the wearer from many types of problems that may occur from riding or racing on a track or street.

Fifth, water resistance and ventilation are part of motorcycle boots. Motorcycle boots are specially made with waterproof materials and vents. These vents carry enough air inside which is good for motorcycle riding in many ways. 

So, we can see there are many differences between normal boots and motorcycle boots. That’s why you must make your choice about buying from the best top ten motorcycle boots. 

Let’s look into the top motorcycle boots there is: 

A List Of Some Top-notch Motorcycle Riding Boots: 

These are the most common motorcycle riding boots. Let’s look at a glance. 

Fox Racing Comp 5

Fox Racing Comp 5 is one of the best dirt bike boots there is. It is economical, stylish, and very easy to buckle up. You can buy it even if you have $200 on your budget. 

The buckles are so good that you can open or close them up with your gloves on. 

And the inside is so smooth that you will feel complete comfortability. 

Even better, an internal protection shield will give you some rooster protection. 

They weigh less than 4 KG which is a go-go right now because if you are a racer you know what I mean. 

Gaerne GX – 1

This is another boot that is economically fit for the racers. They are specifically made for rowdy tracks and the cost for a pair is less than $200. Gaerne has some expensive shoes too which are sold directly in the market.

Gaerne is made in Italy and the quality of the product is unquestionable. The mix of different materials along with quality design makes it one of the best choices.

The sole of the shoe is just as fit as can be while you wear it.

If you are going for a different taste, then you should certainly go for it.

One Logo Rider

This is one of the most popular and low-budget deals for the racers. One has a long history of assisting new racers with their low-budget boots. The materials are cozy. Plastic plates are specifically put into places so that impacts can be spread and don’t bother you much.

For heat protection, the rider boots use artificial leather which is very beneficial to race on the tracks under the sun. 

The fitting and shifting are very good on average. You will get this boot for under $200 just like the Comp 5.

O’Neal Sierra Pro Men’s Boot

The boot is one of the best boots there are. O’Neal boots are very popular among racers and from the low budget to the high budget everywhere O’Neal has their own sets of ruling boots. 

Racers love those boots and cherish them. Some of the racers started their career with O’Neal boots.

There are only some buckles but it fits the feet perfectly. 

The materials are very classy. It has a Nylon inner sole with a steel shank which makes it very powerful to stay fit with the body.

The boot is very interesting and can help a lot of new racers to start their journey with this boot.

Fox Racing Comp 8

Fox racing comp 8 is a good choice for those who don’t need to think about the budget while buying the boots. The colors are flashy and the design is trustworthy while you are on track. Besides, the soles are very flexible and will give you comfortability. But be careful that soles can take $100 to replace.

The boot costs around $500 and gives the benefits according to your expenditure.

Compared to other boots it may have some differences in the design like it does not have a hinge guard and all, but it will give the best benefit while you want a stylish motorcyclist look which may take you to the women fans you are craving for.

Alpinestars Tech 7

Tech 7 is the best choice for those who cannot afford a tech 10. The Alpinestars Tech 7 is one of the best lightweight boots in the market.

The fitting of the boots will mesmerize you. Although the buckles are not as much as other boots have, they are enough to keep your feet tight and safe for injuries. The ultra-comfortable boots are best for rowdy tracks. 

It will prevent blisters and save you from harsh landing while you are on the road. In every way, this boot is the most lightweight and most subtle-looking boot there is. 

Haters say the backside of the boot has lower protection and may cause problems in big accidents. Still, it is one of the best choices among those who are looking for a perfect fit motorcycle.

Gaerne SG – 12

Gaerne is one of the bests in the market and day by day they are expanding their series. But Gaerne SG-12 is an all-time choice among the hard-hitters in the track of supercross.

The boot is high-end and it has all the characters you may ask for high-end motocross boots.

Let’s see – it has a fully hinged ankle which is a guard against small and big accidents. So, this protective gear may save you from harm which other boots cannot.

Then let’s talk about grips. Grips are integrated inside the boots so that a high-quality fitting can be delivered.

The Vibram sole of the boots is very powerful to absorb the vibration happening throughout all the time in the rough tracks. 

There is even better news. If you don’t know it will mesmerize you. The sole also has carbon fibers inserted in it which makes the Vibram sole more powerful to absorb the vibration happening on road.

The buckles and fitting are as good there can be. These boots from their factory in Italy can do the trick.

Although not a dent, still you need to learn that the boots weigh 4.1 KG. But the shielding gear can help you to move freely for their fitting perfection.

These are the best choice when you may expect a crashing track.

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

If there is a competitor in the market for SG-12, then it is Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots. These boots are highly appreciated among users and many professional racers use the model on motocross.

The boots have hinged ankles and good fitting. The designs are not simple too. The combination of the colors makes it look cooler than other motorcycle boots. Even sometimes better than SG-12. But it also depends on individual choices on color combination.

But the buckling up and fitting with these boots cannot be overlooked as they offer the best fitting in the market.

But some users faced problems with shifting while using Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS. 

The sole is not as hard as SG – 12 but the flexibility and protection it offers are more than SG-12.

Alpinestars Tech 10

This is one of the most popular motocross boots there is in the market. It doesn’t have a hinged ankle. But it cannot lower the protection.

Tech 10 is one of the best boots there is for shifting. The boots take a minimum of one hour to flex with you. 

Some of the boots are extra special as they can be removed. As a result, it is the low cost of repairing of any kind. 

Till now Alpinestars Tech 10 is the best boots for shifting and the best cozy boots to fit with your feet.

For fitting and protection with a low costly repairing, this boot can be recommended to mass.

1. Fox Instinct

If you are looking for good shifting boots then look no further anymore. Fox instinct is the best choice there is. Fox has a lot of varieties in the collection. Among them, instinct is one of the most sold and most loved boots there is.

The fitting, the shifting all are beautifully done with these boots. The design for the boots also attracts male and female riders. Every part of the boots is made for racers. So with the boots, you can expect no danger from blisters or sudden cuts.

2. SIDI Atojo SRS

According to Sidi, nine-time MXGP world champion Antonio Cairoli, Jorge Prado who is a two-time MX2 world champion, and MXGP racer Alessandro Lupino. C has helped to develop the new off-road boots. So the name is done by Sidi memorizing them. 

It was given to the market in 2019. 

As a pair of boots came from the riders themselves, Atojo SRS can be the best of the bests when it comes to good fitting, good protection as well as good shifting.

Sidi honored the riders for their contribution by naming the boots after them. Their hard work made a score on the designing of the boots which may be helpful to all the riders.

3. TCX comp Evo 2 Michelin

The boots were released in 2016 and still have their demand on the market at full throttle. All the materials used in this set of boots are of high class and the inner side is very fit to wear.

Four straps are very fitting for the feet. The heel is customized to match the best positions for shifting while you are on track.

Besides, the stylish design is one of the major factors behind the popularity of Evo 2. The boots are the best out there. 

Final Verdict: 

These 12 models of boots are right now carrying out the task to please the motorcycle riders. Some of them are looking for a good budget and some of them are looking for a good fit.

You must know which kind of track you are into and make your choice accordingly.

Certainly, the choice affects the overall performance on the track.

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