Motorcycle Race Boots: Know What To Expect

Motorcycle Race Boots

Motorcycle racers understand why it is necessary to put on racing boots before going on a ride. Motorcycle race boots not only improve the grip but also hold your feet in place so that they won’t slip off or get loosened. 

Besides, the fast riding experience may get hampered if a racer doesn’t put on a quality racing boot. A pair of racing boots is what you need to have a tension-free and smooth ride. But the problem appears when racers search for a quality riding boot

Nothing to worry about, because I’m here to help you out through your decision-making process by providing you adequate knowledge about motorcycle race boots and the top brands. 

So, stay with me and know what to expect about motorcycle race boots in detail:

What to Look For In Motorcycle Race Boots? 

You may get confused while choosing a motorcycle race boot. And the only way to handpick the best one is to look into some factors, scrutinize them, and select the one that meets the criteria. 

So let’s focus on these criteria that you must look for while buying a pair of motorcycle race boots:

  • Material:

The material of the boot should be compact, well-crafted, and abrasion-resistant. The outer part must be durable and impact-resistant to ensure safety and protection to your feet and shin. The inner portion material should be comfortable and soft on your skin so that you feel pleasant. Inner portions with vents are preferable for breathability. 

  • Reinforcement: 

The sensitive feet points like ankle, heel, shin, and toe require extra protection so that they don’t get twisted or injured during a fast ride. These reinforcements can be metal plates, sliders, foams, or armors. So you must find a boot that has excellent reinforcements in the ankle, heel, toe, and shin area. 

  • Soles:

I always prefer racing boots with thick rubber soles. Thick rubber soles are sturdy yet flexible and bendable. This gives good support to your footbed as well as lets your feet operate smoothly. However, soles with extra shift pads are the best as it facilitates shifting during a racing ride. 

  • Closure And Fit:

The closures should be strong, long-lasting, and adjustable so that you can fix them to adjust the fit well. You must first choose the right size and then check the closures. Racing boots generally have flexible calf elastic with buckles, zippers, or laces. Whichever you like, check the fit and closure system to make sure that your feet are comfortable. 

If you carefully analyze these factors, you can easily find the best boot that has all these features. The best racing boots must have these features to give you the best riding experience. 

Motorcycle Race Boots Size Chart (Both Men And Women):

Here, I make a table that will provide you the US standard motorcycle race boot size chart for both men and women:

Foot Size in CentimetersUS MenUS Women

4 Differences Between Men And Women’s Motorcycle Race Boots:

Many people may think that men’s and women’s boots are similar. However, there are considerable differences between boots for men and women that you must differentiate in order to get the best one. 

I am pointing out 4 differences between men and women’s motorcycle race boots:

  1. Size: 

Boot sizes are different for men and women. Normally men’s boots are heavier and broader as men have wider and larger feet than women. Women’s boots are lighter and the shapes are different too as women have different feet shapes than men. Remember that the size chart is distinct for men and women. 

  1. Heel And Ankle Support: 

The heel length of women’s boots is generally taller than men’s boots. This is mainly a styling factor that women like whereas men prefer wearing low-heel boots. However, the ankle support comes higher with men’s boots. 

  1. Color:

Needless to say that women’s boots have a variety of vibrant color options than men’s boots. Women’s boots come in different polishing and color to give a stylish look while men’s boots generally have basic colors. 

  1. Design:

Design variations are available in women’s boots, while men’s boots are pretty simple. Different layers, colors, and designs make women’s boots fashionable that makes them distinct from men’s boots.

How To Clean Motorcycle Race Boots? 

Most motorcycle racing boots are made of leather. Some are made of microfiber but most are crafted with leather. Leather boots should be cleaned with gentle hands using leather polish and a microfiber cloth. 

The surface of leather boots should be cleaned using a wet microfiber cloth and a cleaning agent to get rid of the loose dirt. Then use leather polish to remove all the stains and scratches to leave a fine finish. 

Clean the zipper, reinforcement areas, and the soles with a brush and detergent or soapy water. Rub gently with the brush to let the dirt come out smoothly from each corner. 

Now wipe off the entire boot with a dry microfiber cloth to get a shiny and fresh pair of racing boots. 

Average Price Range Of Motorcycle Racing Boots?

Motorcycle racing boots are available in different price ranges depending on the brand you are choosing. Different pricing means differences in quality and longevity too. 

Pricey boots have extra reinforcements, top-quality material, and craftsmanship, sturdy soles, long-lasting closures and zipper, premium design and color, and outstanding crafting. These boots give you top-notch comfort and ease while riding. The expensive boots are available in a price range of $700- $1000. The top riding gear brands Alpinestars and Dainese offer boots at around $700- $900.

The mid-range boots are available at $450- $650. These are also suitable for racing, but the longevity and reinforcement measures would be lesser than the expensive brands. 

The cheaper boots come in a range of $250- $400. I suggest scrutinizing the quality thoroughly before buying a budget racing. However, don’t expect long-lasting service from low-budget boots. However, if you buy from reliable and popular brands, you would get satisfactory service. 

Top 5 Brands For Motorcycle Race Boots:

I understand that people mess up while selecting the best quality motorcycle racing boots. This happens as they don’t know about the features and benefits of the best racing boots. 

To help you out, I have carefully selected the top 5 brands that provide high-quality racing boots and provide reliable service for a long time. 

Let us know the common features of the racing boots by each brand:

  1. Dainese:

Dainese has been a trusted brand serving top-notch riding gears to motorcycle riders since 1972. The company crafts each item with utmost care to supply the best quality riding boots, especially racing boots. 

Racing boots need to be very sturdy yet flexible for a long-lasting and comfortable ride that won’t hamper the riding experience. Dainese, being a reliable brand with ages of experience, manufactures specialized boots for racing that would fit your feet well, hold it in place, and won’t break or wear it no matter how roughly you use it. 

The racing boots are made of high-quality abrasion-resistant microfiber with the upper feet and ankle portion made of leather layers for extra reinforcement. Microfiber crafting makes the boot lightweight while leather reinforcements throughout the boots improve the longevity of the boots.

Soles and linings are flexible and bendable so that the racer can change the gear and operate the legs within a second without any delay. Dainese crafts soles and adds lining with rubber to enable flexibility. 

To avoid injuries and be able to move toes fast, nylon reinforcements are added to the toe portion of the boot. Thermoplastic polyurethane heels are added to strengthen the heels. It is abrasion-resistant, durable yet soft, and flexible. 

The D-Axial structure of the boots prevents your ankle from twisting so that you don’t get injured no matter how roughly you ride.

With such excellent reinforcement measures and comfort features, the Dainese racing boot becomes one of the favorite choices for racing riders. 

  1. TCX:

Here comes another top-quality brand that produces premium racing boots of stunning designs and excellent features. It has been producing and supplying premium quality boots since 1982 and has made a name in the market. 

TCX makes racing boots with excellent ankle and toe reinforcements, and additions that make your riding experience phenomenal. The exclusive design added with useful features makes it one of the best racing boots available. 

The double-flex system involves blade-like brace support at the back part that keeps your ankle in position thus controlling the forward and backward movement of the ankle. 

The boot features a microfiber outer and an inner portion that not only makes you feel smooth and flexible but also offers protection. The little vents allow breathability. 

The double compound injected rubber sole gives a soft touch to your feet, enabling uninterrupted and flexible movement. Toe and heel reinforcements are added for protection and safety. It features magnesium toe sliders and metal heel plates so that your feet don’t get injured while riding at a high speed. 

The boot features zippers on the outer edge with calf closures at the top. This helps you get a comfortable fit. However, check the size before buying for better comfort.

The sturdy and comfortable TCX racing boots can be a great choice because they can give you maximum protection and ease during a ride.  

  1. RST:

RST has come up with new racing boots and the latest collection is exactly what you need to have a super easy and smooth racing experience. RST’s newest racing boots have toe, ankle, and shin protectors to restrict unnecessary movement and protect your feet and leg from any injury. 

The premium Microtech construction technology makes the racing boot sturdy, durable, and impact-resistant. RST boot has a TPU shin protector to keep your shin firm and enclosed inside the boot. The TPU heel cockpit and metal toe reinforcement safeguard the sensitive areas, limit unnecessary movement, and offer comfort. Hinged ankle support has been added to restrict extra movement offering protection and support. 

The anti-slip multi-density sole of RST boots improves the grip, flexibility, and strengthens the boot. The anti-twist midsole also supports your feet so that your feet stay in the right position while riding. It also features a hard-wearing shift pad for effortless gear shifting. 

The boot features a Sinagua membrane that makes the boot breathable and waterproof for extra comfort on rainy days. 

RST’s premium boots have these extra features that are rare in other racing boots. 

  1. Sidi

Sidi is another brand in operation since 1960 which manufactures racing boots designed for extra comfort and safety. The high technomicro crafting and several reinforcements make the boots sturdy and durable. The heel, toe, and ankle protections restrict extra movement, keep the feet in place, and offer protection. The breathability of Sidi racing boots adds comfort. 

The Sidi boots are made with technomicro material that has vents for breathability. The double stitching in high-stress areas adds strength. The external ankle brace system supports the ankle and keeps it in position restricting extra movement. The shock-absorbing removable heel cups guard your heels against shock or sudden impact. 

The boot features a dual compound sole with a nylon inner sole. The inner sole has an arch support pad offering a soothing and smooth feeling. The nylon scuff pads in the toe area comfort and hold the toe firmly protecting the toes from injury and impact. 

The boot features DuPont polymer shift pads in the toe area for fast and effortless gear shifting. It strengthens the boot as well as makes riding easier.

Sidi, therefore, is a racing boot company with excellent exclusive reinforcement features, top-quality crafting, and extra comfort and fitting characteristics. 

  1. Spidi:

Spidi is famous for providing a range of high-quality riding gear. But the most popular product by Spidi is its riding boots. Spidi has special features in its racing boots that make it more strong and suitable for racing purposes. Besides toe, ankle, and heel reinforcements, Spidi offers CE certified protection and shin protection. The comfort level of Spidi boots is equally appreciable. 

The outer shell of the boot is made of microfiber that has top-notch transverse rigidity and impacts cut resistance. The abrasion-resistant microfiber protects your feet from scratch or injury. 

The boot features a multi-density vulcanized rubber sole for improved flexibility and comfort. The soft yet compact sole doesn’t break or tear easily but molds enough to offer comfortable feet movement.

The boot has added magnesium toe sliders and a removable Acetal Resin shin lateral slider for improved protection and safety against shocks and impacts. These sliders are for better usability. The AGS-3 ankle supports the ankle so that it avoids uncontrolled movement and stays protected against any impact or shock. The AGS-3 technology is expert in shock absorbing. 

Therefore, Spidi’s features are no less than other brands and the AGS-3 protection is the best part of this racing boot. 

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Race Boot For Racing Rides?

If you don’t recognize the importance of racing boots, there is no point in learning about the top brands. You need to realize why racers always put on specialized racing boots rather than wearing casual shoes that have no reinforcements or extra comfort features. 

To help you understand the significance of racing boots for a smooth racing ride, I am pointing out some basic benefits that are offered only by racing boots:

Ankle, Toe, Heel, And Shin Protection:

Racing requires high-speed riding. Thus extra protection for sensitive foot areas is mandatory so that your foot doesn’t get injured in case of an accident. The ankle, toe, heel, and shin are fragile and can get displaced or fractured easily if they get twisted while riding fast. 

To avoid such injuries, these spots need to stay firm and protected inside the boot. Racing boots provide only minimal space to these areas so that your ankle, toes, or heels don’t unnecessarily move back and forth as this causes discomfort and difficulty. These boots only provide the room that you need and ensure that your feet are in place, tightly enclosed. 

Extra reinforcements are added to support the ankle, toes, heels, and shin so that they don’t feel any impact or shock. During fast rides, if your feet feel frequent shocks, it disrupts your riding ease and these reinforcements are to absorb the shocks and protect your feet. 

Thus racing boots protect sensitive feet areas from impact, shocks, twisting, fractures, and give comfort. 

Shift Pads And Soles:

Most racing boots have specially designed soft yet sturdy soles that bend easily. It is necessary for ease and comfort to the footbed. It allows free movement of your feet so that you can operate the bike seamlessly and carry the boot effortlessly. 

Most racing boot soles are made of rubber that is lightweight and easy to go with. Rubber doesn’t only feel good but bends well facilitating free feet movement. The compact rubber bends but doesn’t break thus offering excellent support and protection to your footbed. 

The soles usually have shift pads for facilitating gear shifting. Shifting is a crucial task in racing and it has to be fast and perfect every time for a safe and smooth ride. This is why riding boots have shift pads for better shifting that you don’t get in other shoes or boots. 


Usually, racing boots have more than one closure for effective fastening and fitting the boot perfectly. Most racing boots have at least two closures for firmly holding your feet and making the fit perfect so that your feet don’t move much inside the boots. 

The boots feature buckles, zippers, laces, or other closures so that fastening and taking off becomes fast. Multiple closures are useful to adjust the fit and make sure that your feet sit well in the boots. 

Racing boots also have flexible or stretchable calf linings so that the boots don’t fit loosely and stick well with the skin. 

These fitting measures and closures are only available in racing boots that add comfort and ease. 

Comfort And Safety:

Now that we have discussed all the basic additions that are featured only in racing boots, let us know what are the purposes of these additions. 

The main two purposes are to ensure comfort and safety during a racing ride. All the reinforcements are additional features to ensure that your feet stay in ultimate comfort and can get the room that is needed, not less or not more. The soles and inner materials are specially designed for a smooth and soft touch to the skin so that they don’t cause fatigue or discomfort. 

The padding, reinforcements, and extra layers are for safety to protect your feet from shocks and impacts and improve the grip, balance, and fitting. 

And the comfort and safety features ultimately give you a better and seamless racing experience that normal shoes can’t offer. 


To conclude, I can now say that you have adequate information about motorcycle race boot brands and the necessity of racing boots for a seamless and phenomenal riding experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a brand new pair of racing boots and start your race at your own speed because you are ready to rock on!

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