Motorcycle Insurance [The Ultimate Guide]

Motorcycle Insurance

Riding motorcycles without insurance on public roads or highways is completely illegal and a punishable offense. You’d be fined or suspended from driving if you’re caught without motorcycle insurance. 

However, the whole procedure of motorcycle insurance isn’t too easy to understand for a common person. But now you don’t need to worry. In this article, I’m providing you a complete guide on motorcycle insurance. 

Hence, consider reading this entire article to understand the motorcycle insurance procedure. 

5 Steps To Insurance Your Motorcycle: 

You’ve to go through a process to ensure your motorcycle. Below, I am writing the whole process of how to ensure your motorcycle in details under the 5 simple steps:

1. Do Research:

Across the USA, you’ll find many insurance companies which help you insure your motorcycle. From them, you can quickly insure your motorcycle. For attracting clients, motorcycle insurance companies offer different types of insurance packages. 

Among these packages, you need to find out which one is most beneficial and affordable for you. During the research, you can also take help from the experts. Here the list of some biggest motorcycle insurance companies in the USA:

  • GEICO.
  • Allstate.
  • American Family.
  • Progressive.
  • Nation Wide.
  • State Farm.
  • Liberty Mutual. Etc.

You may reach out to them over the phone and ask everything. 

2. Select A Insurance Company: 

Many more insurance companies, including those mentioned earlier, are available in every state of the USA. Insurance companies offer different types of coverage, and it varies from state to state. 

In the next part of this article, I’ll explain the common types of motorcycle insurance. You should choose such an insurance company to insure your motorcycle, which gives you more coverage at less cost.

3. Go To The Insurance Company Office:

After selecting an insurance company, now it’s time to visit them physically. But if you have a shortage of time, you can call any of their agents in your house. 

However, by going to their office, you’ll know better about their motorcycle insurance policy. Then choose one of the suitable insurance coverage for your motorcycle.

4. Done The Paperworks: 

When you’re able to select the perfect insurance for your motorcycle, you can move forward with completing the paperwork. The insurance company’s agent will provide you a form, fill it appropriately. You also require the following documents for doing the paperwork:

  • Your full name, address, and contact information.
  • Your driving license.
  • Your motorcycle license and registration number.
  • Your motorcycle model, making years, and other relevant information.

Provide all the documents that the insurance company ask for. Then, before signature on any paper, make sure you’ve read and understood all the terms and conditions properly.

5. Reach An Agreement:

After signing the agreement with the insurance company means that you successfully insure your motorcycle to them. Now, you and the insurance company both must be respectful to this written agreement. 

As a client, you should strictly follow the insurance company’s conditions such as:

  • Pay the insurance premium on time.
  • Wear proper safety gear during riding. 
  • Don’t cross the speed limit while riding. 
  • Don’t drink while riding.
  • Don’t break the traffic rules and others, written in the agreement paper.

Similarly, the insurance company is also obliged to help when you claim the insurance money. Therefore, it is wise to always consult with the experts before signing the insurance agreement.

By following these simple steps, you’re easily able to insure your motorcycle to an insurance company. Nowadays, every insurance company has online services. From there, you also purchase insurance for your motorcycle. 

Types Of Motorcycle Insurance:

These are the common types of motorcycle insurances. Let’s look at a glance and think which one is perfect for you. 

  • Collision Insurance: 

This insurance policy will cover the cost if your motorcycle is damaged by a collision with any objects or other vehicles. You’ll receive money from the insurer to repair the motorcycle.

  • Comprehensive Insurance: 

In this insurance policy, you’ll get money for any type of damage except the collision. A comprehensive insurance policy covers the damages like theft or fire.

  • Custom Parts Insurance:

The above insurance policies generally cover only the manufacturer-installed parts damage. But suppose you added any additional accessories such as custom paints. In that case, you should purchase custom parts insurance for your motorcycle.

  • Body Injury Liability:

This insurance compensates when someone is injured or dies due to your fault.

  • Properties Injury Liability:

This insurance policy pays the reparation money for damaging other properties. 

  • Medical Bill Insurance Policy:

This insurance policy covers all the medical bills if you suffer in a motorcycle accident. So, you’ll receive money despite your fault for the accident.

Average Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance By State (I Cover 50 States Of The USA)

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in all USA states except Florida, Montana, and Washington. In these three states, motorcycle insurance is optional. 

The average annual cost of a motorcycle insurance premium is $702 in the USA. 

However, in general, the motorcycle insurance premium rate varies from state to state. In some states, it is higher, and in other states, it is higher than the country average.

Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming have the cheapest motorcycle insurance. In these states, the average yearly cost of motorcycle insurance is lower than the country average. On the other hand, Arizona, California, Louisiana, and Michigan are such states which have expensive motorcycle insurance, and that is much higher than the USA annual average.

Below I make a table with the average cost of all 50 states’ motorcycle insurance in 2021:

State NameAverage Annual Premium Of A Motorcycle InsuranceAverage Monthly Premium Of A Motorcycle Insurance
New Hampshire$601$50
New Jersey$610$51
New Mexico$752$63
New York$969$81
North Carolina$763$64
North Dakota$382$32
Rhode Island$889$74
South Carolina$781$65
South Dakota$472$39
West Virginia$653$54

Average Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance By Age:

Age and riding experience also plays a vital role in determining the motorcycle insurance premium rate. The insurance premium amount is cheaper for experienced riders. Below I present a sample table that gives you an idea of the approximate average cost of motorcycle insurance by age:

AgeApproximate Annual Premium For A Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance
55 Years$479.76
45 Years$480.76
35 Years$515.76
25 Years$571.76

In the sample table, you see that the approximate insurance premium cost is most expensive for the 25 years old young riders, and it is cheapest for the 55 years old experienced riders. The difference is $102 between the youngest and the most senior.

How Do You Get A Discount On Your Motorcycle Insurance?

For several reasons, you’ll get a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Some of the ways to get a discount on motorcycle insurance are:

  • Purchase another type of insurance such as car, auto, or other from the same insurance company for getting a discount.
  • Don’t break any traffic rules. Keep your motorcycle riding history clean to get a discount on insurance premiums.
  • Complete a training course on motorcycle riding and earn a certificate.
  • Join a motorcycle riders’ club or organization to get discounts.
  • Install DOT’s approved pieces of equipment and anti-theft devices.
  • If you’re an experienced motorcycle rider and your age is over 55, then ask for a mature rider discount from the insurance company.

How To Claim On Your Motorcycle Insurance? (7 Steps)

Many of you don’t know what to do to claim your motorcycle insurance. So, here I explain all the procedures of how to claim on your motorcycle insurance in  7 steps:

1. Don’t Be Panic:

First, focus on your safety when a motorcycle accident occurs. Quickly move away from the middle of the road or highway. Keep yourself calm and handle the situation wisely. If anyone is injured, call the ambulance service for emergency help.

2. Don’t Give Any Statement:

After the accident, try to keep quiet. Because at that time, your mental condition is not in the situation where you give any written or verbal statement. It is not the right time to admit the liability of damages. 

Always remember that any foolish statements will affect your motorcycle insurance payout. So, it is better not to say anything about the insurance.

3. Don’t Move Your Motorcycle And Take The Photographs:

After the accident, don’t move your motorcycle without taking any photographs. Because these photographs will be used as a document while you claim your motorcycle insurance.

4. Call The Police:

You should call the police after any accidents. For example, if you just damaged your motorcycle and others are not involved with that, don’t neglect to inform the police. You can seek help from the state police by calling their emergency helpline number.

It is mandatory to inform the police about personal injuries and damage to government properties or vehicles. The police report always count as a powerful legal document for claiming the motorcycle insurance.

5. Gathers Require Information:

You require to gather these pieces of information from the accident spot:

  • Accident spot location.
  • Name, full address, and the contact number of all involving parties.
  • Description, registration, and license plate numbers of all involving vehicles.
  • Other parties’ insurer companies and their policy numbers.
  • Witness details 
  • A written statement from the police.

6. Inform Your Motorcycle Insurer:

Don’t take too much time to inform your motorcycle insurer about the incident. You should tell them within 24 hours after the accident. Let the insurer know that you’re going to claim your motorcycle insurance. So, they can start their further official procedures.

7. Submit The Paperwork:

It is the last step that you need to complete for claiming your insurance. Submit the following paperwork to your motorcycle insurer:

  • All the information that you collect from the accident spot.
  • The damage cost of your motorcycle.
  • Related expenses.

Fill in the insurance claim form with the proper information and attach it with the documents that you’ve. Now you officially claim the insurance for your motorcycle. After that, the motorcycle insurance company will take the necessary actions to solve your issue.

Last Few Words:

In this article, I’ve tried to explain all the procedures of motorcycle insurance in simple words. I hope you have understood everything correctly. If you still have any queries about motorcycle insurance, then visit the page and contact me. 

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