Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers: Know What To Expect.

Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers

The ultimate joy and thrill of motorcycle riding comes with good music, seamless communication, and a noise-free aura, doesn’t it? I absolutely love to have a sound ride with my favorite playlist on, get detached from the outer world, and sway in the free air. Indeed, it is an amazing feeling!

But how do I get that? I get the best riding feeling only by putting on motorcycle helmets with speakers. Helmets with speakers basically work by Bluetooth connectivity that facilitates seamless communication, listening to music, radio, or podcasts, intercom communication with other riders, and audio GPS tracking. 

It means, with a single or few clicks, you can use all the functions using the speaker that you would have otherwise done on your smartphone. And we all understand how risky and difficult it is to use a mobile phone while riding, don’t we?

But the real problem appears when we need to decide. While deciding to buy a helmet with speakers, we suddenly realize that we don’t know enough. This lack of knowledge often discourages people from buying it or confuses people. As a result, they back off.

I can totally relate to this situation as I had been in the same position before I analyzed various helmet speakers, researched the market, and gathered a bulk of information. 

Now that I have adequate knowledge, let me pass them onto you so that you can make an informed decision. This article would enlighten you with every information that you need to know before getting a motorcycle helmet with speakers. 

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3 Types Of Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers:

So, first, you need to classify between the various motorcycle helmets with speakers. Knowing the types would help you to identify which one suits your demands. Here are the 3 types of motorcycle helmets with speakers:

  1. Inbuilt Designs:

This is the most common motorcycle helmet with speakers. The best part about this helmet is that the Bluetooth speaker is already embedded in the helmet. You don’t need to install it separately. 

Just put on the helmet, turn on the Bluetooth, pair it with your phone, and with a few clicks, switch calls to music, music to GPS audio, connect to other riders, or whatever you want to hear. 

Modular Bluetooth helmets are usually the most preferred helmets by experienced riders. It is because the Bluetooths are firmly attached to the helmet and they won’t fall off easily. So you can ride in a relaxed mood, enjoy the music, hear GPS audio, or make or receive a call.

You can also connect to other riders using the intercom system. These helmets have the newest technologies, designs, and features that attract riders the most. 

I recommend this to those who want a new helmet that facilitates seamless communication and listening experience. If you want the best, this is the option for you. 

If you already have a helmet, I have some other options for you. 

  1. Wired Designs:

This is a separate unit speaker that you can attach to almost all types of helmets. So if you already have a quality helmet, consider installing a wired Bluetooth speaker. The signal and connection of the wired speakers are considered the best as the sound quality is uninterrupted and clear. 

These speakers have a mounted speaker system with two speakers, one microphone, a connector (either a type-C USB or a standard stereo connector), and a Bluetooth module or the main unit. 

Typically you need to install the Bluetooth module or the unit on the surface of the helmet using a bracket. The speaker and microphone unit is placed inside the helmet. This unit is connected to the main unit using the USB wire or a standard connector.

You need to operate the system using the buttons in the Bluetooth module. However, the latest models use ergonomic and versatile jog dial systems. These wired Bluetooth speakers support all the features that are offered by an inbuilt Bluetooth helmet.

You can connect to eight or more riders via intercom communication, listen to music, FM radio, make or receive calls, and listen to audio GPS tracking. Some models have AGC technology which enables the speakers to self-adjust for an improved experience. 

  1. Wireless Designs:

These models are wireless and the speakers are connected by a Bluetooth chipset, and the speakers are attached with a flexible cord. They are compact in size and compatible with audio-ready helmets. You just need to install it and start enjoying the features.

You have to fix the unit in the audio sleeves on the helmet. Now take the flexible cable behind the foam padding. The inbuilt microphone enables hands-free operation. You don’t need to fix or adjust the microphone separately. 

You can use the voice command systems by activating Google Voice or Siri. However, buy the wireless system only if you have a helmet with an audio unit. Otherwise, you can’t install it. 

Differences Between Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers:

I would discuss the basic differences between different types of motorcycle helmets with speakers. It’ll help you to identify each type of speaker.

Hence, check the below table to understand the basic differences:

Difference ParametersInbuilt DesignWired DesignWireless Design
PriceHigher in priceCheapest Mid-range speakers
CompatibilityOnly in inbuilt helmets. Not usable with other helmetsCompatible with almost all types of helmetCompatible only with helmets having audio units
Installation SystemNo installation is required. Pre-installed in the helmetInstall the unit on the exterior and the speaker unit inside the helmetPlace the unit in the audio sleeve and the mic behind the cushioned area

5 Features To Look Out For When A Buying Motorcycle Helmet With Speaker:

There are some features that you must check before purchasing a motorcycle helmet with speakers. These features are important as these would determine the quality of the speakers and help you understand which one is the best. 

Here, I’m mentioning such 5 features that I have checked myself before buying my motorcycle helmets with speakers:

1. Compatibility:

Are you wondering why this is the first condition to scrutinize? Let me tell you that if the speaker is not compatible with your helmet design and size, there is no point in buying one no matter how good the quality is. So first, you have to shortlist the speakers that would fit your helmet size and design.

If you are buying an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker helmet, you don’t need to check this factor as the speaker is always fitted well in the helmet. But if you are looking for a separate speaker unit to install in your helmet, you should check the compatibility. 

If you buy a wireless speaker unit, your helmet has to have an audio sleeve unit where the main unit fits. If your helmet doesn’t have an audio unit, you have to go for a wireless speaker design. 

Though most wireless units fit almost any helmet, you must check that the unit and the speakers are perfectly fitting your helmet. If it is compatible with your helmet size and design, you are ready to go!

2. Sound Quality:

What is the point of having a Bluetooth speaker if the sound quality is poor? Your money would go down the drain if the sound quality is not up to the mark. So, check the clarity of the sound. 

You must check the sound quality in different situations. Check the quality by playing music, making a call, and hearing the GPS. If possible, check the intercom sound quality too. In many devices, the voice fades or disturbs while calling but the music goes on well. So, don’t get deceived. 

I would strongly recommend finding a speaker with noise-cancelling technology so that you get to hear clear and crisp sound with zero disruptions. Only then you can enjoy the ultimate thrill of using a high-quality speaker. 

3. Battery Life:

This is something that is crucial for people who are very busy or prefer long rides. You can’t just afford to have a speaker that has low battery life and dies in a few days or hours. 

High-quality speakers have long battery life. These speakers would function seamlessly for weeks or even months keeping you tension-free during long rides. On the other hand, batteries in low-quality speakers not only die fast but the device itself dies fast due to frequent charging.

Never compromise with the battery life of the speaker. Buy a speaker that holds the charge at least for a week. But the best option is to go for speakers that don’t die out in weeks or months. 

4. Durability:

We all want to use a speaker that lasts for a long time, right? But speakers often get damaged due to several external conditions. While some speakers may stop in rain, some may break due to low impact resistance. 

But as you can’t control these external situations and factors, you need to choose a speaker which is durable and survives almost any unfavorable condition. 

While riding, you would come in contact with sun, rain, snow, storm, dust, pollution, collision, and many other factors. Your speaker should be able to resist all these factors. 

The speaker has to be waterproof with excellent impact resistance. High-quality speakers would work fine even if dust clusters over it. It must not get affected by storms, impacts, or pollution. Only then you can say that the speaker is durable and long-lasting. 

5. Comfort:

Most riders would prefer to have an inbuilt speaker system for ultimate comfort and ease. On the other hand, some people love to have a detachable wireless or wired speaker system. It totally depends on what you prefer. 

The size and sound quality of the speaker would determine your comfort too. If the speakers are too big inside the helmet, you won’t feel good. Thus the size has to be compatible with the helmet you are wearing. Similarly, if the sound is too loud and cranky, you may end up paining your ears. 

The speaker should not feel like an extra burden to you. The best speaker is one that would let you ride in a relaxed mood without thinking of fixing it every minute. 

So, test the fit and sound quality of the speaker. Check if you are comfortable with it. Then select the speaker that goes with your choice. 

Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers Pricing:

Price is indeed a big factor. Many may think that Bluetooth speakers for helmets are expensive. I used to think like this until I checked out the products. I browsed through speakers for helmets and found that there are a lot of products in various price ranges. 

Let me tell you about the average price ranges in which you would get different quality of speakers for motorcycle helmets:

  • Under $100:

These are budget-friendly speakers. The pricing of these products starts from around $45. You wouldn’t get the best quality sound and battery life. The speaker may not have a noise-canceling system and you may get a lot of noise while riding at a high speed.

The durability and impact resistance of these products would be very less. Also, only some may have Bluetooth connectivity while others won’t have it. 

  • Under $150:

These are the mid-range speakers that would give satisfactory battery life and sound quality. These must have Bluetooth systems with noise-canceling features. It would be impact-resistant and the device body would be sturdy and durable. You can expect to have favorable intercom communication and calling. 

  • Under $250:

Needless to say that these are the speakers that would give crisp and clear sound, excellent battery life, and last for a long time. The compact unit would give comfort and ease and comes with easy-control systems to have seamless communication. You get the best riding experience with these helmet speakers. 

Check the quality before you choose any of the speakers. But try to buy at least a mid-range speaker to get long-lasting benefits. 

Related Questions:

3 Top Brands For Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers:

Let me make your decision-making process a bit easier. I have researched well and found the top 3 brands that provide excellent speakers for motorcycle helmets. 

You can go through the websites of these brands to learn more about the products of these brands: 

  1. Sena:

Sena is not only famous for its exclusive helmets but also its high-quality speakers. It offers speakers that are compatible with helmets. A range of headsets and speakers are available in Sena. Each one of them has excellent features. You just need to handpick the one you like!

  1. UNCLEAR: 

Here is another brand that is trusted and reliable. This offers the newest models and designs of speakers that you can fix on your helmet and enjoy music, make calls, connect to riders, and do many other activities. Uclear never compromises with the quality.

  1. Lexin Moto USA: 

This brand manufactures premium quality speakers and headsets. It gives a lot of options and you can choose the one you are comfortable in. They offer good quality products at an affordable price. 

Are Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers Worth It?

Motorcycle helmets with speakers give you a top-notch riding experience. You would get to listen to music, hear GPS audio tracking, make and receive calls, and also connect to riders who are riding within a specific range. 

Communication and recreation become easier with motorcycle helmets with speakers. It also decreases the risk of accidents as you no longer need to use your phone and all the tasks can be done with a few clicks on the speaker. This means you can fully concentrate on your riding rather than browsing your phone. 

You can considerably upgrade your riding experience by having a motorcycle helmet with speakers. You may choose an inbuilt design, a wireless or a wired system; whichever you are comfortable in. 


Now you have a complete idea about types of speakers, price range, brands, and some other information that you need to know to make an informed decision. Now your task is to upgrade your riding quality by selecting the best speaker system that you prefer. 

You are just a step away from having the best ride! Get your speaker today, and enjoy your ride!

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