Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth: All You Need To Know.

Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Helmets are necessary for a safe and sound motorcycle ride. But is it enough to have a normal helmet? In today’s time, while people are upgrading their lifestyle, their choices are improving too. Taking me as an example, I used to use a normal helmet once. But now I can’t think of any other option better than my Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 

Day by day, riders like you and I are recognizing the significance of a tempting and thrilling motorcycle ride. And without a quality Bluetooth helmet, it is almost impossible. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet not only lets you enjoy a ride with music, podcasts, etc. but also allows you to talk, and listen to GPS directions just with a click on the device. 

However, due to the lack of awareness, and knowledge, many are lagging behind and hesitating to absorb the amazing riding aura with Bluetooth helmets. If you are one of them who is still confused about how a Bluetooth helmet can upgrade your riding, I am here to save your day. 

So, let’s start our detailed discussion about motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth:

Inbuilt Bluetooth Helmets Vs Intercom Mounting System:

There are two main types of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that you can choose from. I assume you do not have enough idea about these two types as in my initial stage, I was completely unaware of the differences between these two. I only came to know about these types after thorough research and testing various helmets. 

You need not worry as I would explain how inbuilt Bluetooth helmets are different from Intercom mounting systems. 

Inbuilt Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth that is attached permanently to the helmet. It is an integrated system that comes with the helmet. You just need to put on the helmet, switch on the Bluetooth, connect it with your phone, and you are all set to listen to music, have a call, hear GPS, etc. 

On the other hand, an intercom mounting system is an individual system that doesn’t come with the helmet. You need to purchase it separately and install it on the helmet. You can attach this system to any helmet of your choice, and connect it to your phone, and get the same benefits as a Bluetooth helmet. 

The major differences between inbuilt Bluetooth helmets and intercom mounting systems are mentioned in the chart below:

Difference ParametersInbuilt Bluetooth HelmetIntercom Mounting System
UsabilityEasy to use as no installation is requiredInstallation is required making the process longer and complex
Installation SystemPermanently installedCan be detached and attached to different helmets
PriceCostlier than intercom systemsCheaper than Inbuilt Bluetooth helmets
Wiring SystemWirelessBoth wired and wireless systems are available
AdaptabilityNot adaptable and can be used with a single helmet onlyAdaptable to almost any helmet

As you can see above, both the inbuilt Bluetooth system and the separate intercom systems have their own benefits. 

Most people prefer to have an inbuilt Bluetooth system as it can be used and operated easily. You don’t need to install it separately and you can work on it with some clicks only. The system is wireless and no extra work is required. However, these are expensive helmets. 

On the other hand, separate intercom systems are more adaptable as they can be installed in different helmets. Thus when it is time to change your helmet, you don’t need to invest in an expensive Bluetooth helmet as you already have an intercom system. More systems are wired. This is a cheaper option. 

Choose whichever you like!

6 Things To Consider While Buying A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

You have now learned about the two main types of Bluetooth helmets available. But there are many other parameters that are distinct in each helmet. There are multiple factors that you have to consider to get the best Bluetooth helmet.

A variety of Bluetooth helmet brands are there in the market. So how are you going to know which one is perfect for you? 

To help you decide, I am presenting 6 factors that I researched and considered before buying my Bluetooth helmet. Check these factors and select a helmet that matches these criteria:

1. Sound Quality:

Sound quality matters the most while buying a Bluetooth helmet. I would suggest getting a Bluetooth helmet with a noise cancellation system so that you can hear without any external disruption.

However, as it is important to be able to hear the horns and traffic sounds, you must adjust the volume according to your convenience. But the sound quality of the Bluetooth has to be clear so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Check reviews to get assurance about the quality. For a better decision, go to a shop and check the quality by yourself. 

2. Range:

Different Bluetooths have different intercom ranges. Some only have a range of 10-20meters, while some others have a range of 100-500 meters. Depending on your riding preference, you can choose the range. 

If you want to communicate with a passenger sitting right behind you, maybe your child or wife or anyone, a shorter range would work. But, if you are out with your friends riding on different motorcycles, you should buy a helmet that supports a larger range to get uninterrupted and seamless communication. 

3. Safety And Protection: 

No matter what, safety should be a priority while buying a helmet. Because we all wear helmets primarily to safeguard our head and face, right? So, you must look into the safety measures of the helmet. 

Check the outer shell and ensure that it is durable and long-lasting with abrasion resistance. The helmet should have safety foam pads inside so that your head doesn’t get any impact or shock during an accident or collision. Safety measures of the helmet should be top-notch. 

Face protection is another concern. Many people buy fashionable half-face or open-face helmets. But these are the best options for protecting your face from injuries, dirt, etc. I always suggest wearing a full-face helmet with an abrasion-resistant visor that would give full protection to your face. 

Therefore, consider the safety measures and face protection parameters before buying a helmet. 

4. DOT Certification:

This is a mark that you must not miss out on while buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Department of transportation certification means that the helmet has passed all the necessary safety criteria and is capable of safeguarding you from major injuries. Thus, to ensure that the helmet is safe, ensure that it is DOT certified. 

5. Comfort:

A  motorcycle helmet without comfort feels like a burden on the head. The comfort of the helmet may depend on various factors like the weight of the helmet, the inner pads, and the size. 

Helmets are available in different sizes and you must get the right size. Check the weight, and if it is too heavy, go for a lighter one. But remember that a moderately heavy helmet is good to keep your posture right and focused on riding.

Check the inner pads thoroughly and make sure that they are smoothly touching your head. Check the straps, check the fit, and ensure that it is comfortable to wear. you may also read the article about what kind of helmet do you need for a motorcycle.

6. Budget:

Budget is a huge concern as Bluetooth helmets are generally expensive. However, to get maximum support and benefits, you have to invest well. Also, if you are willing to communicate with others via the helmet, you must get Bluetooth helmets for others too, such as your family members. 

So, it is suggested to have an adequate budget so that you can get the best quality motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and get long-lasting benefits. 

How Much Does A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Cost?

If you are wondering or panicking about the price range of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, let me tell you that it is not too expensive than traditional helmets. Bluetooth helmets are expensive, indeed. But they are not extravagantly expensive.

It is a general misconception that people can’t afford Bluetooth helmets. Don’t worry; I was on the page once!

The truth is Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are available in the range of $150- $350. Amazing right? I was excited to learn that as I understood that I can afford it as it is not much costlier than the normal ones. 

Needless to say that the more expensive helmets you choose, the better quality and service you would get. Try to find a mid-range Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that would work well for some years if you don’t want to buy a high-range helmet. Remember that when prices vary, the longevity of the helmet varies too. 

How To Clean Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth? (The Easiest Way)

You need to maintain and clean your Bluetooth helmet regularly so that you can maintain the look and improve the longevity of the helmet. During rides, the helmet exterior and interior get exposed to rays, dirt, rain, stain, and pollution. 

These factors can damage the helmet in many ways. If you don’t keep the helmet clean, these factors would gradually discolor the helmet, cause rusting, and the functions may deteriorate. 

This is why cleaning is important to maintain the condition of the helmet. And trust me, cleaning a helmet is not hard at all. So, let me tell you the easiest way to clean your Bluetooth helmet

Step 1: Dry Clean The Helmet:

Firstly, you have to remove all the loose dirt that is there on the surface and inside the helmet. Use a microfiber cloth and neatly clean the surface. Then do dusting throughout the interior.

Inner paddings are most likely to catch and hold the dirt. So you need to dust the interior hard, as much as you can, to let the loose dirt go away. 

Step 2: Clean And Polish The Surface:

You just need a mild shampoo, a microfiber cloth, and a toothbrush for this step. Wet the microfiber cloth in warm water and wipe off the helmet surface. Now take some drops of shampoo and use the cloth to thoroughly clean the outer shell. This not only cleanses the surface but also polishes it and brings back the shine.

A toothbrush is needed to clean the corners. Bluetooth helmets have several vents, holes, and corners that should be cleaned thoroughly. Wet the brush a bit and rub the corners. Do the same for the corners inside the helmet. Click Here to know an Important guide.

Step 3: Wash The Inner Pads:

Most Bluetooth helmets have detachable inner pads. You simply need to take out the pads, keep them in warm soapy water for 30-60 minutes, and rinse them off with cold water.

Try rubbing the pads gently so that the stubborn dirt can come out. Cleaning the pads is necessary as they soak up sweat, stink, and catch dirt easily. So, clean it to give off a fresh smell and make them feel new. 

Dry the pads completely and put them back inside the helmet. 

Step 4: Dry The Helmet:

Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe off the extra water and bubbles from the surface of the helmet. Now the helmet should look like a new one; clean, polished, and glossy. 

Wipe off any extra water from each corner of the helmet, especially the area around the Bluetooth. 

Step 5: Clean The Vent:

I prefer pumping compressed air to the vent to let the dirt go away completely and easily. If you don’t have it, use a brush to thoroughly rub over the vents so that they become neat and clean again. 

Clean vents are necessary for better breathability and comfort. So don’t miss out on this step ever!

And yes, you are done with cleaning your Bluetooth helmet. It must be looking stunning all over again, right? I knew it!

What Are The Best Brands For Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth?

Many people may get puzzled while buying a Bluetooth helmet. If you are confused, you must go for brands that are trusted and reliable. Though many companies are making excellent Bluetooth helmets with the latest features, there are some brands that are always providing the best. 

If you are looking for a budget Bluetooth helmet, go for the brands like HJC, Bell, or Torc. These are brands that serve what they promise. They may have limited features but the service quality would be satisfactory. 

If you want to spend a bit more and are looking for some mid-range helmets, check out the helmets by ILM or Bilt. These brands offer Bluetooth helmets at the price of $200- $250. 

People who want to invest the most should go for brands like Sena, Klim, CrossHelmet, or Skully. These are top-notch brands that manufacture premium quality helmets with outstanding features and longevity.

Now you can choose any brand from these. 

Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Compatible?

If you are having an inbuilt Bluetooth helmet, you can’t use Bluetooth for any other helmet. The system is integrated and you can’t replace or detach it. But if you buy a separate intercom system, you can use it with almost any helmet. 

Inbuilt Bluetooth helmets are easily usable but this is a big issue that many may consider. If you want to use a single system on different helmets according to your preference, you have to go for an intercom mounting system. You can install the system in any helmet you want, and remove it when not required. 

Therefore, intercom mounting systems are compatible with many helmets but an inbuilt Bluetooth helmet is not. 

Are Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth Worth It?

Undoubtedly motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are worth it. In the era of communication and constant evolution, you can upgrade your riding experience only by having a Bluetooth helmet. 

Bluetooth helmets let you enjoy music, podcasts, and audio just with a click without browsing your phone. This is helpful for your safety as well. Because you can stay fully focused on the road and still play the music at the same time without any difficulty. 

Bluetooth helmets enable you to listen to GPS tracking. So you no more need to browse your phone to see the location. You can hear audio tracking and follow the directions. 

In addition, you can use a Bluetooth helmet to communicate with other riders whose helmets are paired with yours. You can connect to other riders within a specific range and seamlessly communicate with them. 

These amazing benefits are offered only by a Bluetooth helmet that you can’t get in any other helmet. Its exclusive features, usability, and benefits make it worth buying for a smooth and fun riding experience. 


Now, you know the various types of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, their benefits, how to choose the best helmet, and which brands to trust. You have gathered enough knowledge about motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, haven’t you?

So what is pulling you back from getting a brand new motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth? Get your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet today and set for an amazing and thrilling journey!

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