How to Sit On Motorcycle During Pregnancy?

How to Sit On Motorcycle During Pregnancy

Most people use bikes as their daily riding option because of their convenience and easy maintenance. Women find it as one of the most suitable vehicles to ride on the street and reach their destination such as offices, shops, or far places. But things do get complicated in pregnancy time. Many working women don’t have any other option without a scooter or bike to go to the office. So the question arises is riding a bike safe during pregnancy and if it is, how to sit properly on the bike during pregnancy time.

Riding a bike during pregnancy is safe as long as you are in the early stages and take proper protection with changing your sitting pattern. The thing is bikes don’t have seatbelts or bodies like cars so you are more exposed to road bumps, sudden hard brakes, and other physical injuries.  Following this article, there will be a proper discussion on how to sit and necessary precautions that should be taken while riding a motorcycle or scooter during pregnancy time.

What Should Be My Sitting Pattern On Motorcycle During Pregnancy:

When you ride a bike in pregnancy you will have to sit on the bike in a way that tests you and your baby from any unwanted dangers. The weight of the baby pulls you back while you sit. Here are some major sitting behaviors that you should follow while sitting on a bike.

  • Pay attention to your posture. You should sit in a way so that both hips support your weight distribution. keep your back straight.
  • Lean back your shoulders and head straight, form a 90-degree angle with your lower body.
  • If you are in the backseat try to set up a pillion before riding which will give you more straight support.
  • Keep both legs spread for comfort and grab both handles of the bike at a correct angle.
  • Head posture is also important. Don’t incline your head too much as it can block your sight and cause serious injuries.
  • If you are in the driving position, use some kind of support to lean back as it will ease out the pressure on your baby bump.

How Should I Drive Motorcycle On Road During Pregnancy:

Riding motorcycles is a completely different thing when you pass through the stage of pregnancy. You need to control your driving habits as well as the bike at this time. Also, there are some pre and post procedures that you will need to follow before you start the bike, starting from wearing the correct helmet to maintain bike speed, avoiding jerks, and keeping meds in bags. There are lots of things. Now I will discuss the driving procedure in some easy steps below.

10 Important Things to Follow While Driving Bike In Pregnancy:

While riding a bike in pregnancy you should follow these important things to avoid any kind of injuries and dangers as well as to maintain the safety of your baby and yourself.

1.Wear Helmet and Safeguards: The First and the most important thing before a bike ride is wearing a helmet and safeguards whether you are pregnant or not. The helmet will protect you from head crashes to an extent and safeguards will cover your body from injuries.

2. Avoid Kicking Engine Starter: En ne lever needs a lot of effort to kick which is hard and not suggested for you to try in pregnancy. Take the help of your partner or family, friends for this work. Kicking the lever with a force can be harmful to your pregnancy.

3. Keep Your Bike Speed In Check: An important thing while riding a bike in pregnancy is to keep your bike speed in check. Try to not push the speed you normally do.  Overspeed can cause you to lose control of your bike resulting in life-threatening incidents.

4. Cancel Long Rides For a While: Riding long distances with a motorcycle in pregnancy is not recommended. The more you sit with the baby bump the more it is going to hurt your back and raise your stress. Don’t ride places without necessity and if possible try using shortcuts on the road.

5. Bypass Crowded Places and Roads: The more you ride in crowded streets, the more chances are that you are going to face a lot of vehicles and people. Any dangerous incident can happen on a busy road. Visit places when the area is less crowded or ride early to avoid a collision. 

6. Be Slow On-Road Bumpers:  Road Bumpers help to control your bike speed. But passing over it with a high speed can give you an intense bumping shake. And that’s the thing you should avoid by riding at a slow speed while you cross the bumpers.

7. Follow Traffic Rules and Indication: Ride your bike according to proper traffic rules, don’t show any kind of overtaking tendency. Indicate your lights in the proper direction to avoid any kind of accidents.

8. Stay Hydrated and Keep Medicines: Staying hydrated  is important during pregnancy, when you ride take a bottle of water with you and keep important medkits with you for any kind of emergency

9. Take Help of Others While Riding If you are pregnant, driving a bike all by yourself can be stressful. Take the help of your partner or friends and relax in the backseat. Let your beloved people bring your important stuff

10. Don’t Drive Frequently In Pregnancy:  You should stay at home and take care of yourself rather than frequently going outside with a two-wheeler in pregnancy. If you are a working woman, try to take maternity leave from your working place for a while.

How Long Can I Ride On A Motorcycle During Pregnancy?

You can ride a motorcycle till you are in the first or secophasphase of pregnancy. Stop thinking about bikes or any other transport when you reach the last trimester of pregnancy as your body needs proper care and protection.

Can I Ride On The Back of A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Yes, you can sit on the back by maintaining proper sitting rules. Although riding a bike is not recommended during pregnancy but if it’s urgent try not to drive by yourself. For the safety of your bump, set up a pillion on the backside. That will give you more roaming space to move and keep your baby bump safe from any collision.

Can Bumpy Ride With Bike Affect Pregnancy?

Bumpy rides with bikes do not cause that much harm when you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. But as time passes and your body gets heavier it is wise to avoid any kind of bumps to avoid unwanted injuries.

Can My Sitting Position On A Bike Hurt My Baby?

You should maintain a proper posture while sitting on a bike during your pregnancy, otherwise it can hurt you and your baby in the long run. Sit with proper space, keep your knees spread and head straight. Don’t lean too much in front. 

Do Jerk or Bumping During Bike Riding Cause Miscarriage?

Not actually.  A belly bump is a strong proctor that saves the child from unwanted bumping or shaking. During the first part of pregnancy, jerks are ok. However, precautions should be taken in the last stage of pregnancy.

Final Words :

Riding your bike during pregnancy is ok and safe if you are in the early stages and follow all the rules of riding a bike during pregnancy. However, you should not take any risk of riding a bike in the last stage and give time to yourself and your upcoming beautiful baby.

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