How To Rent A Motorcycle? [A Complete Guideline]

How To Rent A Motorcycle

Those who don’t have motorcycles can legally rent from a rental company. There are so many big and small motorcycle rental companies available across the USA. Motorcycle rental companies provide both online and offline booking services. 

I’ve around 10 years of working experience in the motorcycle rental industry. Based on my practical knowledge, here I’ve written a complete guideline about how to rent a motorcycle. 

4 Steps To Rent A Motorcycle:

Follow these simple 4 steps to rent a motorcycle. 

1. Select A Motorcycle:

The renting process of a motorcycle begins with the selection. In the first step, you are required to choose the best possible motorcycle for your journey. You’ll find many types of motorcycles in a motorcycle rental company. They have specific motorcycles for the streets, off-roads, tracks, downhill, or mountain riding.

From these available options, you just need to select which motorcycle you want for your trip. If your upcoming trip is on the countryside roads, choose such motorcycles specially made for off-road riding.

2. Read The Terms And Conditions:

Honestly speaking, it is the most crucial part of the renting agreement. Before finalizing the motorcycle booking, you must read all the terms and conditions of the rental company. Carefully read the insurance coverage, return policies, payment methods, packages rates, restrictions, and other terms. Directly ask the rental company if any points aren’t clear to you. 

3. Complete The Payment And Booking:

By completing the payment, you ensure the booking of rented motorcycles. For online payment, you require credit or debit cards to complete the procedures. Make sure you have sufficient balance in the cards. You also complete the payment procedure in cash by physically going to the motorcycle rental company’s office.

4. Take Charge Of Selected Motorcycle:

After completing paperwork, the rental company will provide you with the motorcycle that you booked and its helmet. You are never allowed to ride a rented motorcycle without a helmet because of insurance reasons. 

If you have a passenger with you, you require to rent an extra helmet for him/her, and it’ll cost around $10 per day. Those renters who don’t have the proper motorcycle safety gear can rent it too from the same rental company. 

What Are The Requirements For Renting A Motorcycle? 

The process of renting a motorcycle is almost similar to renting a car. For renting a motorcycle from a rental company, you must fulfill all their requirements. Undoubtedly, a driving license is the most vital document in this process. You need to submit a valid driving license with a motorcycle riding.

A larger number of motorcycle renters give their booking online. For online booking, you require an online payment card. Make sure your card has sufficient balance to complete the payment procedures.

Those from outside of the USA require their passport or a valid ID document for renting motorcycles. In the USA, almost every motorcycle rental company accepts international tourist’s home countries’ driving licenses. But, those countries’ driving licenses are not written in English, for them an international driving permit (IDP) is needed.

If your age is under 18, it may be difficult for you to manage a rented motorcycle. The majority of motorcycle rental companies don’t allow learner motorcycle riders to give rent. Because inexperienced and minor motorcycle riders often damage the rented motorcycles and cause accidents.

So, the requirements for renting a motorcycle are:

  • National ID Card.
  • Driving License With the rating.
  • Online Payment Card.
  • International Driving Permit. ( For The International Tourists)

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Motorcycle?

Motorcycle rentals are not the same for Florida and California. There is a slight difference in motorcycle rentals across the United States. Fully loaded cruisers and big bore motorcycles are costly to rent than a smaller normal type motorcycle. Similarly, the renting cost of a motorcycle varies from October to February and March to September.

Here, through a table, I’ll give you a basic idea of the overall motorcycle rentals cost of the USA:

Approximate Motorcycle Renting Cost In Between October-February:

Motorcycle BrandsPer Day Cost For 14+ Days RentingPer Day Cost For 8-13 Days RentingPer Day Cost For 3-7 Days RentingPer Day Cost For 1-2 Days RentingWaiver Exposure Limit For Level 2 DamageWaiver Exposure Limit For Level 1 Damage
Suzuki DL650 V-Strom$70$75$85$100$1,250$2,500
BMW F 750 GS$80$85$95$120$1,500$3,000
BMW F 850 GS$105$110$120$140$1,500$3,000
BMW F 1200 GS$125$135$145$160$2,000$4,000
BMW F 1250 GS$125$135$145$160$2,000$4,000

Approximate Motorcycle Renting Cost In Between March-September:

Motorcycle BrandsPer Day Cost For 14+ Days RentingPer Day Cost For 8-13 Days RentingPer Day Cost For 3-7 Days RentingPer Day Cost For 1-2 Days RentingWaiver Exposure Limit For Level 2 DamageWaiver Exposure Limit For Level 1 Damage
Suzuki DL650 V-Strom$100$115$125$140$1,250$2,500
BMW F 750 GS$120$130$140$160$1,500$3,000
BMW F 850 GS$140$150$160$180$1,500$3,000
BMW F 1200 GS$150$160$170$200$2,000$4,000
BMW F 1250 GS$150$160$170$200$2,000$4,000

Every motorcycle rental company has their own packages for the clients. Some of them also offer various discounts for senior citizens, auto club members, law or military enforcement, or other categories. 

Hence, rent a motorcycle under your budget and requirements to enjoy the trip. Don’t forget to check the rental company discount offers while renting a motorcycle.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Motorcycle Renter?

Motorcycle renters also have some responsibilities to the rented motorcycles and the rental company. These are the primary responsibilities: 

Well Maintenance:

As a renter, you should maintain the rental company’s motorcycle correctly. When you take the rent, that means the motorcycle is now your responsibility. You should ride this rented motorcycle carefully, change the fuel, fill the tank with the right fuels, lubricate the chain, and other parts. 

So, always take care of the rented motorcycle. If you’re not used to the regular maintenance of a motorcycle, nothing to worry about. Read my previous written article and follow those tips that I discussed there.

Wearing Proper Gear:

Motorcycle renters are bound to wear the proper gear during riding. They should mandatorily wear motorcycle helmets, boots, gloves, Protective Clothing, and other gear. These proper gears protect the riders from serious injuries. 

Obey The Traffic Rules:

You must obey the traffic rules while you drive any vehicle on public streets or highways. Generally, it is expected that motorcycle renters have basic knowledge of the state traffic rules. 

As a renter, it’s your responsibility to know the state’s complete motorcycle traffic rules where you will ride the motorcycle. You should strictly be following the crosswalks, speed limits, curb colors, parking, and all the other traffic rules correctly to avoid hefty fines or jail. 

Respectful To The Rental Companies’ Terms And Conditions:

Motorcycle rental companies have their own terms and conditions, and that separates from one to another. You should read all the terms and conditions carefully before renting motorcycles from a rental company. During the renting periods, as a renter, be respectful to the rental companies terms and conditions.

Ensure The Security:

You also need to ensure the security of your rented motorcycle. Usually, the USA’s most part is safe for storing a motorcycle at any time. But still, I suggest you keep the whole focus on security, especially at night. Because if somehow you loose the rented motorcycle, you have to pay an enormous amount of money as an indemnification.

What Is Peer-To-Peer Motorcycle Renting? 

Nowadays, peer-to-peer motorcycle rental methods are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. In this method, rental companies work as a medium between the motorcycle owner and the renter. Read the below example to clearly understand this new motorcycle rental method.

Suppose Mr. A is an owner of a motorcycle, but he occasionally uses it. Most of the time, his bike remains at home. In Mr. A’s localities, there is a motorcycle rental company named ‘Choose Your Motorcycle.’ This company contacts with Mr. A and gives him a proposal for providing rent for his motorcycle. 

According to their offer, if Mr. A wants to rent his motorcycle, they’ll place it on their platform. If any customer wants to rent Mr. A’s motorcycle, then the company will get a commission for this deal. 

As this example shows, rental companies gather the list of those owners who agree to rent their motorcycles. Then create platforms such as online apps or websites where they place those motorcycles. 

And finally, as a potential renter, you can search the rental companies creating a platform for an available motorcycle. Here motorcycle rental companies are like a broker who collects the commission.

Peer-to-peer motorcycle rental methods are beneficial for motorcycle owners, renters, and rental companies. In this structure, anyone with a motorcycle can earn extra money by giving rent when he/she is not using it. It ensures the vast collections of motorcycles available for the renters at an affordable price.

In the same way, the peer-to-peer motorcycle rental system brings an opportunity for rental companies to start their business even though they don’t have any motorcycles. For renting, you need to visit a third-party rental company’s website or app. From there, choose an available motorcycle and then do the formalities to get it.

Is There Any Money Cuts For Cancelling A Motorcycle Rent?

Sometimes, unexpected things happen, and despite reluctance, you need to cancel the reservation of motorcycle renting. Those who are going to rent a motorcycle in the USA should know the overall policy of this industry.

You’ll be charged extra money for canceling the rentals, late submitting, or damaging any parts. Most rental companies keep security deposits from the clients before issuing them a motorcycle. After submitting the rental motorcycle, you’ll be returned the security deposit money.  

30%-60% money may be cut for the cancellation of a motorcycle rental. If you inform the rental company earlier, they may cut less percentage of money for cancellation of the reservation. In motorcycles’ late submission, rental companies are generally charged around $20 per hour.

The overall motorcycle renting policies, charging, and the money cut amount varies from rental company to company. When you don’t understand the rental company policy clearly, then it may cause misunderstanding. That’s why in my opinion, it is ideal to discuss all of these matters with the rental company before renting a motorcycle from them.

How Far In Advance Should You Book A Motorcycle Rental? 

Simply, it’s unpredictable and largely depends on your choosing a rental company. Suppose, you’re choosing a popular rental company and that has huge demands in the market. In that case, it’s tougher to get a motorcycle from them without advance booking. Generally, you may face unavailable stock issues in the vacation periods for the last moment of motorcycles renting. 

Short-time scarcity is also created in the market during the time of a rally or roadshow event. For avoiding all of these hassles, I recommend you book a motorcycle rental at least one month earlier before your trip.

Can You Rent A Motorcycle For A Track Day?

I have a few friends who participate in different motorcycle race tracks regularly. The interesting thing is that they don’t have any personal motorcycles. So, how do they manage motorcycles for racing? Obviously, they rent it.

In the USA, many rental companies give rent suitable motorcycles for the tracks. From them, you can rent any motorcycle which is perfect for your upcoming track. The track motorcycle renting policy is different from trip renting. 

What If Your Rented Motorcycle Breaks Down? 

If an accident happens while riding a rented motorcycle, don’t panic. Take a first aid and then inform the rental company as early as possible. Motorcycle rental companies always provide an emergency contact number to their renter. When you contact them on this number, they’ll help you by giving the proper guidelines.

Due to an accident, if you break any parts of a rented motorcycle, the rental company will help you by sending their staff mechanic or providing the address of their servicing workshop that is closest to you. The compensation will be imposed according to the motorcycle rental companies’ terms and conditions

Restrictions For The Motorcycle Renters:

In the terms and conditions papers, you’ll find the paragraph about the restrictions. By reading this paragraph, you can easily understand what you’re not allowed to do with rental motorcycles. 

Motorcycle rental companies listed different types of restrictions for renters. However, the common restrictions are:

  • Renters are not allowed to ride the rented motorcycle outside of the USA’s borders. But, if renters have special permission and agreement with the rental company, then they can.
  • Street motorcycles aren’t permitted to ride on uneven, sandy, or off-roads.
  • Renters can’t bear illegal drugs or things in the rented motorcycles.
  • Renters are prohibited from using the motorcycle for unlawful activities such as terrorism or kidnapping. 
  • Motorcycle rental companies also set mileage limits for the renters unless you purchase their unlimited mileage package.

Final Few Words:

Follow my guidelines completely to grab the perfect motorcycle renting deal for you. Let me know in the comment box below if you’ve any further queries.

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