How To Practice Riding A Motorcycle Without A motorcycle?

How To Practice Riding A Motorcycle Without A motorcycle

Are you crazy about riding a motorcycle? Unfortunately, you don’t have a motorcycle. Don’t be shy! As a professional rider, I know how to practice motorcycle riding when anyone doesn’t own one.  

In today’s article, I’m going to break down everything related to the topic. Let’s read this whole article once. 

5 Ways To Ride Motorcycle When You Don’t Own One: 

In my point of view, there are 5 different ways of riding a motorcycle when you don’t own one. These are listed below one by one. Let’s look at a glance. 

1. Rent A Motorcycle: 

You have no motorbike, yet you are willing to ride on a bike. In this case, renting a motorcycle can be a good option for you.

There are different types of motorbike rental services across the globe. but in most cases, you must follow some guidelines including wearing DOT-compliant helmets and other safety equipment. You need a driving license to prove that you can ride a motorbike before renting one. 

In America, you must have a driving license with a minimum age (21 years) to be able to rent a bike.  In some cases, you may need to show your experience with motorcycles as rental conditions.

Renting a motorbike means bringing some money out of your pocket. But, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can borrow a bike from your friend or neighbor.

2. Borrow One From Your Friend:

If you are not prepared or not willing to pay for renting a bike, you can ask someone like your friend to help you in practicing to allow you his or her motorbike, even if you don’t have a license or endorsement.

You need to be extra cautious while practicing with your friend’s motorbike as riding is always risky, and you might fall in an accident, damage the motorcycle, or get injured. You shouldn’t move too fast or ignore your instructor’s direction.

You shouldn’t practice motorcycle riding on your own. Get in touch with someone who has experience in riding a bike for years. He or she can explain the mechanism of the motorcycle and find your mistakes easily and assist you to correct them while practicing.

You must have the patience to learn and importantly be extra alert! I repeat riding is not a joke, take it seriously.

3. Join The MSF Courses:

Before going to move the wheel on an open highway, you should first enroll in a motorcycle safety course as you are a novice in riding and yet to know about riding proficiently. 

The course is designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for the freshers or someone who may not have ridden yet. The MSF course consists of 8-10 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of practical riding to prepare you for your motorcycle riding license.

After completion of the course, you may get motorcycle driving insurance at a deduction cost. The course may be required to get your driving license depending on your state rules and age.

Before getting enrolled in the course, you can visit MSF’s official website to know road rules, basic ideas, and your suitable location to take the courses.

4. Ride A Bicycle:

Riding a bicycle is not mandatory for riding a motorbike, but certainly beneficial. If you are shy about learning to ride a motorbike, then I would recommend you learn to ride a bicycle first. 

Motorcycle riding is certainly more complicated than bicycle riding. You need to have full control over the clutch and the throttle while riding a motorbike but these are not required for a bicycle. On a bicycle, you need to give extra effort by pedaling too fast to increase your speed enough to cause an accident. But on a motorcycle, you need just swipe your finger/ wrist placement to accelerate immediately to an unmanageable speed. Which is the potential to cause an accident or fall.

But riding a bicycle helps you to learn about balancing the bike. It is important to have a proven sense of balance to roll the bike’s wheel. Balancing sense will reduce a big difficulty for a novice rider. Bicycle riding experience will familiarize you with low-speed steering and braking, though the braking system can be a little different.

It doesn’t mean that you can never learn to ride a motorbike without riding the bicycle first, but certainly, the bicycle riding experience will help you to practice motorbike riding.

5. Ride A Dirt Bike:

Dirt bike riding can be another great option for you if you don’t own a motorcycle. 

Riding a dirt bike can help you to improve your street motorcycle riding skills, such as turning and accelerating the bike. It is said that one can learn in some months of dirt bike riding what one can learn in years of riding a general street motorbike. because the vehicle is more flexible and easier to control than street motorcycles.

Novice and experienced bike riders both can benefit from learning dirt bike riding. They can boost their control power, precision, and performance before hitting highway roads.

Dirt bike riding will strengthen your visual skills. Dirt bikes usually ride on an off road track which is much more unpredictable than highway streets. There are many barriers, such as potholes, tree roots, and lots of sand in your pathway. Riding a dirt bike will strengthen your visual skills and awareness and also Improve Your Endurance.

Do I Need To Have A License To Ride Other’s Motorcycle? 

As I said earlier, you just need a riding license or endorsement before you want to rent a motorbike or ride someone else’s motorbike. Riding without a license is a punishable offense in most cases.

To get your riding license, you have to go through a written and practical riding test to prove you are fit to move the wheel, and you know about the rules! The whole assessment process can normally be taken on the same day. 

As you are a beginner and know almost nothing about riding, you have to enroll in a professional riding course like the MSF course first to learn how to ride by paying some money. But, if you are not ready to pay money for a professional riding course, you can learn motorcycle riding with the help of your expert friend or someone who can teach you how to ride. 

Final Verdict: 

Finally, Motorcycle riding is not so easy, it’s severely risky. So be extra alert constantly and ride politely! Wear helmets and safety equipment. Don’t run too fast, be careful of your surroundings, and don’t do stupidity like race with other vehicles on the highways. This may end up ending your life!

Once you’ve boiled you on a riding motorbike, you can go and dare travel miles to explore nature!

Mahbobur Rahman

Mahbobur Rahman is a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and share his experience with others. He has learned a lot from his own experience and wants to help others do the same. If it's your first time on a motorcycle or you're looking to improve your skills, Then Candy Outdoor is the right solution for you.

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