How To Get A Motorcycle Racing License?

How To Get A Motorcycle Racing License

A motorcycle is a tool to the learner, a friend for a biker, and a lover for the racer. A racer is someone who enjoys the thrill of speed and uses it safely to astonish others through his skills. A racer is not a usual racer. Speed is his friend. He can turn the air into dust like it’s nothing and cuts through with his motorcycle expertise.

Anyone and everyone cannot be a racer. And everyone should not try to be one all of a sudden. It takes learning, development, and most of all, skills. So, if you want to be a racer then you should start following these simple steps:

6 Steps To Get A Motorcycle Racing License: 

These 6 steps will help you to get the motorcycle racing license in no time. Let’s look at a glance. 

Step 1: Go to the track

If you are interested in motorcycle racing, then what are you waiting for? Get up and start joining the watchers’ crowd of racing bikes. Washington, New York, Millville, MN everywhere on the race tracks American Motorcycle Association AMA Motocross is happening. Check out their schedule available for this year. Whichever area is nearby you, you should step up and go there to see what the racing is all about from the front viewer’s line.

People even spend 6 hours driving every weekend on average to come from different states to see the racing motorcycles on the track. And finding your local track can help you join the track far more easily than you can imagine.

Step 2: Find A Racer School

Although even if you think you need special characters to get into motorcycle racing, then you are wrong. You need to take training. For this, you should find out about your local racing school. You don’t need to have any track records either because your racing school will be helping you on all that matters.

The school may schedule according to their timing on a selected area. Keep your eyes open to find out the schedule perfect for you to go and join the school. 

Step 3: Upgrade Your Bike If Needed

Please look for the best bike you may use for the race you are craving. If your bike does not match the need for the race, you should upgrade your bike. Although it sounds expensive, it is actually very easy.

Step 4: Gears For Your Motorcycle

Racing with a motorcycle requires special gears as it is not done on an open road with traffic signals. You must always start your racing with proper gear. Because you know – safety first! 

Here is a list of gears you may need for your first step of learning motorcycle racing:

Helmet – Full Face Helmet

Just know that this is the most important body gear when it comes to motorcycle racing. As World Health Organization’s statistics show that the head injuries occurring from motorcycle racing can be very critical and the fatality rate is 75%, you should be extra careful to buy the best gear possible when it comes to your head.

Even if the budget you have does not match the best helmet, you should wait for a few days and buy the right one. Why this helmet is so important that you will find on the track. Maybe you will thank me later for saving your life.

The motorcycle helmet must have a good ventilation system so that the air can be circulated easily through the vents. Otherwise, you may feel suffocated in the long run.

Another matter on the size of the helmet is that it should be fitting on your head. Not smaller, not bigger. You must spend quality time to find the right gear for you. Because the racers say it is the helmet that may get the head dizzy if it does not fit perfectly. So, you should find the right fit for your head.

Snell M2005 or Dot marking, as well as ECE R22-05, are the best markings for motorcycle helmets to be used in racing.

Gloves –Dirt Bike Gloves

You must have a pair of dirt bike gloves as a safety gear tool so that your racing becomes smoother. Motocross gloves are available everywhere. The clothing is breathable and pretty good fabrics are used. If you need an extra layer of protection, then you should choose the thick ones. Don’t be low on budget and buy some bad gloves.

As you have thought, this safety gear is far more different than normal boots. They have ergonomically shaped with good materials and they save your feet while you are in on for racing. 

The boots must fit perfectly. Otherwise, you will face huge problems while you are on track. The boots must prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion because if not then you will not be able to move your feet freely and the entire racing may be ruined. You must be careful and budget to get the boots best for you.

Jerseys and Pants

Motocross jerseys and pants are recommended. They can save your skin from sunburn and sudden skin injuries while you are on track. These jerseys have good fabrics and they can help you always to keep yourself on track and in check.

But just like the boots and helmet, you must find the perfect fit, otherwise, they may ruin your entire experience on the racing track.


First, you must check if your googles have anti-fogging ventilation. If it does then look for large lenses because they can enhance your peripheral vision which is very important on track.

The goggles can save your eyes from harm, so it is essential to choose only the good ones.

Knee Protectors and Elbow Guards – Save Your Joints

Knee protectors and elbow guards are the most important tool even in bike racing. For motorcycles, their importance is a thousand times higher. If you are going on tracks then you should not wait but find the right knee and elbow guards right now. 

The guards must be strong and shapely but you should look out for those which are lightweight. Otherwise, you may find it a problem in the track to move. 

If you are using good gears then the racing will be smoother and less risky.

Another thing, the shells of these gears can be soft or hard, you must find the lightweight ones whether they are soft or hard. 

Body Armor – Protects Your Torso

Roost protector chest protector – you may get two types of protectors to choose from when you are looking to save your torso. We recommend Body Armor rather than a rooster protector as it gives you a better chance to save yourself when a heavy injury may occur.

Additional Gears For Extra Leverage

Additional gears include palm protectors, handguards, socks, and shorts specially made for racing. With these extra gears, you may find yourself in a better position than the fellow racers.

You should attend the racing school seriously. The school can help you to learn practical racing knowledge to gain experience in the field. In this way, you are going to be the hero on the road without sweat. 

The school offers mock races at different tracks from time to time. We recommend using your safety gear while racing anywhere.

Step 5: Ask For License And Receive

At this point, you must be ready to go on the streets and try your racing charisma? If you are, then you need to attend the street-racing test.

First, there is a written test you must attend. Then you must pass the racing track mock test. If you do, you may get the license without any delay.

Getting into the racing through AMA Licensing

American Motorcyclist Association has 200 schools all over the country. They are offering the best racing all over the states. In 1971, at Daytona International Speedway, AMA started motocross on a temporary track. That’s all it took. Racing became so fun that many racers are taking it as their career to learn and teach racing as their legacy.

While the racing was held far away from normal traffic and people, Daytona Motocross brought it to people in the streets who can watch and enjoy the thrill.

After that, Motocross was taken to stadiums in different states and gained far more popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s. You can get your racing career through AMA and be comfortable about it. For this, you should follow the steps:

Join AMA

You should join AMA at first. As for safer racing, this non-profit organization requires support from everyone in the local area. You should join AMA at first and then get into racing with them.

Find Your Eligibility

Find where you are standing right now by following the 2019 AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook. There are a lot of differences between the beginners and you can find out which class you belong to. 

Make Your Bike Legal For Competition

After you become a member of the American Motorcyclist Association, you must hold an AMA/FIMNA road racing license to join any of the racing. To make your bike legal on road, you must follow the steps smoothly-

Find your AMA Licensing eligibility by going through the classification criteria and finding out which is the best for you. There are nine classifications till now for AMA classification. They are Superbike, Superbike Cup, Stock 1000, Supersport, Twins Cup, Junior Cup, Mini Cup, Heritage Cup & Baggers.  Baggers are the starting in up-gradation from being just a rider towards being a racer.

The age limit is a minimum of 18 and it can go to 50-55 depending on the classifications. Changing the classification can be done afterward if found eligible and the racer applies for it.

Now, let’s see what we need to do next.

Next, you must fill out the questionnaire to submit where you belong and then get the numbers according to the assessment. Every class has its criteria for the digit of numbers to be obtained. 

You can follow the criteria and get the number, from single-digit to three-digit. This national number must be retained by you which you will be notified of beforehand. This number will appear on your license when the license is processed.

The Licensing by AMA takes around 10 days.

Step 6: Meaning Of Numbers:

There are different meanings of numbers on the licensing by AMA.

Three-Digit Number:

Three-digit numbers are reserved for Superbike, Supersport, or Junior Cup License earners but these are not rational numbers. The two-digit numbers are national numbers but should be three-digit by AMA for eligibility to be in these three types of racing.

Two-Digit National Number:

Two-Digit License Numbers are National Numbers for eligible competitors in the racing. They have taken part in a minimum of three races. For Superbike, Supersport, Junior Cup, and Mini Cup Riders retaining two-digit numbers is a must. 

Even Non-USA national championship winners can have two-digit racing numbers by AMA as a permanent rider.

Single Digit National Number:

The single Digit National Number is a reserved licensing number by AMA. 

Superbike, Supersport, Stock 1000, Junior Cup, and Mini Cup are the competitions associated with a single-digit number.

Only the national champions of these competitions can have license number 1. And he or she can keep the number until he or she is no longer number 1 in the national championship in any of the competitions. This is very important and prideful for the license holder.

Every one of the riders must apply for the license according to the criteria.

After the assessment, the license can be obtained by you. 

Join The Racing

After obtaining the license, you are completely ready to take the first step to join the racing event. For this, you should find the schedule of AMA and see which one is near you and just join.

If you are a motorcycle lover and wish to move into the world of motorcycle racing looking for the single-digit number plate, then you have come to the right place. Follow our blogs and see if you are up to it and move with your heart and your beloved motorcycle.

Final Verdict: 

I hope you have learned How to get a motorcycle racing license without taking extra hassle. Now let me know if you have any more questions about getting a motorcycle racing license. I’ll try to reply to you as early as possible. 

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