How to Detangle Hair After Motorcycle Ride?

How to Detangle Hair After Motorcycle Ride

If you are someone who rides motorcycles on the streets a lot, maybe tangled hair is a daily problem for you. You are in a fix how to remove these tangled knots of hair and looking for some natural remedies to detangle it just after your bike ride. If that is so, it’s the perfect writing for you to follow as I am going to discuss some effective and natural ingredients as well as the steps of using them on your hair which can detangle your hair and keep it silky smooth for a long period.

Tangled hair is inevitable when you frequently use a bike for transport. The main reasons why hair gets tangled during a motorcycle ride are pollution and dirt of the street, muds, sands, weather,  dust particles, and many other chemicals present in the air. Using a helmet for a long time clusters the hair in a small place resulting in hair tangling too. 

What Problems Are Created By Tangled Hair :

Tangling damages your hair in a lot of ways. It twists one hair with another and creates a mess that is hard to fix. If you try to fix it with a comb, it gives you a lot of pain. Some of the problems caused by the tangled head are :

  • Sticky hair
  • Shafts on hair
  • Loss of moisture
  • Dryness
  • Hair loss
  • Scalp dandruff

What Ingredients Can I Use to Detangle My Hair Easily : 

There are plenty of products available in your home that can detangle hair and take care of it naturally. You can go for an aftermarket sprayer or detangler but these things are much safer for your skin and hair. Some of the ingredients that you can use as a detangler are : 

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Olive /Coconut/Almond/Vitamin E oil
  • Honey
  • Marshmallow
  • Yogurt
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Egg white and yolks
  • Banana

So you got the name of the ingredients. Now let’s see how to use each of them, in what measurements you should take each of them, making and applying procedures. Alongside these, all you need is a comb, water,  towel, and your fingers. 

5 Natural Remedies to Detangle Your Hair After A Motorcycle Ride :

1. Aloe Vera And Vitamin E Mixture: 

Aloe vera is an incredible plant that makes your hair stronger from the roots of skin and takes care of the head scalp. It is very effective to remove all the tangling problems from your hair when applied with vitamin e. Follow these steps to detangle your hair with aloe vera 

  • Take a slice of aloe vera. Cut the green parts off from the top and down to extract the gel. 
  • Now take the gel in a blending machine and add vitamin e oil. 
  • Blend it thoroughly to make a smooth paste. 
  • Apply the paste gently all over your hair. Use fingers to spread it inside to untie knots. Wait for an hour. 
  • Wash your hair with a conditioner and comb.  

2. Use Natural Oils for Detangling :

Oil lubricates your dry and messy hair and helps to detangle all the knots with your fingers easily. You can use olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, or any essential oil to enrich your hair with nutrition and strength. Let’s see how you can apply the oil on your hair to untie all knots:

  • Remove any dry particle or dust from your hair
  • Pour oil into one hand and rub both hands.
  • Now apply oil on your hair with hand fingers. 
  • Start from the bottom and gradually go up. apply thoroughly on messy areas.
  • Let your dry hair soak the oil. You should give your hair rest for an hour.
  • Now wash your hair with water and shampoo. You can use a conditioner too. 
  • Take a towel or blower to dry your hair completely and brush with a comb. 

3. Honey And Shea Butter : 

Honey and shea butter are two natural ingredients that work magically to detangle your hair easily. You can use any kind of honey for hair detangling but make sure the honey is pure. Go to the following steps when you have these two items : 

  • Take 3 tbsp of honey with 2 tbsp of shea butter in a cup,  heat the mixture, and make it a little warm.
  • Spray water on your hair to make it a little wet. Now use fingers to untie big knots. When you are done, use clips to divide hair into parts. 
  • Now take the open part of the hair and generally massage the mixture of warm honey and butter. Apply more on the lower parts of hair as these areas get tangled mostly. 
  • Leave your hair for some hours and wash it thoroughly with hair cleaners. 
  • Use a dry towel to soak water from your hair. Use a comb to brush and you have a detangled hair now. 

4. Yogurt And Banana :

Applying yogurt gives your hair many benefits. Protein and lactic acid of yogurt work as a detangler, hair strengthener, hydrate, and conditioner. Bananas contain potassium and other ingredients that make your hair elastic naturally. So combining these two items will give you an even better result. See the applying process. 

  • Take 6 tbsp or 100g of yogurt and slice a banana. Take these two in a mixture and form a smooth paste.
  • Wet your hair with water or a towel. Now you can use a detangler spray or use fingers to untie knots of hair. Then apply the paste all over your hair. Let it dry properly and wash it with shampoo or conditioner. Use a comb to form a straight line of hairs without messiness. 

5. Egg And Marshmallow for Knotless Hair :

Eggs come with protein and vitamins that are essential nutrients for hair. And marshmallows contain slippery substances like mucilage which act as a natural conditioner to untie knots. Create an egg marshmallow hair mask and apply it over your knots. Here is how you do it:

  • Take a whole egg and scramble it properly to make it smooth. 
  • Boil marshmallow roots, simmer, and strain the water. Let it cool completely. 
  • Now put egg and marshmallow water together and mix.
  • Use this mixture as you applied all the previous remedies. Wet hair, detangle, apply and wash with conditioners, and comb lastly. 

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Detangling Hair? 

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties and is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Using vinegar can give you healthy detangled hair. However, acids make your hair dry if you use it frequently. So try apple cider vinegar occasionally.

How Can I Stop Hair Tangling Under Bike Helmet? 

Before you start a bike ride,  use moisturizers over your hair and tie smaller braids. This will prevent your hair from getting messy. Use a bandana or scarf to cover your hair and then put on the helmet. This will prevent your hair from any kind of dust and pollution. 

What Is The Ideal Condition to Detangle Hair? 

The ideal condition to detangle hair is always when your hair is wet. Never try to detangle or remove knots when your hair is dry. This will break the hair and you may face the problem of hair loss and scalp pain. 

What Are the Best Ways to Remove Tangling  Of Curly Hair? 

Curly hairs are shaped in a way that it faces the knots and tangles more. The detangling process for both straight and curly hair is almost the same, however, you can use a hair straightener for curly hair to keep them straight and knot-free for a long period.

Can I Use a Beanie While On a Bike to Stop Tangling? 

Wearing Beanies is a good way to protect your hair from road dust while you are riding a bike. Dust is the main reason why you get messy hairs. But keeping a beanie all day long may make your hair dry and moisture less. 

What Is The Alternative of Beanie And Bandana to Cover Hair In Motorcycles? 

A hair wrapper is a good choice if you don’t want to wear a beanie under your helmet. Wrappers keep your hair structure straight and don’t allow any knot to form. So using a wrapper can be useful for you. 

Final Words : 

Tangled hair is a common problem among bike riders and takes time to get fixed. By using some effective natural ingredients and following some small tips, hair tangling problems can be minimized to give you a stress-free ride next time.

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