How To Clean Motorcycle Exhaust? [A Detailed Guide]

How To Clean Motorcycle Exhaust

Cleaning motorcycle exhaust can be both exhausting and perplexing. Both for new motorcycle buyers and regular users, cleansing the motorcycle exhaust is a difficult task to accomplish. However, it is important to keep the exhaust pipe clean for smooth functioning.

Though difficult, knowing certain tactics and easy ways can guide you through the cleaning process. As it is really crucial to keep the exhaust pipe clean, these simple techniques can help you out.

Moving forward, the article would emphasize the importance of cleaning exhaust pipes and how to clean motorcycle exhaust in the simplest possible way. So hang on there!

Let us now explore the ways of getting through the challenging task of motorcycle exhaust. Shall we?

3 Easy Techniques To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust:

By now, you know that exhaust pipes are important for your motorbike to function well. A dusty or clogged exhaust pipe would disrupt the smooth functioning of the motorcycle. Thus cleaning exhaust pipes is necessary. 

But how do you do that? It may seem quite difficult to clean the bent and shaped pipes at home. However, you’d be glad to know that you can simply do that at home only by just following 3 easy techniques. 

Moreover, it would be affordable and less problematic for you to clean motorcycle exhaust pipes at home as you won’t need to take the bike to the mechanic.

Are you ready to know the motorcycle exhaust pipe cleaning steps? Let’s start:

1. Safety First:

Before learning how to clean motorcycle exhaust, you need to prepare first. You would need some acidic and harsh chemicals to remove the hard debris stuck in the pipes. Therefore, safety measures should be taken before cleaning.

Make sure to wear hand gloves before you start the procedure. Wear goggles so that no chemical accidentally goes into your eyes. Don’t forget to put on a mask as it would prevent you from inhaling the toxic gases resulting from chemical reactions.

Also, choose a wide and open area for cleaning. This would make the task easier as inside a room, it could be exhausting to carry out the process.

Last but not least, learn how to remove the exhaust pipes from the motorbike. You can go through the manual or guidebook that comes with the motorbike. The procedure is different for different bike models. However, if you want a basic idea, click here and check out the video.

2. Using Caustic Soda:

Let’s start with the easy option. Caustic soda is an excellent agent that can clean out the dirt and stains from the exhaust pipes and make it ready-to-use again. However, don’t expect a shiny finish with this product. It is suitable to remove the dust, carbon layers, and soot inside the pipes. 

Let’s move into the actions:

  • After removing the pipe from the bike, you need to dip it in a container full of water. Make sure that the whole body is immersed in the water.
  • Now you need to seal one side of the pipe. You may use aluminum foil for this purpose. 
  • Next, you need to put around a kilo of caustic soda through the open end of the pipe. 
  • Now, pour 2 liters of hot water inside the pipe. Be careful from burning your hands or face! So, you are now free for the next 24 hours. Keep it there and let the mixture clean out the dirt.
  • After 24 hours, you can now remove the soda and water mixture from the pipe. For the final touch, you must use a water pipe to clean it out completely. Now, it is ready to be installed back on your bike!

3. Using Acid:

Using acid is the most preferable way of cleaning exhaust pipes. This is a more effective process though you need to be careful while carrying this on. I recommend using a mild cleaner with around 10% acid in it. You may use white vinegar too.

Let us move into the procedure now:

  • Clean The Visible Debris:

First, clean out the visible debris from the pipes after you separate it from the bike. You can use soap water or a mild floor cleaner, dip a scrub in it (you may use a brush too), and rub the pipe. After that, rinse the pipe with water. 

  • It’s Time To Use Acidic Agent:

Now put the acidic agent into a container. Dip the whole pipe body in the solution. You need to keep the pipe this way for 3-4 hours. For cleaning the inside of the pipe, put some metallic pieces like bolts, shake the pipe and keep it for a few hours.

  • Rinse Off The Acid:

After some hours, rinse off the acid from the pipes using water. Use microfiber towels to dry out the pipe. You would see an amazing result by doing this. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, repeat the step. 

  • An Extra Polish Not Bad At All:

Do you want an extra polish to restore the shine of your motorbike? Then use a metal polish. This would bring back the color and shine and remove the rigid stains and burn marks too. 

You may find it online or at any nearby mechanic shop. Use a wire scrub and metal polishing agent to polish the pipe and bring back the glaze. 

And, yes, that is all about how to clean motorcycle exhaust. It was pretty simple and easy, wasn’t it? 

Related Questions: 

A List Of Tools You Need To Clean The Motorcycle Exhaust:

First, you need to gather the materials you need to clean the motorcycle exhaust. These tools are easily available and most likely to be there in your storeroom. Let me list down the tools so that you can collect them:

  • Bucket or container (to dip the motorcycle exhaust pipe)
  • Caustic Soda
  • Acid or white vinegar
  • Water
  • Nuts, bolts, or other agitators
  • Wired Scrub or cleaning brush
  • A hose or water pipe
  • Metal polish
  • Aluminum foil
  • Microfiber towel
  • Goggles and mask
  •  Hand Gloves

Most of these are maybe there at your home, right? Yes, these simple tools are enough to effectively clean out the motorcycle exhausts. 

How Do You Make Exhaust Pipes Shine?

Who doesn’t want a shiny and polished motorcycle exhaust that beautifies the motorcycle? I always like my bike to be tiptop and gorgeous. So how do I do that? 

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to polish your exhaust pipes. Are you ready? Let’s start:

  • Nowadays, most exhausts are made of stainless steel. So, after the basic cleaning suggested above, you can use a silicon grinder to get rid of the uneven surfaces on the exhaust pipes.
  • Use sandpaper to clean out the residues produced from the grinding. The surfaces of pipes would be smooth by now. However, you may see a rough look at the pipes that need some shine.
  • Use a metal polish (any mild polish would work) to shine the pipes. You need to use a microfiber cloth for this step. Put some polish on the cloth and gently rub it on the pipe. Take enough time for the process.
  • After this procedure, use another microfiber cloth to wipe off the polish.
  • And now, look at your shiny motorcycle exhaust pipes with awe. It looks outstanding, isn’t it?

How Do You Clean Tarnished Motorcycle Exhaust? 

Rust and discolored exhaust pipes are commonly seen that destroy the look of the bike. Also, the pipes may corrode fast if you don’t clean the tarnished pipes. So, what is the solution?

The best way out is to use acidic cleaner to wash off the pipes. Acidic cleaners have hard chemicals that can effortlessly clean out the rust and discoloration and bring back the shine. 

Therefore, my recommendation is to follow the steps of cleaning with acid that I have mentioned above to get rid of tarnished motorcycle exhaust.

What Are The Functions Of Motorcycle Exhaust?

So now that you know the cleaning tactics, you must acknowledge the purpose of exhaust pipes in a motorcycle. This would tell you how exactly the motorcycle exhaust works and why it is important for the vehicle.

Several exhaust pipes in a motorcycle have different functions. But in simple words, it can be said that exhaust pipes are designed to channel out the carbon monoxide that is produced by the vehicle. 

However, this is not all that exhaust pipes do. There are more specific functions to play for a motorcycle exhaust. Let me point out these functions:

Sending Out The Gases:

The primary function is to get rid of the toxic gases that are produced during the ride, mainly carbon monoxide. The back-facing exhaust pipes make sure that you don’t breathe in the gases released by the motorbike. Therefore, sending out the gases formed by fuel-burning is the foremost function of motorcycle exhausts.

Convert Harmful Gases To Harmless:

Did you know that modern exhaust pipes convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide before releasing it through the pipe? The catalytic converter in the pipes not only works on carbon monoxide but also converts nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases into harmless gases.

This is an advantage for the environment which substantially reduces air pollution. This means that exhaust pipes make your motorbike environment-friendly.

Reduce The Noise Pollution:

Do you sometimes hear loud and disturbing noise coming out of the pipes while riding? If the answer is yes, you need to check and repair the exhaust pipes immediately. A crucial function of the motorcycle exhaust is to reduce the rough and harsh sound of the engine. 

The muffler installed in the pipes minimizes the sound emerging through the pipes. Thus you would get a smooth and noise-free ride because of the exhaust pipes.

Have The Impact On Your Engine Performance:

The function of your motorbike engine is related to the functioning of the motorcycle exhaust. Exhaust pipes facilitate the movement of gases and air thus keeping the engine fresh and well. Basically, the motorbike exhaust pipes increase the efficiency of the motorbike. 

Why Is It Important To Clean Motorcycle Exhausts? (5 Reasons)

You should clean the motorcycle exhausts from time to time to keep your vehicle in a good condition. It may sound insignificant to clean motorcycle exhausts, but a dirty and blocked pipe can lead to serious difficulties. 

Why do you need to keep the exhausts clean at all? Let’s chalk down these 5 points:

Protect The Specks Of Dirt:

Over time, soots, debris, carbon, and other dirt may settle inside and outside the pipe. Thus the pipe may get blocked reducing the efficiency of the exhaust pipes.

Keep The Engine Performance Up To The Mark:

As the exhaust pipe efficiency degrades, the engine performance goes down too. As mentioned before, the engine function is connected to the function of the exhaust pipes. Therefore, a dirty exhaust pipe affects the engine capacity too.

Ensure A Noise Free Ride:

The bike starts making more sound and noise as the muffler may stop working properly due to the dirt. Thus a seamless and noise-free ride would be disrupted.

Saves The Air From Pollution:

The catalyst converter performance would become poor too. This means the toxic gases would not be converted to harmless gases, thus contributing to air pollution.

To Improve The Overall Performance:

All in all, a poor exhaust pipe would deteriorate the overall performance of your motorcycle.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the easiest ways of cleaning motorcycle exhausts at home, what are you waiting for? 

Choose the option that you are comfortable in, take the safety measures, and try out cleaning the motorcycle exhausts this weekend! 

So are you ready to get a shiny exhaust pipe and bring back the top-notch performance of your motorcycle?

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