How To Become A Motorcycle Mechanic?

How To Become A Motorcycle Mechanic

If you’re a motorcycle mechanic, you can repair your own motorcycle. At the same time, it also opens the door to huge income. You’ll be surprised by hearing that I earn on average $10,000 per month as a professional motorcycle mechanic. However, the journey of becoming a motorcycle mechanic wasn’t easy for me.

I was a little bit lucky because my father had a garage where I learned the basics of motorcycle repairing. But only dedication and self-belief made me reach to this level. In this article, I’ll share my secret tips on becoming a motorcycle mechanic. After that, I’ll also discuss the pay scale of motorcycle mechanics. Hence, consider reading this entire article:

10 Steps To Become A Motorcycle Mechanic:

By following these simple 10  steps, you can become a professional motorcycle mechanic like me: 

1. Be Curious:

Curiosity is such a factor that increases the desire to learn. In fact, the whole learning process starts with curiosity. When you feel curious about a topic, that means you have the desire to explore it. And these desires continuously push you to reach the top level.

To become a motorcycle mechanic, first of all, you need to feel curious about this sector. Try to learn new things about motorcycles. Here I want to share my personal life story that may help you understand an inquisitive mind’s power.

My father was a professional motorcycle mechanic. He had a garage in California, where we lived at that time. In my childhood, I often went to the garage whenever I got time. I passionately watched how my father repairs the motorcycles and asked him many questions about the working methods.

I still remembered that I asked questions like how to change the oil or why motorcycles have air filters. Though most of the questions were silly, these questions helped me to cultivate my curiosity. Because of this childhood curiosity, now I’m a professional motorcycle mechanic. And to become a motorcycle mechanic, you need to be curious too. 

2. Be A Hard Worker:

There is no shortcut of hard working to establish yourself as a successful motorcycle mechanic. You’ve to work systematically on a regular basis on repairing motorcycles. At the beginning of my motorcycle mechanic journey, I had a daily routine where I kept 3 hours for practice. 

The initial journey of becoming a motorcycle mechanic is too tricky for newbies. But with continuous hard work, a starter can easily find his/her way on the right track. You should keep patience and work hard to improve your working skills. 

Hard work gives you the guarantee of becoming a successful motorcycle mechanic. A hard worker is never unsuccessful. So, keep it up until you achieve the personal goal.

3. Go Through A Process:

To become a motorcycle mechanic, you need to go through a process. You’ve to keep faith in yourself and be confident throughout the journey. In the beginning level, you should solve minor problems like cleaning the chain or air filter because when you are completing these simple tasks, that will surely boost the confidence level. 

This type of success is crucial for a newbie to get the right momentum. In earlier days, I worked as a helper for my father. At the intermediate level, I try to solve less critical issues by myself, which further motivates me to solve complex problems. 

In my suggestion, you should start by changing the oil of a motorcycle. After that, you can move on to the cleaning and maintenance of a motorcycle. If you don’t have a motorcycle, ask for help from a friend to go through this process.

4. Enrich Your Knowledge:

As a learner of motorcycle mechanisms, you should always enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge. In modern days, many free and paid sources can help you gather knowledge on repairing motorcycles. 

You have the option of searching your problems on Google, Bing, and YouTube. Lots of experts there already show the way how to solve those problems. In social media, you’ll find many groups where people help the newbies. By using these accessible sources, you can make the journey of becoming a motorcycle mechanic far easier. 

Books are also good sources to learn different tricks and tactics about motorcycle repairing. From Amazon, purchase a few best quality books which are written on the repairing of motorcycles. These books enrich your theoretical knowledge and give you a better understanding of the different parts of motorcycle mechanisms.

A few well-known blogs such as can be helpful for you to collect resources. You can read this blog on a regular basis. I regularly share the practical solutions of different types of motorcycle-related problems on this blog. As a beginner, it might be beneficial for you to enrich the knowledge.

5. Try To Understand The Owner’s Manual:

Every company provides an owner’s manual with their brand new motorcycles. Basically, the owner manual is a guideline on how to use this motorcycle. There every essential thing on the maintenance of a bike is explained in detail. It is needless to say, the importance of understanding the owner’s manual.

For motorcycle mechanics, it is mandatory to understand and follow the guidelines of the owner’s manual while servicing a motorcycle. Just follow the guidelines of the owner’s manual, you can quickly solve most issues of a motorcycle. 

But it may be difficult to get the owner’s manual when you repair an older motorcycle because owners are not careful to keep it for longer periods. In the market, you’ll also get so many pamphlets that are written to provide the guidelines on motorcycle repairing. You can take bits of help from these pamphlets for solving the basic to advanced level problems of a motorcycle.

6. Purchase Motorcycle Repairing Tools:

Motorcycle Repairing Tools. Candy Outdoor

When you achieve the proper knowledge of motorcycle mechanisms, it’s time to purchase the repairing tools. It’s one kind of lifetime investment because these repairing tools have lasted for very long periods. Don’t try to buy all the repairing tools at once, it’ll cost thousands of dollars. 

Start with purchasing the basic tools of motorcycle repairing. 

Such as:

  • Screwdrivers, 
  • Hammers, 
  • And a torque wrench. 

Then try to fix minor issues by using these tools. In the beginning, you can also borrow motorcycle repairing tools from friends. 

During festival times, you can purchase motorcycle repairing tools at discounts from online or retail stores. It’ll save a massive amount of money for you. So, stay up to date when motorcycle repairing tools manufacturers offer discounts.

7. Creates A Place For Your Practice:

Regular practice improves your skill in motorcycle repairing. For practicing, you need to make such a place where you can comfortably practice motorcycle repairing. I use our storeroom for my practice. You don’t require renting a garage for practicing.

Select such a place that is wide enough to keep all the motorcycle repairing tools. If you’re in a space shortage, use a toolbox or a smaller box for storing the repairing tools. Sometimes, people forget where they keep the repairing tools, and it’s so irritating, especially when they’re going to repair a motorcycle. Store all the tools in the same place to find them quickly in the needed time.

8. Take Admission In A Technical School:

Personally, I didn’t go to a school or any institution to learn motorcycle repairing. And I still believe that you don’t need to be admitted to a formal institution to become a motorcycle mechanic. I already informed you about the various sources where you can learn the whole process.

However, if you want to take training from a motorcycle repairing school, you have the absolute right to do that.  There are lots of vocational schools available near you. By being admitted to any of these schools, you can get a degree in motorcycle repairing. 

Generally, it takes 6 months to 1 year to complete the whole formal procedures of learning. The institutional certificate will be crucial for the new motorcycle mechanics. By submitting this certificate, they can easily manage jobs in a motorcycle garage.

9. Gathers The Experience:

After completing the theoretical knowledge, you should go forward to gather practical knowledge. An internship in a motorcycle garage could be the best option for practical learning. There you’ll practically learn how to repair a motorcycle. 

Before starting my own garage, I worked a couple of years in my dad’s garage to gather practical knowledge. This internship helped me a lot to get quicker success in this field. Because from there, I actually learned how to maintain the business of motorcycle servicing.

I strongly suggest newbies complete at least a 6-month internship in a motorcycle garage before starting their own. Believe me, this 6 practical experience will be the key to your success in this sector. 

10. Complete A Project:

When you have both theoretical and practical knowledge of motorcycle repairing, that means you’re all set to start your own motorcycle garage. But before doing that, I would recommend you complete a project to justify your servicing quality.

Just purchase an old motorcycle and rebuild it. You’ll get a massive confidence boost by completing this project successfully. Older motorcycles don’t cost you too much money. In fact, you can make a good amount of money by reselling it.

How Much Money Does A Motorcycle Mechanic Make A Year?

The earning of a motorcycle mechanic depends on factors like experience, education, and working areas. An experienced and certified mechanic makes much more money in a year than the newbies. Besides this, those motorcycle working places which are in highly populated areas, they’ve the best opportunity to earn a lot more money in short periods.

This table shows you the earning of a motorcycle mechanic based on his/her experience level:

Experience Level Of Motorcycle MechanicsAverage Earnings In Per HourAverage Earnings In Per Year

In the USA, the current average annual salary of a motorcycle mechanic is around $38,000. Most states yearly pay motorcycle mechanics in between the $35,000-$40,000 range. Nevada is the only state which pays more than 50K annual salary to motorcycle mechanics. 

States like Alaska, California, Kansas, Maryland, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Washington pay salaries above the range of 40K in a year, while New Mexico, Vermont, and West Virginia’s annual pay scale is below 30K for motorcycle mechanics. 

Here I make a table with the approximate annual salary of every state motorcycle mechanics:

State NameThe Average Annual Salary For A Motorcycle Mechanic (Approximate)
Indiana $35,170
Iowa $34,470
North Carolina$35,600
New York$36,650
New Mexico$29,170
New Jersey$39,060
North Dakota$37,460
New Hampshire$44,440
Rhode Island$42,370
South Carolina$32,230
South Dakota$31,690
West Virginia$26,990

Last Few Words:

You’ve to be fully focused and motivated enough to become a motorcycle mechanic. The success of this career entirely depends on your servicing quality. If you’re a good mechanic and have relations with the customers, both success and money will follow you very soon. 

Mahbobur Rahman

Mahbobur Rahman is a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride and share his experience with others. He has learned a lot from his own experience and wants to help others do the same. If it's your first time on a motorcycle or you're looking to improve your skills, Then Candy Outdoor is the right solution for you.

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