How Safe Are Modular Helmets? [With Safety Features]

How Safe Are Modular Helmets

As a motorcycle rider, I was always looking for a helmet to keep myself safe in all weather. At first, I had a question in my mind about how safe modular helmets are, and I was a little surprised to know the answer. You may choose this helmet like me when you know its safety features.

Indispensable safety features make a modular helmet extremely safe and more durable than other helmets do not have. However, the modular helmet has been approved and certified by ECE to ride safely. While this helmet has an integrated sun visor, it can protect your face from the sun’s UV rays. 

Modular helmets have many more safety features that will surprise you. To know how safe a helmet is you need to know all its safety features. In this article, I am going to present to you exactly how safe a modular helmet is. I hope you will stay with me till the end!

7 Safety Features Of Modular Helmets

Although all types of helmets aim to keep bidders safe, a modular helmet brings more safety features than others. A review of these features will give a knowledge of ​​how safe it is. There are some of the safety features of a modular helmet, from which you can understand exactly how safe the helmet is.

  1. ECE Approved

Before buying any product, you need to be sure if the helmet has any trust issues. As a motorcycle rider, you might be looking for the best helmet that fits your motorcycle. In this regard, you can safely choose a modular helmet as it is approved and certified by ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). 

  1. Standard Shell Size And Weight

You can ride a motorcycle in any weather by wearing a modular helmet. When riding a motorcycle in the cold season, you can cover your face and keep your mouth open in warm weather. Its ideal shell shape helps to protect your entire face easily. Also, due to its good weight, the helmet is never removed while riding, so you will not have any damage to your face even in a fatal accident. 

  1. Made With Integrated Sun Visor

Most modular helmets are made with integrated sun visors that will protect you from the heat of the sun. As a result, you do not have to stop riding because of the sun’s heat. If you are a regular motorcycle rider, you need to choose a helmet that allows you to ride the bike in any situation. For this, you can select a modular motorcycle helmet. 

  1. Standard Head Coverage

Modular helmets have a much better head shape, so they fit snugly with any size. This helmet covers your entire head, protecting your head from severe pain. When you wear a modular helmet, you can quickly wear glasses with it. As a result, even if you keep the helmet’s mouth open, dust and dirt will not be able to enter your eyes. 

  1. Breathable And Convenient

A modular helmet has ample open space at the top of the face, so you can easily lift its chin bar. It also has a lifting chin-bar that can give your riding additional relaxation. This allows you to inhale the chin bar while wearing a helmet, take in air, and drink water or tea. Wearing this helmet will significantly reduce your risk of accidents. 

  1. Enable Hybrid Microphone

Wearing a modular helmet, you can use a microphone for better sound quality while riding, which will help you hear other vehicles’ noises. This feature is excellent for group riding if you are a motorcycle rider, as it will help you communicate with partners. 

  1. Great Ventilation

Using a modular helmet allows you to open your mouth to enjoy the fresh air while riding in warm weather. So, you will not feel tired throughout long hours of riding. These helmets also have anti-fog and anti-scratch features that allow you to ride safely even in foggy environments. 

My Recommended 5 Motorcycle Modular Helmet

If you’re looking for a great modular helmet for comfort and lightweight, the ILM Dual Visor Modular Helmet is a great choice. There is no risk of getting loose and detached at the time of riding your motorcycle.  

On the other hand, FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet is a suitable helmet for riders who ride at high speeds. It offers an intercom voice in any situation and is durable for crashes. But when you want to get a helmet with an advanced dual-lens feature, you can pick 1Storm Modular Helmet Shield: HJK316.

The YEMA YM-925 Casco Helmet is great for riding in hot weather. Its adjustable flow-through ventilation can keep you cool. However, if your budget is low, pick the 1Storm Modular Helmet Shield: HB89. This helmet can give you all the advanced modular helmet features of a low-cost.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Why Are Modular Helmets Important

A helmet is determined to defend the rider from accidental damage, so it is essential for all riders. If you are looking for a good quality comfortable motorcycle helmet at a low price, you can choose a modular helmet.

Modular helmets are a combination of full-face and open-face helmets. It is a smart bike helmet whose chin bar allows you to open and close it as needed. With a modular helmet, you will get advantages from both a full-face helmet and a half-face helmet. 

Are Modular Helmets DOT Approved?

Modular helmets are ECE-approved and certified for their safety features. It is also DOT approved, ensuring reliability, so you can safely choose a modular helmet. These are considered standard helmets that get approval by DOT and ECE.

Its various safety features can make your riding safer by wearing which you can ride in any weather. Also, since its chin can be flipped, you can drink water or tea while wearing the helmet. 

Are Modular Helmets Safe In A Crash?

The flip-up feature of the modular helmet can provide better protection to the rider during an accident that other helmets do not have. Because its chin bar moves quickly up and down, it automatically rises in dangerous situations.

This feature of the modular helmet keeps your head and face safe in the event of an accident. It also protects your eyes and face if you keep your mouth closed while riding a motorcycle on a dusty dirt road. 

Can You Ride With a Modular Helmet Up?

You can wear both full-face and half-face as per the need for a modular helmet. Riding with a helmet up is not safe like a full-face helmet. However, you can wear the modular helmet’s chin bar upside down if necessary.

You do not have to fully open the modular helmet when you go to the pump to fuel the motorcycle. You can do the necessary work by simply turning the chin bar upside down. Also, if you get thirsty while riding, you can take up the helmet and drink water. 

Are Modular Helmets Legal?

It is not illegal to ride a motorcycle wearing a modular helmet. Since the rules of the road are different in each state, you need to know the rules of the road before wearing it. However, it is important to wear a helmet to ensure personal safety while riding a motorcycle safely.

Although there are no legal restrictions on wearing a modular helmet, there are some rules for wearing it. If you are riding wearing a modular motorcycle helmet, you must keep the helmet off. If you ride the helmet in the open, then it is unsafe for you, which is also illegal.

How Do You Put On A Modular Helmet

Wearing a modular helmet is similar to wearing other helmets. But, wearing a helmet can be a little harder for you if your upper body is large. To wear a modular motorcycle helmet, you need to start from the back of the head. Then slowly bring the helmet to the front and insert the whole head.

You need to start from the front when opening the helmet. Firstly, you have to lift the face of the helmet upwards and slowly take it off the back of the helmet. If the helmet is small, it becomes difficult to wear it. So, you must buy it according to the size of your head.


Hopefully, after reading the whole discussion, you will no longer have this question in your mind about how safe modular helmets are. Since modular helmets have several advantages, I prefer using them as a motorcycle rider. Moreover, you can wear this helmet safely in any situation.

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