How Do I Keep My Hair from Getting Flat After Wearing A Helmet?

How Do I Keep My Hair from Getting Flat After Wearing A Helmet

If you are a motorbike rider, chances are that you have to deal with flat hair or helmet hair problems frequently. Wearing a motorcycle helmet creates the issue of flat hair which makes your favorite hairstyle awful most of the time. And you have to fix the hair after every ride. 

So, how do you keep hair from getting flat after wearing a helmet? What are the techniques that you can follow to get rid of flat hair? Well, the writing is all about flat hair, its reasons, and solutions.  

Flat hair from wearing helmets can be fixed with tools, techniques, and ingredients, such as hair blowers, braids, oil, dry shampoo, brush, scarf, hairstyle, positioning, and other ways. It is important to select a helmet that has enough room for hair to move under and breathable for air to let in-out.

All these techniques, tools, and products that can fix your hair from getting fat will be discussed in brief, so stay tuned. 

What Are The Reasons For Flat Hair Under A Helmet?

Hair can become flat under a helmet for many reasons. The gravity of the helmet pushes hair down all the time leaving them flat and volumeless. There are other reasons for flat helmet hair and they are : 

  • Structure of Hair: If your hair is too thin, it bends more easily under pressure as there is no holding force, which results in flat hair.
  • Length of Hair: More lengthy hair means more space it will need under the shell of the helmet. Hair gets stuck in a tiny space for a long time which gives you messy or flat hair. 
  • Weather Conditions: Outside’s weather has a major effect on hair conditions. On a hot summer day, hair can be dry because of scorching heat and becomes straight or flat. 
  • Product Effects on Hair: If you have thin hair, products such as: conditioners, shampoos designed to make your hair straight, will make it even flatter. 

What Are The Problems of Having Flat Hair? 

Flat hair gives you a very weird outlook and it’s not good in the long run too. The roots of flat hair are more prone to damage resulting in the following problems : 

  • Traction Alopecia or Hair Loss: The pressure of the helmet and continuous pulling of flat hair results in hair loss in many parts of the scalp.
  • Dryness And Less Moisture: Flat Hairs don’t stay in volume and lose moisture easily resulting in dry hair. 
  • Hair Style Problems: Flat hairs are not easy to manage as they tend to go down more easily. That turns your perfect hairstyle into a horrible one.

7 Effective Ways To Fix Flat Hair Under A Helmet:

The problem of having flat hair under a helmet can be solved easily by following these effective steps. While some techniques are related to hair positioning and coverage, others are based on using correct products and tools. Let’s have a look at the following steps :

1. Use A Good Quality Helmet:

Flat hair is generally caused by the friction and pressure of helmets. But choosing the right helmet can solve the problem to an extent. Remember the following tips:

  • Buy a helmet that has ample space for hairs to move. 
  • Helmets like modular or hybrid helmets have good ventilation so your hair won’t suffocate inside. 

2. Cover Your Hair With Bandana:

Bandanas are pretty effective as they save your hair from helmet friction. Also, they hold the hair in a stack which adds volume to hair and prevents flatness. Alongside bandana, there are  other types of hair coverings such as: 

  • Baklava.
  • Sweat Absorber Mask.
  • Scarf.
  • Hair and Braid Wraps.
  • Beanie.
  • Styling Mousses.

If you want to save your perfect hairstyle with a bandana,  flip your bandana in the shape of a triangle and tie it on the side where your style is. 

3. Add Volume In Flat Hair With Blow Dryer:

One of the main reasons for flat hair is the absence of volume in the hair. Thin hairs don’t stay together naturally as a result they tend to become flat. To solve this, a blow dryer can be a good option. Dryers push your hair against gravity and give volume to prevent flat hair. Here are the steps to fluff your hair with a blow dryer. 

  • Dry your wet hair with a towel so that some moisture can remain in your hair. 
  • Apply some kind of heat resistance in hair, such as serum, lotions, etc.
  • Set your dryer in high settings and start blowing hot air in the direction you want to create a style for 5 minutes. This will push all the hairs in that direction. 
  • When the hair is ready, use some kind of holder such as hair gel to lock your style and volume.

4. Use Dry Shampoos In Flat Hair:

Hairs secrete oil naturally, so if you use dry shampoos or conditioners, it won’t wash away those natural oils and preserve the volume of hair. Here are some important tips:

  • Use dry shampoo or conditioners on hair volumes but not on the roots. Roots contain all the natural oils. 
  • Bow down and pull all your hair under, then use the dry shampoo sprayer. By doing this,the shampoo will easily reach full hair. 

5. Hair Positioning and Braids: 

Braiding your ponytails is both stylish and effective to prevent flat hair under a helmet. There are different varieties of braids you can tie such as: 

  • Basic Braids: Dividing hair on two-three ponytails then forming a braid, placing the hair under the helmet, and leaving the braid on one side. 
  • Double Braids: Parting hair in two sides and form braids in both ways. 
  • Low Braid:  Gather all your hairs in place and then form a low-tier bun or braid. Secure the bun with headbands or elastics. 

6. Use Natural Hair Oils to Cure Flat Hair:

Natural oils provide necessary nutrients to hair roots. If you have very thin or flat hair, using oils can give you a healthy and thick volume of hair. Some of the natural oils that provide natural thickness in your hair are : 

  • Almond Oil.
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Jojoba Oil.
  • Olive Oil.

7. Keep Your Helmet Clean From Inside:

Another reason for flat hair is the heat produced by the helmet shells. The heat absorbs the hair moisture, leaves it dry and flat. When you are not using the helmet, do the following things :

  • Take out all the protectors from inside of the helmet and clean them along with the helmet shell with moisturizers. 
  • Dry the helmet in the sun sometimes as it will cut all the bacterias, sebums, or other particles that trap the heat inside the helmet. 

How Can I Maintain Flat Hair While Wearing A Helmet? 

You can avoid the problems of flat hair under the helmet by following these easy steps : 

  • Always keep your hair dry under a helmet.
  • Use natural moisturizers or serum.
  • Cover your head with protectors.
  • Choose the correct hairstyle.
  • Use good quality hair solutions.
  • Take natural oil therapies.
  • Choose correct shaped helmets. 

Final Words:

Flat hair is a common problem among riders who use helmets regularly. By following some easy methods and applying quality products, helmet hair or flat hair pain can be easily dealt with, and that will also save your lovely haircut from getting messed up at parties. 

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