Face Bandana For Motorcycle Riding: All You Need To Know

Face Bandana For Motorcycle Riding

Face bandana is essential for motorcyclists, and all motorcycle riders must know about it. Many are aware of the significance of face bandana for motorcycle riding, while others completely refuse to recognize the necessity of face bandana. Such confusions appear as most riders don’t have adequate knowledge about why face bandanas are important and how to get the best one. 

As plenty of options are available, you must have enough information on which ones are the best face bandanas in the market and how to select the one that suits your climate, and purpose. Only then you can make an informed decision.

If you are in a dilemma and looking for authentic information on face bandanas, you are at the right place. Because I am going to present a well-researched article on what brands are the best for buying face bandanas, what are their features, and some other relevant information that would make your decision-making process efficient and faster. 

Stay with me and let me help you find a face bandana that would facilitate and improve your riding experience:

5 Best Brands For Face Bandana:

In this part of my article, I’m going to discuss the 5 best brands for face Bandana. All of them sell high-quality face bandanas specially designed for motorcycle riding. These are available in different price ranges and diverse face bandanas are there so that you can choose the one you like. 

Let us move further and know more about these brands. It would clarify why each brand is distinct and special and make your decision-making easier and faster:

1. Grace Folly:

Grace Folly is a trusted brand in operation since 2008 that crafts motorcycle riding gears with care. The collection of face bandanas are exclusive in design, comfort, and durability that would surely mesmerize any motorcycle rider. Grace folly manufactures both half-face and full-face riding face bandanas, both available in exclusive designs and benefits. 

Let us learn the common features that Grace Folly has to offer:

  • Water-resistant: Both the full-face and half-face face bandanas are water-resistant. It smoothly lets the water glide down the face bandana when you are on a rainy ride. The water-resistant outer shell protects you from rain and snow keeping you dry on a snowy and rainy day ride. 
  • Fleece Lining: The fleece lining in these face bandanas keeps your face warm and dry. This means you don’t only stay dry on a rainy ride but warm too. This feature makes the face bandanas suitable for winter rides as the lining restricts wind and cold from penetrating. 
  • 5 Front Vents: All the face bandanas by Grace Folly have 5 front vents. The mesh perforated vents allow air to move freely so that you don’t feel choked or suffocated with the masks on. The vents ensure ultimate comfort.
  • 3 Closures: The face bandanas feature 3 closures that would allow you to make the fit personalized. The velcro closures allow you to fasten and unfasten the mask in seconds while the adjustable bands enable you to fix the fit. 
  • Exclusive  Designs: The designs are exclusive to each collection. You would get funky colors and designs as well as classic and basic styles. Whichever style you prefer, Grace Folly has it all. 

Grace Folly, indeed, is a reliable brand with an extraordinary collection of face bandanas that are comfortable and suitable for all riding.

2. Indie Ridge:

Another famous brand for face bandana is Indie Ridge that offers a wide range of riding bandanas at an affordable price. They are available in different colors and designs. The seamless design and borders of the masks fit comfortably to your face and make your stay at ease. The masks are half-face that are suitable for motorcycle riding. 

The features are discussed below:

  • Lightweight: The face bandanas are made of lightweight and soft material. This fabric is breathable and allows air to pass so that the mask doesn’t smother you. As the fabric is fine and thin, ventilation is maximized. Besides, the fabric feels smooth on the skin.
  • Protective: The material is thin but warm. Though it allows ventilation, the inner part keeps you warm and dry. This would block wind to make you feel cold on a winter day. It keeps your face and neck area protected against cold during a winter ride. 
  • Best Fit: The elasticity of the seamless face bandanas allows them to sit on your face effortlessly. The face bandana would take the shape of your face and give you the best fit possible. 
  • Diversity In Colors And Designs: You would get basic colors and designs as well as modern and vibrant graphics on the masks. Color and design options are wide and diverse so that they can match your taste and choice. 

For both summer and winter rides, Indie Ridge has a lot of different comfortable face bandanas to offer. 

3. Zerdocean:

Zerdocean supplies top-quality full-face bandanas that not only cover your face but also protect your head. Adding up the features, you would get a face bandana that offers complete protection and comfort.

Let us focus on the features:

  • Covers A Large Area: The face bandana covers your face, neck and goes up to your head. The complete coverage and the fleece lining keeps you warm and comfortable in winter. If adjusted correctly, wind and cold won’t touch or discomfort you on a snowy or windy day.
  • Good Fabric: The fabric is fine to keep you at ease. The mouth portion of the bandana has perforated vents that allow you to breathe easily and air to circulate. Thus you won’t suffocate even with the tight-fitting face bandana. 
  • Comfortable: The balaclava mask is the best as you can wear it in 4 different ways whichever is comfortable for you. You can cover the entire face and head. You can uncover the nose area and just cover the head and neck portion. Also, you can uncover the head and cover the nose and throat area or keep the nose area open. 
  • Flexible: The fitting is precise as the fabric is slightly flexible. Wearing it is super easy and you can do it in 4 ways. Whichever way you prefer, the fitting would be just right. Make sure to fit it well so that the glasses don’t fog up. Wear it right and enjoy the ultimate comfort. 

If you prefer a balaclava face bandana, Zerdocean is the best brand to go for. 

4. Highway Leather:

Are you a leather lover? If you are an admirer of shiny and classy leather bandanas, Highway Leather is your brand. The simple yet sophisticated leather bandanas are comfortable, easy to go with, and give protection. 

Let us learn the features of Highway Leather face bandanas:

  • Durable: The durability of the buffalo leather face bandana is top-notch due to the nylon stitching. The stitching makes the crafting durable and long-lasting that won’t tear or wear easily. So, you can use it for years without worrying.
  • Extra Protective: The micro fleece lining adds extra protection and reinforcement to the leather face mask. The fleece lining also keeps you warm on winter and windy days. It offers ultimate comfort and warmth.
  • Good Air Circulations: The front part of the mask has perforations that allow air to circulate freely inside the mask. It eliminates the discomfort or suffocation as you stay airy and fresh.
  • Adjustable: The velcro tab at the back makes it easier for fastening and taking off the mask in seconds. The fitting can be adjusted using the velcro tab. Thus you can get the best fit possible. 
  • Stunning Look: The smart and solid black leather gives a stunning look. It looks gorgeous and classy to wear and makes you feel soothing and comfortable as well. 

Leather lovers have to check the collection of face bandanas by Highway Leather if you want to have a face bandana of leather that is comfortable, stylish, and durable. 

5. Nextour:

For people out there who want a face bandana that can be used for various purposes, Nextour is the best brand for you. The boho-style face bandanas are vibrant and stylish and used for multiple purposes. The features are excellent that are easy to go with. 

The features are mentioned below:

  • Flexible: The polyester fabric is flexible and the breathable cloth is what makes the face bandana comfortable and worth it. The comfort of the face bandana is top-notch and you can use it in any weather condition. 
  • Best Fit: The elasticity and flexibility of the fabric make the fit the best. No matter how you use it, you can effortlessly wear it and get the best fit. The fabric is extremely flexible that you can wear it in any way as the bandana takes the shape of your face.
  • Covers More Face Areas: You can use the face bandana to cover your lower face and next, wear it as a headband or ear protector, on your neck, on your head like a cap, and use it in many other ways. It is the ultimate multitasker face bandana that you can ever get. Just place it where you want and get the fit right; nothing to worry about.
  • Design Variety: The design variety is extraordinary. The vibrant colors and stunning graphics are stylish, fashionable, and trendy that make the face bandana eye-catchy. The designs and colors are unbeatable and distinct. 

Nextour is a reliable brand that gives you ultimate comfort and ease with stunning designs that are discrete and catchy. 

Why Do You Need a Face Bandana For Motorcycle Riding?

People often wonder why face bandanas are important. They don’t understand the necessity of face bandanas and skip wearing them. This happens because they don’t know what benefits they can get from wearing a face bandana mask. 

So let us learn the main three benefits that you can get by wearing a face bandana mask while riding a motorcycle:

  • Protection From Weather:

Weather conditions keep varying throughout the year and even several times a day. Unfavorable weather conditions can make your riding uncomfortable and disturbing. Weather conditions can distract and disrupt your ease and comfort while riding. You can minimize, even eliminate, the discomfort of riding in cold, snow, or warm weather by wearing a face bandana. 

The most unfavorable riding happens in winter. The gush of cold wind against your face and nose freezes your skin and makes you numb. You feel less energetic and active when your face feels cold and chilled on a winter ride. You can block this chilly cold wind during a winter ride by wearing a face bandana. 

It would cover your ear, nose, face, and neck, (head if you have a balaclava mask) and the fleece lining would keep you warm and comfortable blocking the wind and keeping the heat inside. 

Similarly, some face bandanas like Grace Folly and Highway leather offer waterproof linings that would glide water down and keep you dry. These water-resistant lines keep water and snow away from your skin so that you stay dry and ride comfortably. 

Face bandanas are also suitable for summer. During summer rides, your skin stays away from the scorching sun preventing sunburn and irritation. Also, as the face bandanas have vents, you get enough air and breathability. Thus you get maximum comfort on a summer ride too. 

To keep your face protected from adverse weather conditions, a face bandana is all you need during a motorcycle ride. 

  • Protection From Pollution And Dust:

Do you feel the dust and sand on your face after a motorcycle ride? I am sure that your face feels sandy, rough, and looks tanned and tired after a motorcycle ride. This is very normal as we face a lot of pollution in the street. And as we go at a high speed, pollutants, and dust stick to our faces easily. 

Even after wearing a full-face helmet, dust would enter your face through the little gaps in the helmet. To prevent your face from exposing to dust and pollutions, a face bandana is there. Face bandana works like magic as it tightly covers your face. Dust can’t penetrate through the fabric of a face bandana. 

Therefore, your entire face stays protected from any pollutants as well as from the sun. The itchiness and soreness on the skin caused by dust and sun would vanish with a face bandana on your face. 

  • Better Riding Experience:

Think of a motorcycle ride without the exposure to the sun in the summer, chilly wind in the winter, and dust on your face. Imagine staying dry on a rainy day ride. Visualize how it feels not to get a suntan or itchiness from dust after a motorcycle ride.

Think how it feels to have no gush or air, the heat of the sun, or pollution while riding a motorcycle. It feels relaxing and soothing, isn’t it? 

You can get this level of comfort and ease if you wear a face bandana. The face bandana protects you from different weather conditions and from exposure to dust too. Thus your face doesn’t feel anything harsh or irritating on the skin. As your face stays comfortable, it automatically uplifts your riding experience. 

Besides, as face bandanas are elastic, flexible, and vented, you don’t feel anything extra on your face. Wearing a face bandana mask only keeps your face protected from outer circumstances so that you can focus on riding properly and don’t worry about getting dusted, polluted, or getting cold. 

To get such a comfort level, a face bandana for motorcycling riding is mandatory.

Should You Wear A Face Bandana Under A Helmet? 

It is absolutely necessary to wear a face bandana even with the helmet on. The helmet protects your head from accidents and mainly offers safety on the road. But it can’t safeguard you from dust, cold, sun, or wind. 

The helmet won’t protect your face from freezing cold or scorching sun. The helmet can’t filter air and keep your face away from dust and pollutants. It can’t offer you the best comfort. 

For a comfortable, soothing, and relaxing ride, you have to wear a face bandana. It would keep dust and pollutants away from your face. It would protect your face from sun exposure while the vents would maximize breathability on a sunny day. 

Similarly, it would keep you dry on a rainy or snowy day. It would also restrict the penetration of cold wind on a winter ride and keep you warm.

You need a face bandana for comfort and ease on your ride so that you can improve the quality of the ride that a helmet can’t offer. Therefore, when you choose a face bandana, you choose comfort and the best riding experience ever. 


You have a complete note on the best face bandana brands and answers to your confusion. Scrutinize the details to make an informed decision now. 

I hope next time you will be on a ride with the comfiest face bandana on your face and enjoy a great ride!

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