Do You Have to Wear A Jacket When Riding A Motorcycle?

Do You Have to Wear A Jacket When Riding A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle on the street gives bikers an inherent peace. However with peace also comes the pain of washing bikes and clothes. Dust and stains all get stuck with clothes while riding. There is also a matter of safety associated with bike wearings. Now the question arises: should you wear jackets while riding a bike in the streets, what are the benefits and disadvantages of wearing a jacket. Will wearing a jacket save you from severe injuries? All of these questions will be answered in this article.

Wearing a jacket is important while riding a motorbike. Leather jackets protect biker’s clothes from dust and mud. Also works as a protective layer to  curtail injuries Jackets block winds from reaching your skin and save you from dehydration and dry skin issues 

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Jacket While Riding A Motorcycle :

If you wear protective clothing sockets before you ride on a bike, it will give you some really good benefits throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Let’s talk about some of these benefits :

  • In cold weather, when you ride bikes at a good force, jackets will protect your body from the cold air and foggy conditions. 
  • During summer weather when the body loses moisture fast, wearing a jacket helps to retain that moisture while you are riding. Jackets work as a wall between your body and the scorching heat of the sun that takes away body moisture.
  • Jackets help you to keep hydrated in riding time. It does so by locking your skin moisture and sweat. If you sweat a lot, it makes you dehydrated and your skin dry.
  • Saves your clothes from any kind of dirt, stain, mud, unwanted splashes of water, and dust particles.
  • Jackets work as the first layer of protection if you fall from the bike accidentally. Protect your skin from concrete street abrasion.

How to Identify Best Quality Motorcycle Jackets :

When you are purchasing a motorcycle jacket, always go for the ones with high quality and materials. In the US market, you can find jackets of reputed brands such as Davidson, Honda which are expensive. So if you consider an aftermarket alternative, always look for these qualities in a jacket:

  1. Thickness:  The thickness of the jacket should be at least 1-1.5 mm. The thicker it is, the better it is as an abrasive. The thickness of the material is also crucial for blocking cold and hot temperatures from outside.
  1. Fabric And  Quality: Jackets should be made of good fabrics otherwise they can be torn apart soon. Leather jackets are more durable and last longer. However, they are not suitable for every weather.
  1. Stitch And Elasticity: Jacket Joints should be stitched properly, such as collar and shoulder stitches. Double or triple stitching ensures the quality. The cloth should be elastic so that you can feel comfortable wearing it.
  1. Zipper And Sleeve Condition: Good quality jacket comes with clear and smooth zippers. If the zipper gets stuck in line the quality is not good. The sleeves should have a proper measurement regarding arm and hand size. Sleeves should be made of breathable fabrics.
  1. The softness of Leather and Fabrics: High-quality leather jackets are soft and comfortable to wear because they are made from top-grade leather. A cheap jacket will be made of low-quality leather or artificial fabrics.

What Kind of Bike Jackets Should I Wear In Different Conditions:

There are several types of bike jackets made for different times and conditions. As weather conditions change in different seasons, it is wise to wear different kinds of jackets according to the weather. Let’s talk about different types of bike jackets and their appropriate usable time.

  • Leather Jackets Are Good in Cold: Good quality leathers block the freezing wind while you are running your bike in cold. Leathers lock the temperature of the body and keep you warm in the foggy cold morning.
  • Textile Jackets for Hot Summer Rides: Textile jackets are made of thinner and breathable fibers which is a good option for you if you are riding a bike in the hot summertime. It lets your inner body temperature out easily.
  • Microfiber Jackets for Drench Rainy Seasons: Jackets made of Polyester or microfibres are good protectors in rain.  Wearing a microfiber jacket will prevent your body from getting wet to a big extent.

Protectors That Should Be Used Alongside Jacket While Driving A Motorcycle :

You have to wear several protectors alongside the jacket for the safety of different body parts. Riding a motorbike exposes the whole body in the streets so you need the following protectors to save you from unwanted injuries :

  1. Neck Guard And Helmet: The first two important things are helmet and neck guard. The helmet protects your head from any kind of collision and the neck guard saves your neck from twisting.
  1. Protective Armor: Before you wear a jacket, put on protective armor in your body. The armor reduces the damage of injury and works as a shield over your body.
  1. Knee Joint Protectors: Knees are the parts that stay very close to the ground. To avoid any kind of dangerous injuries put knee caps or protectors on both knee joints. Knee protectors work as abrasive and protect your leg from friction injury.
  1. Armored or Kevlar Pants: Kevlar or armored pants save your lower body parts from most accidents. Many companies use kevlar with fabrics to make pants. 
  1. Armored Boots And Elbow Caps: Boots are the most important item to save your feet and ankles. Wearing boots can reduce the chances of an ankle injury and ligament tearings. Elbow caps do the same for hand joints, save them from twisting or breaking.

Which is Better Among Leather and Textile Motorbike Jackets? 

Textile jackets are more affordable and suited for hot weather. On the other hand, leather jackets are costly and suitable for people who ride on the street with bikes more often. Both leather and textile jackets are good but use the one that suits your needs most.

Is Leather Jacket Waterproof? 

Leather jackets aren’t waterproof. They are made of materials that are non-breathable and hold the inner temperature. Leather jackets are water-resistant to a certain extent. Heavy rain or water splash can pass through it easily. 

Do Wearing Jackets Reduce Bike Accidents?

Jackets protect your body from temperature issues and minor injuries, but for tackling heavy accidents only a jacket is not enough. If you want proper protection you have to wear armor underneath the jacket for more safety.

What Variety of Leather Jackets Are Good for Riding A Bike?

Leather jackets that are made of full or top grain are the best. There are some inexpensive options such as splits and artificial varieties. 

Can I Use Bike Leather Jackets in Casual Parties?  

Motorcycle leather jackets are generally short and come with armor. However, these days that armor part can be detached from many jackets. You can purchase these kinds of jackets and use them while riding and attending casual parties.

Final Words : 

Bike jackets are important while you ride with your motorcycle. They protect you from cold,  rain, or hot weather and work as primary protection against any injuries. Try to buy good quality jackets for long time use and better protection.

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