Coolster vs. SSR pit bikes: which one should you pick?

Coolster vs. SSR pit bikes

Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride. The old days are gone long ago. This generation not only loves to go on a pleasure ride but also can take the riding experience to an extreme level.

When you want to take your adventure ride experience to another level at a low cost, relying on Chinese pit bike manufacturers should always be the ideal choice.

When such is the case, Coolster and SSR are the two most prominent brands that come into consideration.

Therefore, we are here to make a comparison between these two brands to give you the best insights.

If you are fluctuating between these two brands, following this article from the top to the bottom should enable you to make a better decision.

Seems relevant? Let’s get into the real discussion-

Coolster vs. SSR pit bikes

Before getting into the broad discussion, we thought about giving you some hints regarding the incoming information that you will face throughout the whole article.

Therefore, we have made this chart regarding the differences between the pit bikes of these two brands-

SSR pit bikesCoolster pit bikesWinner
50cc to 160cc50cc to 125ccSSR
14  lineups10 lineupsSSR
ExpensiveModerate price rangeCoolster
Better overall performanceGood overall performanceSSR
Efficient engineBetter  engineSSR
Moderate customizationBetter customizationCoolster
Variety of color optionsVariety of color optionsDrawn

Coolster pit bike lineups.

Coolster pit bike model name.Engine size

SSR Pit bike lineups.

SSR pit bike model nameEngine size

SSR offers more pit bikes on the market compared to Coolster.

Coolster brings nearly 10 pit bike lineups on the market, whereas SSR offers around 14 lineups. Therefore, when you really want to choose a pit bike by doing deep research, SSR might introduce you to a wide variety of options. 

That does not demean Coolster even the little.  With nearly 10 different lineups, the manufacturer always pleases their customers. It is all about making the right decision.

SSR pit bikes are available within the engine size of up to 160cc, whereas Coolster pit bikes are available within 125cc

When it is about getting optimized performance, the engine plays an important role.

SSR pit bikes start with an engine size of 50cc and can reach up to 160cc. On the other hand, Coolster pit bikes start with an engine size of 50cc and can reach up to 125cc.

Therefore, getting better engine support might be easier with SSR pit bikes. Besides, SSR tends to bring their engine by themselves. Therefore, engines on the SSR pit bikes tend to be more authentic compared to Coolster pit bikes.

SSR pit bikes are a little expensive compared to Coolster pit bikes

SSR pit bikes start at a lower price of $570 dollars and can reach as high as $2500 dollars.

On the other hand, it is always possible to get a Coolster pit bike within a price range of $500 dollars to as high as $1900 dollars.

When you will compare two equivalent pit bikes from both brands, you will notice that SSR pit bikes tend to charge $50 dollars to $100 dollars more compared to a Coolster pit bike.

SSR is popular for ensuring quality at the same time.

When it comes to trail riding, SSR will win it all the way

Before adding this section to this list, we have talked with some experts. Almost everyone has agreed to the fact that SSR pit bikes are good for trail riding.

We have not said even for once that Coolster pit bikes are not capable of handling trail conditions. But when you are comparing between these two brands, SSR will surely remain a little ahead of its competitors.

We are just trying to introduce you to reality all the way.

Coolster lower-end models are better than SSR lower end models.

As we have said earlier that Coolster pit bikes are available within the range of 50cc to 125cc. When you will check the features of Coolster’s lower-end bikes, you will notice that Coolster offers some decent safety features to these bikes.

On the other hand, SSR pit bikes are decent as well. But in case of comparison, Coolster will win the competition by a little marginal difference.

SSR wins in terms of overall performance as well.

If you take the overall performance of both these brands’ pit bikes into consideration, SSR pit bikes will remain a little ahead compared to Coolster pit bikes.

Scanning through this whole article may take you to the perspective that SSR is the winner in every scenario.  Well, after talking with a large number of users, that is what seems to be the truth.

From throttle response to ensuring high-end safety, SSR pit bikes seem to be in full control.

SSR pit bikes’ engines are more powerful than Coolsters’ engine.

We have compared two 125cc pit bikes from both manufacturers to find out which one is more capable of reaching the top speed limit?

As usual, there was no surprise at all. SSR pit bikes won the battle almost 5 seconds earlier than Coolster.

As a result, it is worth mentioning that SSR pit bikes engines tend to be a little more powerful compared to a Coolster pit bike’s engine.

We have covered this topic on how to take care of your bike engine. Click here to readout this article if you want.

Final summary

Not everyone can afford to buy a branded pit bike because of its high-end price range. Therefore, Chinese pit bikes always come out as the most relevant option. But the availability of multiple brands makes us confused regarding the approach we should take. Therefore, comparison between two certain brands plays a crucial role.

To suffice the whole meaning, it is logical to say that Coolster pit bikes offer value for money, whereas SSR pit bikes are good for overall performance.

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