10 Best Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders [Review And Buyers’ Guide]

Best Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders

Professional riders prefer riding shoes over casual shoes as they offer comfort, ease, and safety on the road. As riding requires frequent foot movement, foot grip, and comfort are important. The riding boots not only offer comfort on the road but also protect your feet from rain, sun, wind, and pollution. Besides, the safety features ensure that your feet stay unharmed. 

While some people don’t recognize the necessity of a riding boot, others find it difficult to search for a good pair of riding boots. Especially, short riders rarely find a riding boot that is lightweight, easy to carry, and fits their feet. As most riding boots are bulky, long in height, and heavyweight, short riders struggle to find a boot that suits them.

However, you would be glad to learn that there is a variety of riding boots available for short riders. These top-quality boots wouldn’t only fit you well but are of premium quality that would offer the best riding experience. 

As lack of knowledge and information discourages short riders from putting on a riding boot, I have researched thoroughly to come up with the 10 best motorcycle boots for short riders. 

If you are reluctant to read about all the 10 riding boots, my suggestion is to go for ‘Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Street Motorcycle Boot. This is a lightweight boot with excellent features that would make your riding more enjoyable and safe. 

Nevertheless, to make an informed decision, it is better to go through all the products and select the one that you prefer or like. So, stay with me, go through the features of each product, and pick the best one for you. 

Let’s get started!

Comparison Table Of The Best Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders:

Below, I make a comparison table of the best motorcycle boots for short riders:

BrandDimension (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Boot MaterialSole MaterialProduct Link
Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Street Motorcycle Boot21.65 x 15.75 x 4.723.1MicrofiberRubber with TPRCheck here
Alpinestars Men’s Faster-3 Motorcycle Riding Boot16 x 11 x 560.8Microfiber, Mesh, and Thermo-welded MicrofiberRubber with TPR SliderCheck here
SHIMA SX-2 EVO Motorcycle Boots For MenPoron XRDRubberCheck here
Herobiker Combat Motorcycle Riding BootsCow Suede Leather and BK FabricRubber and FabricCheck here
Borleni Motorcycle Boots13.66 x 10.83 x 4.883.08Fabric and MicrofiberRubberCheck here
Fly Racing M16 Motorcycle BootsLeather and MeshRubberCheck here
Borleni Casual Motorcycle Boots13.35 x 10.75 x 4.88 2.55Leather and FabricRubberCheck here
Indie Ridge Motorcycle Boots For Women 13.75 x 11.75 x 5.54.9LeatherRubberCheck here
Harley-Davidson Men’s Hagerman Motorcycle Boot‎ 13.5 x 11.5 x 51.44Full-grain LeatherPolyurethane Rubber SoleCheck here
Harley Davidson Men’s Beau Boot‎ 13.5 x 11.5 x 51.6Full-grain LeatherPolyurethane Rubber SoleCheck here

10 Best Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders (Both Men And Women):

Here is my detail review of 10 best motorcycle boots for short both men and women riders:

1. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Street Motorcycle Boot:

Alpinestars SMX-1 riding boots are crafted with soft yet sturdy microfiber. Microfiber is durable and long-lasting as well as comfortable to wear. The lateral and toe vents and perforations add extra comfort allowing air to pass.

Though available in various sizes, the velcro strap is added for a better fit. It also makes fastening and removing the shoes easier. This lightweight, stylish, and solid boot features heel reinforcement for better support. 

For added comfort, it has an inner heel TPR pad and shift pad for flexible ankle movement and active foot functioning. The ergonomic shaping of the boot gives ease and flexibility.


  • Microfiber Boots: The boot is made up of durable and sturdy microfiber. While microfiber boots give long-term benefit, it is also very smooth on the skin offering ultimate comfort. 
  • Rubber Sole, TPU Protector, EVA Foam: The classic rubber compound sole of Alpinestars is featured in this boot. It increases flexibility, improves grip, and offers ease. The TPU protector in the boot safeguards your feet from injuries. The EVA foam provides comfort on the footbed. 
  • Vents: The boot features vents in the lateral and toe area. This maximizes breathability preventing excessive sweating and discomfort. As air flows freely, your feet remain fresh and comfortable. 
  • Heel Reinforcement: To offer safety and protection from abrasion and for a better foot grip, a heel counter reinforcement is added to the boot. Foot operation becomes easier with this. 
  • TPR Pads: The boot features TPR inner pads and shifts pads for extra comfort. The inner pads allow free ankle movement and the shift pads facilitate shifting. The TRP pads are for flexible foot movement and ease.
  • Ergonomic Shape And Strap: The ergonomic shape of the boot offers flexibility, ease, and comfort. For a better fitting, a velcro strap is added. It also makes fastening and removing the boots easier.


  • Sturdy microfiber boots,
  • Heel reinforcement,
  • TPR pads and shift pads,
  • Vents for breathability,
  • Ergonomic shape,
  • Adjustable velcro strap,
  • Rubber sole with TPU protector,
  • EVA foam pad.


  • Difficult to decide the right size,
  • Pricey.
Alpinestars SMX

2. Alpinestars Men’s Faster-3  Motorcycle Riding Boot:

Alpinestars faster-3 boots are made by blending mesh, microfiber, and thermo-welded microfiber. The mesh lining and vents in the lateral, lower tongue, toe area, and quarter area are added to maximize breathability and airflow. 

The TPU ankle protection reinforces the boots and protects your ankle during movements. The TPR slider on the boots increases flexibility and protection. For a better and flawless fit, the boot features laces and velcro straps. 

For short riders, this stylish lightweight boot is an ideal one. 


  • Blended Material: The fabrication of mesh, microfiber, and thermo-welded microfiber makes the boot comfortable, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. The premium crafting makes it an outstanding boot. 
  • Mesh Lining And Vents: The mesh lining and vents in the lower tongue, toe, quarter, and lateral part maximize comfort by allowing airflow and increasing breathability. Thus your feet stay sweat-free and fresh throughout the ride. 
  • TPU Ankle Protection: The TPU ankle protection strengthens the boot. It also allows flexible movement of the ankle and protects from injuries. 
  • TPR Slider: TPR slider is featured in this boot for better flexibility, ease, safety, and protection. The panel offers effortless foot movement and better grip. 
  • Closures: The boot has laces as well as velcro straps. This allows you to adjust the fitting according to your comfort level. 


  • Mesh, microfiber, and thermo-welded microfiber crafting,
  • Mesh lining and vents,
  • TPR slider and TPU ankle protection,
  • Laces and velcro strap closures,
  • Lightweight,
  • Perfect fitting.


  • PriceNo heel reinforcement.
Alpinestars Men's

3. SHIMA SX-2 EVO Motorcycle Boots For Men:

This simple yet trendy shoe by Shima is made of Poron XD sturdy material. The excellent features in this shoe are rare. It features a TPU ankle protector, heel reinforcement, and toe cap. The gear shifter facilitates shifting.

Vents in the shoe increase breathability of the shoes offering comfort. The rubber sole with a metal shank strengthens the shoe. The anti-slip and oil-resistant sole provide a strong foot grip. It is available in different sizes and the laces help you to adjust the fit. 


  • Poron XRD Material: The boot is crafted with high-quality Poron XRD material that makes the boot sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. The material also gives a stylish look to the shoe. 
  • Ankle And Heel Reinforcement: The shoe features a TPU ankle protector and heel reinforcement for extra protection and safety. You can move your ankle and heel freely without getting injured. 
  • Shift Pad And Toe Cap: The toe cap protects your toes from impacts and injuries. The gear shifting pad facilitates gear shifting and offers comfort. 
  • Reinforced Sole: The malleable rubber sole with metal shank provides excellent support to your feet and improves the grip too. The metal shank resists impacts protecting your feet from damages. 
  • Anti-slip: The sole has anti-slip properties and it is oil resistant. This improves your feet grip as well as ensures safety on rainy days and in slippery areas. 
  • Vents: The boot features multiple vents to maximize breathability and airflow. This keeps your feet sweat-free, fresh, and airy. 
  • Lace: Though the shoe is available in different sizes, it features lace so that you can tie it up for a personalized and comfortable fit. 


  • Sturdy Poron XRD material,
  • TPU ankle protector and heel reinforcement,
  • Rubber sole with metal shank,
  • Gear shifting pad and toe cap,
  • Anti-slip and oil-resistant rubber sole,
  • Laces for a better fit,
  • Vents for comfort,
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • Not waterproof,
  • Mid-range shoe.

4. Herobiker Combat Motorcycle Riding Boots:

The fashionable Herobiker combat riding boot is made of premium quality cow suede leather and BK fabric. The material is abrasion and tear-resistant and lasts for a long time. 

The fabric and mesh lining ensures maximum airflow keeping your feet airy and fresh all the time. The toe cap, heel reinforcement, and ankle support strengthen the boot providing maximum support to your feet. The rubber sole is skid-resistant providing a reliable foot grip. 

The boot features two types of closures. For a better fit, you can use both the laces and the hook and loop. Multiple colors and sizes are available. 


  • Leather And Fabric Crafting: The boot is made of high-quality cow suede leather mixed with BK fabric. This blending makes the boot sturdy, long-lasting, abrasion-resistant, and tear-resistant. 
  • Heel, Ankle, And Toe Protection: The boot features heel and ankle reinforcements along with toe caps. This provides support to your feet, protects your feet from injuries, and offers a safe ride. 
  • Breathability: The fabric and mesh lining improves the breathability of the shoe. Free airflow keeps your feet fresh, airy, sweat-free, and comfortable. 
  • Sole: The rubber sole with its anti-skid properties improves the foot grip and eliminates the risk of slipping on a rainy day or in a slippery area. 
  • Closures: The shoe has two closures. It has lace and a loop and hook. You can adjust the fit accordingly. It is available in different sizes too. 


  • Two closures,
  • BK fabric and cow,
  • suede leather material,
  • Maximum breathability,
  • Rubber sole with anti-skid properties,
  • Heel, ankle, and toe reinforcement,
  • Lightweight,
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Partially waterproof,
  • Size confusions.
Herobiker Combat Motorcycle Riding Boots

5. Borleni Motorcycle Boots:

This casual-styled shoe is made of comfortable fabrics and microfiber which are durable and tear-resistant. The breathable material allows maximum airflow making your feet fresh and airy. 

The PP protective shell in the ankle and heel offer reliable protection and support. The toe cap and microfiber gear shifting reinforcement are for easy operation of the foot and protecting your foot from injuries. The rubber sole is anti-slip and wear-resistant offering support, longevity, and safety. 

The boot has laces for a better fit and a zipper for easy wearing and taking off. It is available in different sizes to let you find the right size. 


  • Fabric And Microfiber: The boot is crafted with breathable fabric with a blend of microfiber. This makes the boot tear-resistant, durable, strong, as well as comfortable, and airy. 
  • PP Shell: The shoe features PP protective shell in the ankle and heel areas for added safety and protection from injuries. It also enables free ankle movement and heel operation. 
  • Toe Cap And Shifting Pad: The shoe has a reinforced toe cap for protection. It also features a microfiber gear shifting pad for easy shifting, comfort, and flexible movement. 
  • Sole: The shoe features a rubber sole that is malleable and sturdy. The sole is anti-slip offering safety and support. 
  • Closures: The boot has a zipper for easy wearing and taking off. Besides, the laces are added to let you adjust the fit. The boot is also available in different sizes. 


  • Breathable fabric and microfiber crafting,
  • PP protective shell for ankle and heel protection,
  • Zipper and laces,
  • Anti-slip rubber sole,
  • Toe cap,
  • Microfiber gear shifting pad,
  • Cost-effective.


  • Not waterproof,
  • A bit pricey,
  • Can’t withstand more than one impact.
Borleni Motorcycle Boots

6. Fly Racing M16 Motorcycle Boots:

The stylish sneaker design of Fly racing M16 has excellent features for a safe and comfortable ride. The leather crafting with HydraGuard waterproof membrane not only makes it sturdy and wear-resistant but waterproof as well. 

The shoe features a dual-density ankle reinforcement to safeguard your ankle from damage. The toe cap and heel reinforcement improve the protection of toes and heels. The metal shank in the sole prevents shocks from reaching your feet. 

Besides, the breathable mesh membrane allows free airflow. The removable insoles are features for added comfort, ease, and support. For a better fit, you can tie up the lace according to your convenience. 


  • Leather And HydraGuard Membrane: High-quality leather has been used to make this shoe. This top-notch boot also features a HydraGuard waterproof membrane. This combination makes the boot durable and long-lasting.
  • Ankle, Heel, And Toe Protection: The dual-density ankle protector, heel reinforcement, and toe caps provide 360-degree protection to the sensitive spots from injury and impact. 
  • Sole: The rubber sole is flexible and features a metal shank for absorbing shocks. This offers comfort, ease, and support to your footbed. 
  • Lace: The laces are added to the shoe so that you can get a customized fit by adjusting them. However, there are sizes available and you have to get the right size for the foot. 
  • Breathable Membrane: The boot also has a breathable membrane. This membrane maximizes airflow keeping your feet airy and fresh. 


  • Sturdy and wear-resistant leather material,
  • HydraGuard waterproof membrane,
  • Dual-density ankle protector,
  • Heel and toe reinforcement,
  • Metal shank for shock-absorbing,
  • Lace for a better fit,
  • Breathable membrane.


  • Size confusions,
  • A bit pricey.
Fly Racing M16 Motorcycle Boots

7. Borleni Casual Motorcycle Boots:

The leather and fabric crafting the Borleni casual boots made them durable, airy, and stylish. The sturdy boot also offers excellent protection by featuring PP protective shells in the ankle and heel areas. Besides, the reflective inserts offer support and stability to your feet.

The boot features reinforced toe caps and a microfiber gear shifter for comfort, ease, and impact resistance. The anti-slip sturdy soles increase safety, durability, and stability. 

Besides the availability of different sizes, the laces and zipper are there for an adjustable fit. 


  • Leather And Fabric: The excellent crafting of leather and fabric makes the boot stylish, breathable, comfortable, sturdy, and durable. The boot is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.
  • Heel, Ankle, and Footbed protection: The boot features PP protective shells in ankle and heel areas for added protection and support. The reflective inserts also offer support and balance. 
  • Toe Cap And Shift Pad: The added toe cap and microfiber gear shifter are two features that ensure comfort, ease of operations, safety, and protection. Foot operation becomes easy too. 
  • Sole: Rubber sole in this boot is bendable for better usability and sturdy for excellent support. It is anti-slip offering maximum stability and safety.
  • Closures: Laces are featured for a custom fit while the zipper is added for easy wearing and taking off of the boots. 


  • Sturdy leather and breathable fabric crafting,
  • PP protection shell for ankle and heel,
  • Toe cap and microfiber gear shifter,
  • Anti-slip rubber sole,
  • Abrasion-resistant and comfortable,
  • Zipper and lace for a better fit,
  • Extremely lightweight,
  • Cost-effective.


  • Slippery sometimes,
  • Poor finishing,
  • Uncomfortable reinforcement area.
Borleni Casual Motorcycle Boots

8. Indie Ridge Motorcycle Boots For Women:

No one can beat the style and quality of Indie Ridge shoes. The excellent full-grain leather crafting makes the boot eye-catchy, durable, and long-lasting. The waterproof Hipora layer keeps your feet dry. 

The ankle, heel, and toe reinforcements are for protection and safety. The ergonomic dual-directional sole is for added comfort, movability, and ease. The metal shank in the midsole is for extra comfort and footbed support. Sizes are available and the laces allow you to customize the fit.

Overall, this casual yet stylish boot offers favorable protection, comfort, and safety. 


  • Full-grain Leather: The boot is crafted with premium quality full-grain leather that makes the boot classy, bossy, sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. 
  • Toe, Heel, And Ankle Protection: For added safety, comfort, and protection, the boot has attached toe, heel, and ankle protection. This allows movability without damaging or discomforting the sensitive feet parts. 
  • Hipora Layer: The waterproof Hipora layer has been included in the boot so that your feet stay comfortable, dry, and protected no matter what condition you are in. 
  • Ergonomic Sole: The ergonomic dual-directional sole is featured for comfort, flexibility, and solid fitting. The midsole with a metal shank is for shock-absorbing and supporting the footbed. 
  • Closures: The boot is available in different sizes and the lace can be tied up for a customized fit. 


  • Sturdy and durable full-grain leather shoes,
  • Hipora waterproof layer,
  • Toe, heel, and ankle protectors,
  • Midsole with metal shank,
  • Ergonomic dual-directional sole,
  • Laces for a better fit.


  • Expensive,
  • Heavyweight and bulky.

9. Harley-Davidson Men’s Hagerman Motorcycle Boot:

This 100% full-grain leather boot is a premium choice for riding lovers. Harley Davidson crafts the best riding boots for riding admirers. The Hagerman collection is composed of Goodyear welt construction that makes it durable, solid, and tough. 

It features a mesh lining for added breathability and comfort. The YKK zipper not only increases the strength of the boot but makes wearing and taking off easier. The laces are for customized fitting. The polyurethane rubber outsole gives comfort, ease, and safety. 


  • Leather Boot with Goodyear Welt Construction: The boot is crafted with pure full-grain leather making it compact, solid, and stylish. The Goodyear welt construction improves the durability, strength, and longevity of the boot as the stitching is outstanding. 
  • Mesh Lining: Besides the leather crafting, it features a mesh lining to maximize breathability and airflow. It adds comfort and ease to your feet during a ride. 
  • Polyurethane Sole: The polyurethane rubber outsole is flexible and malleable as well as adds safety, protection, and strength to the boot. 
  • Lace and YKK Zipper: The sturdy YKK zipper strengthens the zipper as well as makes wearing and taking off faster and easier. The laces are added for a customized fitting. 


  • Full-grain leather crafting,
  • Mesh lining for breathability,
  • Polyurethane rubber outsole for safety and comfort,
  • Laces for a better fit,
  • YKK zipper for strength,
  • Lightweight.


  • Minimal reinforcements,
  • Confusion about size.
Harley-Davidson Men's

10/ Harley Davidson Men’s Beau Boot:

Here comes another premium boot for short riders by Harley Davidson. This leather boot gives a classy and bossy look and creates an impression. It is long-lasting and solid. The mesh lining maximizes breathability and the padded collar adds comfort. 

The synthetic sole offers comfort and movability. The heightened shaft and heel are for protection and safety. The welt construction adds life and durability to the boot. The YKK zipper strengthens the boot and the laces are for a better and customized fit. 


  • Leather Body: The pure leather crafting with welt construction not only gives a stunning look to the boot but also makes it durable, solid, and long-lasting. 
  • Mesh Lining And Collar: The boot has added some comfort features like a mesh lining for breathability and a soft collar pad for comfort. These features are important for a comfortable and smooth riding experience.
  • Synthetic Sole: The synthetic sole is sturdy, abrasion-resistant, and solid offering protection. It not only safeguards your footbed but provides comfort too.
  • Shaft And Heel: The shafts and heels are heightened purposefully to protect your feet from shocks, impacts, and damages. They offer protection and support to your footbed. 
  • YKK Zipper And Laces: The YKK zipper strengthens the boot as well as facilitates fastening and removing the boots. The laces are for a customized and better fit. 


  • 100% leather crafting,
  • Mesh lining,
  • Soft collar padding,
  • Sturdy synthetic sole
  • Heightened shaft and heel,
  • YKK zipper and lace,
  • Lightweight.


  • Pricey,
  • Minimal reinforcements,
  • Slippery on metal surfaces.
Harley Davidson Men’s Beau Boot

The Ultimate Buying Guide:

How To Choose Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders (7 Factors)

Now you know about the top 10 motorcycle boots for short riders. All of these are purposefully crafted for short riders to offer comfort, ease, movability, and a top-notch riding experience. 

So, how would you know which one is the best among them? How would you know which one suits you the best? 

To make your decision-making process a bit easier, I have come up with the ultimate buying guide for you. I would mention 7 factors that you need to analyze before buying a motorcycle boot. 

If you carefully scrutinize the factors and match them with the products, you can easily identify the shoe that suits you the best. 

So, stay with me and learn about the factors that you need to look for to grab the best riding boot for short riders. 

However, let’s discuss the 7 factors of how to choose motorcycle boots for short riders: 

1. Material And Finishing:

The primary factor to consider is the material and the quality of the material used for crafting the boot. Different brands make boots with different materials. The top-notch brands choose leather to craft their boots while other brands use microfiber or fabrics for making a pair of boots. 

Choosing a leather boot is always a wise decision as leather is durable and solid. Also, most leather boots are waterproof while microfiber or fabric boots are not waterproof. However, the abrasion resistance and tear resistance of fabric boots are higher than leather boots. Therefore, if it doesn’t rain often in your area, you can go for a fabric boot. 

Select material by thinking of the climate you live in. Also, check the durability of the boot regardless of the material used for making it. Good quality fabric and leather, both would last for a long time and offer maximum comfort and ease. 

Never miss out on checking the finishing of the boots. The crafting, stitching, and nailing of the boot should be flawless and fine. A faulty finishing would not only reduce the life of the boot but also cause discomfort. 

2. Sole Quality:

Many people may not think of checking the sole. But the sole of a riding boot is what determines the footbed comfort, ease while riding, and foot grip. 

I always prefer boots with rubber soles as they are bendable, flexible, and lightweight. The density and height of the rubber sole should be considered as they decide the compactness and sturdiness of the sole. For short riders, it is better to choose a boot with a heightened rubber sole. 

Soles with metal shanks are the best. Metal shanks are extra layers on the soles that absorb shocks protecting your feet from impacts. Soles with metal shanks are strong and sturdy and have a better life than other soles.

Another feature that you need to check is the gear shifting pads. Soles with gear shifting pads are the best for racing and speedy rides. These soles are suitable for effortless gear shifting and make your ride smoother and easier. 

Choose a boot that has an anti-skid and oil-resistant sole. This reduces the chances of slipping in oil, grease, or rain and ensures safety during riding, walking, running, etc. 

Some boots have synthetic soles too. If you choose one among these, make sure that the sole is thick and compact with a top-notch finishing. 

3. Size:

Confusion regarding buying the right size of the boot is common. Many riders don’t enjoy expected comfort due to buying a boot of the wrong size. 

The ideal way to choose the right size is to check the size chart of the brand you are choosing. Different brands have different size charts. Check the chart, measure your foot size, try to match them, and then go for selecting the right size. However, it is better to go and test the fit of the shoe before buying. 

You can check reviews too. You can get a lot of instructions regarding the size chart of a specific brand. 

Always choose the size of your boot carefully. Otherwise, your money would go down the drain. 

4. Closures:

Even if you get a boot of the right size, you may like to adjust the fit. Depending on our convenience and comfort, we like to adjust the fit differently on different days. This is why closures are important. To get the best possible fit, you must choose a boot that has a reliable closure system. 

The best boots feature laces as you can adjust the lace easily. Boots with zippers are easy to fasten and take off and save time. Some boots have velcro straps and some have a hoop and lock system. You may go for a boot with a closure system you are comfortable with.

It is to be mentioned that a good fitting is important for a good riding experience. A loose-fitted boot wouldn’t give you the best foot grip and your feet would slip off the sole frequently. Similarly, a tight-fitted boot would choke and suffocate your feet. Both cause discomfort and can hamper a smooth ride. 

This is why closures are added to riding boots so that you can adjust them according to your convenience. Therefore, even if you choose the right boot size, never overlook the type of closure the boot features. Buy the one with the best closure that would give you the perfect fit. 

5. Reinforcements:

The main reason for putting on a riding boot is to ensure safety and foot protection on the road. This is the reason why riding boots are different from casual boots. 

Riding boots for short riders have some sort of reinforcements to offer protection to the sensitive areas. Though boots for short riders don’t have shin area protection, there are other protections that you must look for. 

The first factor you must check is the ankle protection it offers. The ankle is a sensitive area that can crack if there is no support. Also, to maximize the movement of your ankle, an ankle protector is mandatory. As your ankle moves frequently during a ride, the ankle area reinforcement safeguards your ankle from impacts. 

High-quality riding boots add heel reinforcements. For short riders, heel reinforcements are mandatory as they would increase the boot height and also support the heels. Heel protectors let your heel sit comfortably so that you can ride smoothly. 

The toe cap is another necessary feature. Toe caps protect your toes from impacts and shocks. It adds comfort and guards your toes against external impacts. 

Soles with metal shanks offer protection to your footbed and support your foot. They also protect your feet from shocks and impacts. 

Therefore, choose a boot that has excellent reinforcements and safety measures. Only then can you have a safe and sound ride. You can look for CE certification for assurance. 

6. Comfort:

What is the point of buying a motorcycle boot if you are not comfortable in it? If you can’t move freely or feel good wearing boots, buying a riding boot makes no sense. 

To ensure comfort, confirm that your riding boot has vents or mesh linings. Vents or mesh linings maximize breathability letting air pass freely. Free airflow makes your feet feel airy, sweat-free, dry, and fresh. A boot without ventilation would cause serious suffocation and discomfort. 

A soft sole touch is important to ensure comfort. If the inner sole is hard and stiff, you would never be comfortable in it. The sole has to be soft on the skin and bendable so that you can move easily with it. 

The shape of the boot also determines the comfort level. Boots with ergonomic shapes are the best as they provide a flexible shape that envelops your feet with ease. 

A soft collar padding would be another comfort feature to look for. Also, make sure that you are compatible with the boot material. Some may love to wear leather boots while others are comfortable in fabric boots. 

Check the comfort features and choose wisely. 

7. Price:

Never settle for a cheap riding boot. An inexpensive riding boot would last for a while and start to wear, tear, and fade after a few months. However, if you don’t want to go for the expensive brands, choose the mid-range boots. 

I suggest you buy from trusted brands. Brands like Harley Davidson, Alpinestars, or Indie Ridge always offer the best product for the price you pay. I am not saying that other brands can give you a good product. But if you are perplexed and indecisive about which brand to pay for, I recommend you to select a reliable and popular brand only. 

If you are good at scrutinizing, pay for a boot that offers the best features. Look at the features and benefits and then decide the price you should pay. Consider the quality and longevity of the boot before paying. Because if you invest a lot of money, you should expect it to work smoothly for years. 

Price Range Of Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders: 

You may wonder about the price range of motorcycle boots for short riders. Though there are boots of different price ranges, I have divided them into two categories to give you a rough idea:

  • Under $150: Motorcycle riding boots below $150 are of good quality with all the basic features. They would be of quality material, soles, and reinforcements. But the finishing would not be top-notch. Also, the reinforcements would be minimal that would survive only a single accident. 

Comfort and durability are compromised in shoes below $150. You would still get a satisfactory riding experience but these boots won’t last for years. Also, these boots can never give you the ultimate comfort, flexibility, and ease. 

Invest at least $130 to get a boot that would last for one or two years. Check the reinforcements and material before buying so that you can be comfortable in them.

  • Above $150: If you can exceed your budget a bit, you would get top-notch riding boots that would easily serve you for years. Boots of $160 and up are the best as they are crafted with premium-quality material with outstanding finishing.

The comfort features are never compromised in these boots. The protections for ankle, heel, and toes are capable of withstanding multiple impacts and would offer reliable protection. 

The soles would give support to your feet, offer flexibility, and provide ultimate comfort and safety on the road. All in all, these boots would last for a long time and offer all the necessary features that you can think of. 


Now you know how to choose the best motorcycle boot for short riders and what are products that you may look for. You have adequate information to decide now. 

My all-time favorite is the Alpinestars SMX-1 R motorcycle boot for its style, durability, safety features, and comfort level. However, if you want a fully waterproof boot for protection against rain and storm, men should go for Fly Racing M16 riding boots. For women who want a premium-quality waterproof boot, your right choice would be Indie Ridge full-leather riding boots

People who want a boot for racing can go for Borleni XZ001 casual riding boots. This one has an excellent gear shifting pad with ankle, heel, and toe reinforcements that offer flexibility and safety during a high-speed ride. 

People looking for a stylish leather boot can choose any of the boots by Harley Davidson.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your brand new pair of motorcycle boots and get ready for an exciting ride!

Mahbobur Rahman

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