9 Best Motorcycle Backpack With Helmet Holder: Review & More

Best Motorcycle Backpack With Helmet Holder

Going for a long ride and figuring out how to carry a few necessary things while riding? The situation is relatable for riders who go for long rides, camping, racing, etc. Besides carrying food, a few clothes, and safety tools, storing the helmet also becomes an issue during such rides. This is exactly why a motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder is necessary. 

Experienced riders always suggest carrying a motorcycle backpack that has a helmet holder. Carrying necessary items becomes very convenient with this. They are also very handy and usually lightweight so that you don’t feel any burden while riding. As I love riding in the mountains and often go camping, I know motorcycle backpacks are lifesavers!

But let me tell you that finding a suitable backpack for riding was not easy. Many companies offer such backpacks and I had to do thorough research before shortlisting the best ones. As I never compromise with quality, I had to be extra careful while selecting the backpacks. 

Before buying one for myself and writing this review, I had gone through multiple motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders and came up with the 9 best ones. These are from reliable brands and offer long-lasting performance. 

Though my suggestion would be to read the whole review to choose the right backpack, you can go for the Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men if you want a clear recommendation. This is truly one of the best riding backpacks I have come across. 

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JFG Racing Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men. Dimension:20 x 15 x 7 inches. Weight: 2.14 pounds. Material:Nylon, carbon fiber, PVC

Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men is one of the most popular and best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders. They are lightweight as well as budget-friendly with amazing features. You can securely store items in it and ride in comfort. This backpack is already a favorite among professional motorcyclists. So you should check it out!

Nevertheless, if you have time, go through the review to be sure about your choice!

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9 Best Motorcycle Backpack With A Helmet Holder: A Comparison Table

Before I load you with detailed information about each product, let me focus on the main features and disparities between the motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders. So, here goes the comparison table for the 9 best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders:

Motorcycle Backpacks with Helmet HoldersDimensionWeightMaterialProduct Link
JFG racing motorcycle backpack waterproof bag men20 x 15 x 7 inches2.14 poundsNylon, carbon fiber, PVCClick here
Demarini Voodoo Rebirth Baseball Backpack‎21 x 13 x 2 inches1.94 poundsSyntheticClick here
Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle Helmet Holder20 x 13 x 2 inches2.89 pounds900D fabricClick here
Kemimoto Motorcycle Backpack‎13.27 x 9.76 x 7.72 inches4.13 poundsPolyester fabricClick here
Goldfire Motorcycle Backpack19.57 x 16.22 x 3.66 inches1.88 poundsNylon fiberClick here
Youngoa Motorcycle Backpack‎15.47 x 11.57 x 5.31 inches1.48 pounds900D polyesterClick here
Hutigertech Motorcycle Backpack13.2 x 10.2 x 4.2 inches2.64 poundsNylonClick here
Cucyma Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack20.87 x 7.09 x 11.81 inches3.08 poundsPU hardshellClick here
Osprey Raptor 14 men’s Backpack‎14.1 x 9.9 x 3.6 inches1.75 poundsNylonClick here

9 Best Motorcycle Backpack With A Helmet Holder: A Complete Review

Now is the turn to know the features and benefits, pros and cons of each motorcycle backpack with helmet holder that I have listed above. This review will brief you about each product so that you can make a decision easily.

  1. JFG Racing Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men:

Products Image 


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JFG Racing Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men. Dimension:20 x 15 x 7 inches. Weight: 2.14 pounds. Material:Nylon, carbon fiber, PVC

JFG Racing Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Bag Men:

Extremely sturdy and rigid in shape, the JFG racing motorcycle backpack can be the best companion for your ride. It has several compartments to keep items separate and secure. The bag holds its shape well, so the bag won’t feel or look bulky even after loading it. 

A waterproof, impact-resistant, and compact motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder like this one is quite a reasonable option for camping. With a capacity of 30L, it can accommodate clothes, food, meds, laptops, and necessities. The safety buckles prevent it from moving during the ride so that you can stay at ease. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 1680 D Carbon Fiber: 1680D carbon fiber mixed with PVC and nylon make this backpack extremely tough and wear-resistant. This also keeps it in shape and improves its longevity. 
  • Sturdy Zipper: The electroplate zippers are made for enhanced protection and safety. These are long-lasting and durable. 
  • Adjustable: The straps and safety buckles keep the backpack in place and make it easily removable. This increases its usability and functionality. 
  • Separate Chambers: Your items are safe in this backpack. As there are small pockets and chambers, you can sort out the items in these compartments. 
  • Comfort: The back padding and the air vents keep you fresh during a speedy ride. It also has neck protection for extra comfort and ease. 
  • Reflective: The bag features reflective patches on it so that it improves night visibility. This ensures safety during low light conditions. 
  • Lightweight: The bag is not so heavy though the shape is tight. So you don’t feel any pressure while carrying it. Rather it sticks to your body and you can ride in a relaxed mood. 


  • Extremely durable;
  • Waterproof;
  • Stays in shape;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Easily adjustable and removable;
  • Best for short trips and camping;
  • Wear and tear-resistant.


  • No chamber for helmet;
  • Limited capacity.
  1. Demarini Voodoo Rebirth Baseball Backpack:

The Demarini Voodoo rebirth backpack is a bag that has improved portability and storage facilities. When you are tired of carrying it on your back, you can use the side bats to move it on the ground. With the waterproof base, you can conveniently move it without spoiling the bag or items in it. 

It features different compartments for storing different items like your phone, shoes, clothes, helmet, etc. The bag is quite big, and you can load it with enough things as the outer shell is not rigid, and is made of synthetic material. This is water-resistant as well as long-lasting. This is one of the best motorcycle backpacks with a helmet holder, you can surely rely on this product. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Hanging Hook: The bag features a hanging hook at the top of it so that you can store it in any tent, hotel, and space conveniently. It won’t eat up any floor space. 
  • Fleece Lining: To store your phone securely and prevent it from getting worn or heated, a fleece-lined pocket is added to this bag for your phone. You can store other small electronic items in it too like a power bank.
  • 2 Bats: The bats on each side of the bag are to carry the bag like a trolley. You can move along with the bag without carrying it on your back. It is risk-free due to the waterproof base. You can fold the bat when not needed. 
  • Separate Compartments: Including the vented shoe chamber to large compartments for helmets and other belongings, the bag is designed to arrange things in separate pockets. 
  • Casual in Design: The design of this bag is very casual and you can carry it on any trip other than motorcycling. This is a multi-functional bag.


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to carry and store;
  • Casual and all-purpose bag;
  • Separate compartments for different items;
  • Waterproof base;
  • Large storage facility.


  • A bit pricey;
  • Not completely wear-resistant. 
  1. Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle Helmet Holder:
Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle Helmet Holder:

A very cost-effective and multi-purpose motorcycle backpack is this one. The storage facilities are excellent with the helmet carrying compartment outside the main bag storage. This allows you to easily store your belongings inside the bag where the helmet doesn’t occupy any space. With a 30L capacity, this bag is an amazing one to gally any trip. 

One of the best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders, this bag is lightweight, simple, and useful. It features multiple compartments inside the bag along with a water bladder. In terms of safety, comfort, and convenience, this is surely a great backpack choice for riding. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 2L Water Bladder: A water bladder at the backside of the bag is what you need for long rides. Especially in the summertime, this bladder can be life-saving. 
  • Outer Helmet Holder: The bag features a helmet compartment outside the bag. The buckles and belts are to be adjusted to place the helmet tightly to the bag. With the outer helmet storage, you can save up on the inner bag storage. 
  • 900D Polyester: Made of 900D polyester, this bag is extremely sturdy and fully water-resistant except for the zipper. This motorcycle back is fairly worn and tear-resistant and is long-lasting. 
  • Slim But Spacious: The bag looks very slim but has a large capacity and you can even expand it. As the helmet storage is outside the bag, you can load other items in the back, middle, and front compartments. 
  • Adjustment Belts: To reduce the pressure on your body, adjustment belts are featured around the waist and chest with a thick shoulder pad. Fastening the belts makes your ride more relaxing. 


  • 900D polyester sturdy material;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Adequate storage with separate compartments;
  • Padded along the back and shoulder;
  • Adjustment buckles for comfort;
  • No extra inner space is needed for the helmet; 
  • Comes with a 2L water bladder;
  • Strong alloy zipper.


  • The zipper is not waterproof;
  • Not good for carrying a laptop.
  1. Kemimoto Motorcycle Backpack:
Kemimoto Motorcycle Backpack

Just like the previous one, a Kemimoto motorcycle backpack has an outer compartment for storing the helmet without occupying any extra space inside the bag. You can open the bag fully (180-degree) and arrange the items properly inside the compartments. 

With the extra facilities of a USB charging port and a rain cover, this bag is the ultimate symbol of convenience and ease. This motorcycle backpack is the best for mountain motorcycling where you need charge backup and where weather is unpredictable. Note that this also features a compartment for a 2L water bladder. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • USB Charging Port: To charge your phone on the go, this motorcycle backpack features a USB charging port. This port can be used to charge your phone, power bank, and other devices. 
  • Rain Cover: The polyester bag is waterproof and very sturdy. But for added protection, this bag gives a rain cover that can be adjusted on the bag during rainy rides. 
  • Ergonomic Crafting: The shape and padding on the bag are designed to reduce the pressure on the shoulder and put the load on the hip and chest. This gives you a relaxing ride.
  • Trekking Pole Holder: In case you want to walk with your bag or trek, the trekking pole holder can be used. Your back gets to rest while you can carry the bag easily. 
  • External Helmet Holder: Your helmet won’t occupy the inside space as the holder is featured outside the bag. Place the helmet and fasten the belts and buckles to store the helmet. 
  • Breathable: The backside of the bag is vented to increase breathability and ensure comfort to the rider. 


  • USB charging port;
  • Comfortable ergonomic manufactured;
  • Separate storage compartments with three large chambers;
  • Extra rain cover;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Anti-scratch pads.


  • Poor stitches;
  • Inside space is limited.
  1. Goldfire Motorcycle Backpack:
Goldfire Motorcycle Backpack

Comes with a 1-year warranty, the Goldfire motorcycle backpack has a sleek and smart design that is easy to go with. Nylon fabric crafting made this riding backpack long-lasting and durable, though it has minimal impact resistance. 

The comfort factor of the Goldfire motorcycle backpack makes it stand out from the other bags. The shoulder strap, adjustment belts, and the mesh back of the bag make it easy to carry. Apart from that, the bag is pretty spacious, especially because of the exterior helmet area. Within a low budget, this is quite a good option for summer rides. However, it is not the best for rainy conditions.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Nylon Fabric: Nylon fabric keeps the bag flexible as you load it. It may wear under impact but in normal conditions, it won’t break or tear easily. Nylon fabric is breathable so carrying it won’t be a hassle. 
  • Exterior Helmet Carrier: Just like the two previous bags, you can store your helmet outside the bag by adjusting the straps. This saves up the interior space. 
  • Breathable Shoulder Straps: The shoulder straps are not only made of mesh but also designed specially to ensure ease. 
  • Mesh Back: The back of the bag is made with mesh to ensure breathability and ease. You perspire less and the bag doesn’t become sticky.
  • Adjustable Straps: The bag has adjustable belts and buckles so that you can get a tight packaging of items. In separate compartments, you can load items and secure them with straps. 


  • Lightweight and sleek;
  • Mesh shoulder straps;
  • Breathable back;
  • Separate compartments for items;
  • Affordable;
  • Flexible and sturdy.


  • Not waterproof;
  • Not wear or tear-resistant;
  • Limited space.
  1. Youngoa Motorcycle Backpack:
Youngoa Motorcycle Backpack

The most lightweight and affordable motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder on this list is the Youngoa motorcycle backpack. Aside from its slim and compact design, the product stands for its strong 900D polyester fabric and durable finishing. 

With extra straps and hooks outside the bag, you can attach extra bags, water bottles, etc. to the exterior of the bag. As the helmet adjustment straps are outside the bag, you can load the interior of the bag with other items. Moreover, other straps and belts are added for adjusting the bag fitting. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 900D Polyester Material: Made of strong 900D polyester, this bag is completely worn and tear-resistant. It is also waterproof and extremely sturdy that you can carry it casually.
  • 45L Capacity: 45L interior capacity is quite a lot more than other motorcycle backpacks. With distinguished chambers, storing items in a 45l bag is super convenient. 
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Strap: The shoulder straps are made to adjust the shape of your shoulder and put less burden on them. The chest and waist straps make carrying it easier. 
  • Back Padding: The back padding of the bag is perforated to increase breathability and comfort. It is thick but soft to provide support to your back. 
  • Exterior Helmet Carrier: With the exterior helmet carrier, you can save up on the interior space. Place the helmet and adjust the buckles to secure the helmet. 
  • 3 Large Chambers: Within the three large chambers, there are separate pockets to load items securely. 
  • Molle Design: Besides the chambers and helmet carrier, there are hooks and straps to attach extra items to the exterior of the bag. 


  • Durable bag and zipper material;
  • Molle design for extra storage;
  • Heavy padding for support;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Lightweight;
  • 45L capacity.


  • Poor finishing;
  • Big helmets won’t work.
  1. Hutigertech Motorcycle Backpack: 
Hutigertech Motorcycle Backpack

Another budget-friendly yet good quality riding motorcycle backpack is offered by Hutigertech. With an exterior helmet carrier and several chambers for secure storage, this bag is suitable for riding. You can wide open the chamber 90 to 180-degree, and arrange the items in the bag properly. 

With adjustable straps and ergonomic design, carrying this becomes more comfortable and easy. The burden on your body gets lesser even if you fully load the bag. The thick back padding also provides support to your back. With the handle in the middle, you can move it like a trolley while not carrying it on your back.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 100% Nylon: The nylon material of the bag makes it wear-resistant and durable. It is fairly water-resistant, strong, and long-lasting due to the nylon crafting. 
  • Exterior Helmet Space: To save the inner space of the bag, straps and buckles are added to the exterior of the bag. You can place the helmet and fasten the straps to store the helmet. 
  • Ergonomic Design: The bag shoulder straps have ergonomic crafting to ensure ease and perfect fitting. This reduces the stress on your back and shoulder.
  • Vented Back Padding: The back padding is thick as well as vented to lessen the pressure on your back. The breathability of the bag gives comfort and ease while riding. 
  • Trolley Handle: The bag features a trolley handle in the middle of the bag. Using it, you can move the bag to the ground. This makes carrying it easy.
  • Sleek: The design is sleek and slim that you can carry it easily and use it for multiple purposes. 


  • Smart and sleek in design;
  • Sturdy nylon body and strong zipper;
  • Trolley handle for portability;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Thick back padding;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • External helmet carrier;
  • Fairly waterproof.


  • Poor construction;
  • Not completely waterproof.
  1. Cucyma Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack:
Cucyma Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack:

Similar to the JFG racing motorcycle, this hard and strong carbon fiber PU crafting makes the Cucyma backpack long-lasting and durable. The hard shell doesn’t collapse in the wind and stays in place. Another benefit is that the outer shell doesn’t change its shape no matter what you put inside the bag. So carrying it becomes easier. 

Besides storing your helmet, you can store other necessary items in the compartments. Completely waterproof, this motorcycle backpack is suitable for all weather conditions. It also features hanging straps to store the helmet outside the bag. In the interior part, you can store a laptop, clothes, medicines, and other things for a long trip or camping. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Sturdy Carbon Fiber Body: The bag is made of sturdy carbon fiber PU which makes the back tough and long-lasting. 
  • Doesn’t Mold: The shape of the bag is rigid and it doesn’t mold or collapse due to wind while riding. This ensures ease during a motorcycle ride. 
  • Reflective Stripes: The bag has reflective stripes across the sides of the bag to increase visibility during nighttime. This ensures safety on the road.
  • Large Space: Though the bag’s outer shell is rigid, the inner space is adequate. It has separate chambers for riding gear and other materials.
  • Back Cushion: The back cushion is vented and thick to offer support and comfort during a ride. The cushion also insulates heat, keeping you cool during the ride. 
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic shoulder straps sit well on your shoulder and reduce pressure. 


  • External straps for extra storage;
  • 30L interior capacity;
  • Breathable back padding;
  • Strong and durable bag body;
  • Reflective stripes for night visibility;
  • Fully water and impact-resistant.


  • Expensive;
  • Storage can’t be expanded.
  1. Osprey Raptor 14 Men’s Backpack: 
Osprey Raptor 14 Men’s Backpack

A truly premium motorcycle backpack in terms of design and performance, the Osprey Raptor 14 backpack is just outstanding. Extremely lightweight, small, but spacious, this backpack has a water hydration bag. The helmet storage facilities are unique to any other bag and the inner storage is quite enough for loading foods, clothes, and small devices. 

Comes with a removable tool pouch, you can arrange your belongings separately and securely in this bag. Made of Nylon, this bag is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. They are designed for comfort, high-end performance, and longevity. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Lidlock Helmet Storage: This sleek and lightweight bag has locks and straps to secure your helmet to the exterior of the bag. This mechanism saves up space.
  • Water Hydration Compartment: The bag features a compartment for storing water which can be removed and loaded easily and kept inside the bag.
  • Nylon Body: Made of nylon, the back is flexible yet tough. It is water and scratch-resistant as well as impact-resistant. 
  • Mesh Back Part: The back portion of the bag is made of mesh lining to ensure breathability and comfort. It keeps you dry and at ease during the ride.
  • Magnetic Strap: The magnetic strapstripttached to the bag so that you get easy and quick access to water. 
  • Adjustment Straps: The adjustment straps along the sides, chest, and waist ensure that the bag is secure. You feel at ease carrying it and the bag stays safe too. 
  • Reflective Blinker Light: At the back of the bag, a blink light attachment is given for nighttime visibility. 


  • Lightweight;
  • Water storage space;
  • Exterior smart helmet storage;
  • Magnetic straps for easy access to water;
  • Blinker light attachment;
  • Nylon body;
  • Roll-up removable tool pouch;
  • Separate compartments.


  • Extremely pricey;
  • Small in size.

7 Considerations To Choose The Best Motorcycle Backpack With Helmet Holders: 

Among the plenty of motorcycle backpacks in the market, it can be challenging to choose one. This is why you should set some parameters and buy a backpack that meets those parameters. In this way, you can easily choose the best one for a comfortable motorcycle ride. 

To help you out with the selection process, I have added a few considerations that you should think of before buying a motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder. 

  1. Weight:

My experience says, having a heavyweight motorcycle backpack can be a burden during a ride. You automatically lean backward when the load is heavy on your back. It stresses your shoulders and back, making you tired quickly. You can feel shoulder soreness, and pain, and perspire heavily when the bag is heavy. 

With the bag loaded, the bag becomes heavier. This is why to ensure that you ride with ease, choosing a lightweight motorcycle backpack should be your priority. You can carry it and check whether it suits you or not. Depending on your height and weight, the ideal weight of the bag should be determined. So carry it once to understand whether it is the right weight for you or not. 

  1. Capacity: 

This is another factor that may vary from person to person. Not everyone likes a big motorcycle backpack with lots of space. That can be because they want a handy bag and they don’t often go for long motorcycle rides. In that case, you can go for a 25- 30L capacity. But if you are going camping or on long road trips, this capacity may not be enough. 

If you need a large bag, go for expandable motorcycle backpacks. They have extra hooks, straps, and flexible bodies to load enough things. A 35- 40L capacity is enough to carry food, clothes, laptop, meds, tools, and a helmet. So as per your activity and requirement, you should choose the bag that can accommodate all your belongings. 

  1. Aerodynamics: 

Aerodynamics is a feature that many people miss out on. This is the property of motorcycle riding bags that prevent inflammation due to wind. As you may notice, during speedy rides, the bags get inflated and shake vigorously. This is surely very disturbing as it distracts you. The straps and bag move so much that it gets uncomfortable. 

But with the property of aerodynamics, inner air is balanced with thwithouter air. This balance prevents the bag from shaking or moving. Now, this property is very important if you set out for long rides. However, for short trips, an aerodynamic bag is not mandatory. So as per the distance you ride, you have to choose whether or not you need an aerodynamic bag. 

  1. Helmet Storage: 

Most riders prefer using exterior helmet storage. This is because it saves up on the inner space of the bag. Otherwise, the helmet occupies most of the space inside the bag. Nevertheless, if the exterior helmet storage is not secure, then carrying it can be a hassle. 

Before you buy a motorcycle riding backpack, make sure you are comfortable with the helmet storage. Also, don’t ever go for a backpack that doesn’t have any system to carry the helmet. The investment is not worth it. Be it a short or long ride, a bag with helmet storage is necessary. 

  1. Sturdy Body and Zipper:

The best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders have a durable body material with sturdy zippers. As these backpacks are for rides, they need to be extra durable than the normal backpacks. Double zippers are the best to securely store items in the bag. And waterproof tough bag materials should be chosen to get a good performance. 

Tough and durable motorcycle backpacks are generally abrasion and impact-resistant. Most of them are waterproof too and fairly wear and tear-resistant. To be honest, this is a very basic feature that you should consider. Check on the material very well to ensure longevity and durability. 

  1. Breathability: 

The shoulder strap and back padding should be breathable and soft. When we go for long rides, it becomes exhausting when the bag is not breathable. Also, with riding gear inside the back, it would stink if the bag is not breathable. For that, most riding backpacks have mesh and perforated shoulder straps and back cushions. 

Therefore, always go for a breathable motorcycle backpack. This ensures comfort and ease during the ride. Carrying the bag becomes easier and simpler when the bag is vented. 

  1. Appearance:

The appearance of the motorcycle backpack matters to a lot of people. The style of the bag should suit your motorcycle as well as your gear. Though not mandatory, the appearance of the bag can truly change your impression. You feel more confident and relaxed while you have a sleek and suitable bag on your back. 

The design and crafting of the bag decide your comfort level during the ride too. So consider the design and appearance of the bag before you get one. 

Besides these factors, you can also look for motorcycle backpacks that have hydration bags or pouches. Also, bags with small and separate compartments are the best as you can keep your items sorted. This ensures all your belongings are safe and not mixed up. 

Be wise while choosing the best motorcycle with a helmet holder !

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Choose A Motorcycle Backpack With A Helmet Holder?

Comfort is the primary factor to consider while choosing a motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder. If the bag is bulky and tight, you will get exhausted during the ride. But when it fits well to your shoulder and there is no extra burden on your body, you can ride at ease for hours. 

While choosing a motorcycle backpack, look into a bag with an ergonomic design. These shoulder straps fit well to your shoulder and put a burden on your lower body. These bags also have vented backs for breathability. All these factors ensure a stress-free and smooth ride while carrying the bag. 

Is It Hard To Ride With A Motorcycle Backpack?

If you are carrying a normal backpack, it can be tiring to ride a motorcycle. But when you carry an especially designed motorcycle backpack, you won’t feel stressed or tired. This is because motorcycle backpacks are designed to fit your shoulder well so that they don’t burden your back. 

Similarly, motorcycle backpacks have aerodynamic properties and they are lightweight. This ensures that you don’t feel too heavy while carrying it. Also, these backpacks don’t shake during the ride. Overall, it becomes easy to ride when you carry a motorcycle backpack rather than a normal backpack.

Why Do Motorcyclists Carry Motorcycle Backpacks?

When motorcyclists need to carry and securely store their belongings, the best option is to rely on a motorcycle backpack. These backpacks have compartments to store items separately as well as have helmet holders. 

But the biggest benefit is they are made to ensure comfort. The shoulder straps and lightweight backpacks won’t burden or stress your back or shoulder even when the bag is loaded. They are designed to fit your body and prevent vigorous movement during a ride. So when carrying and storing belongings is important during a ride, motorcycle backpacks are the best choices for motorcyclists. 

Is It Safe To Ride With A Motorcycle Backpack?

Yes, it is completely safe to ride with a motorcycle backpack. These bags don’t put extra stress or pressure on your shoulder. This means the backpack won’t hamper your riding experience. You can put full focus on riding as these bags won’t shake or distract you. 

Belongings inside and outside the bag are kept safe. The chambers store items securely. The exterior often contains hooks and straps to store helmets and other items. All of them are fastened so you need not worry. Therefore, both your belongings and you stay safe during a ride with a pro motorcycle backpack.

Are Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holders Worth It?

If you are a regular motorcycle rider who loves camping, hiking, and long road trips, it is worth buying a motorcycle backpack with a helmet holder. This is because motorcycle backpacks are crafted to ensure comfort, breathability, and relaxation during long rides.

When you go for a long ride, you naturally need to carry several items like clothes, chargers, medicines, tools, etc. Storing the helmet becomes necessary too. This is when a motorcycle backpack becomes very convenient and useful. Therefore, it is worth getting a motorcycle backpack if you go for long trips or night stays. 

Final Thoughts:

So here we come to the end of the article with a detailed review of the best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders. Your task is to consider your priorities and select the backpack accordingly. 

As mentioned before, my favorite choice is the Demarini Voodoo Rebirth baseball backpack. It has inner compartments for your belongings as well as a helmet. The outer body is waterproof, smooth, and abrasion-resistant. Besides, it is lightweight, budget-friendly, and has a sleek design that you can use for any purpose besides riding. 

Now if budget is not an issue for you, undoubtedly, Osprey Raptor 14 men’s backpack is one of the finest motorcycle backpacks. It is small but has enough space with a water bladder and magnetic pipe for easy access to water. It also has adjustment features and a blinker light attachment. It is super comfy and stylish!

The most lightweight option on this list is the Youngoa motorcycle backpack. In contrast, the Kemimoto backpack is the heaviest. So if weight is your main consideration, the Youngoa motorcycle backpack is a good choice. 

People who admire hardshell motorcycle backpacks can go for the Cucyma waterproof motorcycle backpack or the JFG racing motorcycle backpack. They are compact, don’t mold or collapse, and are extremely durable. 

Hence, these were my recommendations. Now, which one did you like the most so far? 

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