10 Best Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

People who want to communicate or listen to music or stay connected with their phone while riding a motorcycle need a Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet to facilitate calling, talking or playing music. 

In modern times, communication and entertainment both have become significant to people. Therefore, the necessity and demand for Bluetooth helmets are increasing rapidly and companies are coming up with new module helmets to satisfy the customers.

However, among the bulk of brands, choosing one Bluetooth helmet is a troublesome and time-consuming task. While all brands promise to give long-lasting service, not all helmets are up to the mark in reality. 

I struggled a lot to find out which Bluetooth module helmet is the best and can be bought to enjoy excellent service. After thorough research and testing several products, I have come to a conclusion which I am going to present in this article.

I have filtered the 10 best Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmets that you can choose from. I would mention their specifications and other details to help you decide which one you need. 

Nevertheless, if you are not interested in knowing about all the products and looking for a recommendation, I would undoubtedly suggest my favorite one to you which is the GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet with GDM HYPERSONIC Bluetooth Intercom. 

GDM is a trusted helmet brand and famous for providing upgraded and modular helmets at a reasonable price. The Hypersonic Bluetooth Intercom helmet is such a product that looks extraordinary, offers a top-notch 5.0 Bluetooth system, and has every advantage that you can expect from modular Bluetooth helmets. This is a helmet worth paying for. 

However, if you want to know about more products and are looking for more alternatives, stay with me throughout this article as I would explain the best 10 modular Bluetooth helmets available in the market. 

Let’s dive deep!

Best Modular Bluetooth Helmet: Comparison Table:

BrandDimension (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Bluetooth TechnologyProduct Link
Torc T27B1 SL L T2710.24 x 8.66 x 11.42 inches5.15 2.0Check here
ILM Bluetooth Modular dual Flip-up Visor13.78 x 10.24 x 9.84 4.43.0Check here
AI DI SAI Bluetooth Integrated Modular Double Visor _3.3_Check here
Sena Savage CL-MB-L-0111.8 x 11.2 x 112.434.1Check here
FreedConn Dual Visor Modular Bluetooth Helmet‎15 x 11 x 114.053.0Check here
GDM Ghost Mark II__4.1Check here
GDM Hypersonic Bluetooth Intercom13 x 10 x 1045.0Check here
FreedConn BM2215.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 44.1Check here
Sena Outrush Smart‎ 14.9 x 11.2 x 10.73.815Check here
KUQIBAO Bluetooth Helmet15 x 11 x 114.74_Check here

10 Best Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Reviews:

Here is my complete review on 10 best Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet:

1. Torc T27B1 SL L T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Blinc Bluetooth:

Torc T27B1 SL L T27 Full Face Modular Helmet

The glossy and glittery premium design Torc T27B1 SL L T27 full-face modular helmet with Blinc Bluetooth has a unique design with comfort inside.

This lightweight helmet with 2.0 Bluetooth technology is an excellent competitor of heavyweight helmets. The Bluetooth technology facilitates mobile communication, listening to music, etc., and hearing the GPS directions. 

Moving further we would learn more about the features of this eye-catchy helmet:

ModelT27B1 SL L
Weight (Pounds)5.15
Dimensions (Inches)10.24 x 8.66 x 11.42 
Battery1 Lithium Polymer Battery


  • Venting: The Torc Modular Bluetooth helmet has excellent air venting systems like Venturi venting allowing the rear exhaust to pass out the air. This allows the rider to feel fresh and chilled.
  • Colors: The helmet is available in 6 different colors- flat black, gloss black, black checker, yellow, silver, rebel star, white, and yellow. The stunning colors are appreciable and you can choose the one you like.
  • Chin Bar: The chin bar can be released with one button click. This makes the process easier to operate the front chin bar.
  • Bluetooth: The excellent 2.0 Bluetooth technology allows fluent calling and talking facilities with the system of listening to music. You can also clearly hear the GPS directions to ride the motorcycle smoothly.
  • Safety Standard: The federal motor vehicle safety standard is maintained in this helmet. This means you get a maximum safety guarantee with this helmet. 


  • Adequate ventilation system.
  • Fluent Bluetooth function.
  • Single click chin bar operation.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Good for glass wearers.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Bluetooth is not good for long rides.
  • Noisy at high speeds. 

2. ILM Bluetooth Modular Dual Flip-up Visor:

ILM Bluetooth Modular

ILM is one of the most trusted brands for modular helmets. The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet modular flip-up full-face dual visor Mp3 intercom FM radio model is one of the highest-rated products by ILM.

The design of the helmet provides comfort and the DOT safety standard guarantees full-fledged safety on the road. Besides, the 3.0 Bluetooth technology allows calling, listening to FM, music, audio GPS, and many more.

The best part of this helmet is the intercom system that facilitates 3 rider pairing and 2 rider intercom communication. The battery life is also satisfactory thus offering you service for a long time.

Dimension (Inches)13.78 x 10.24 x 9.84
Weight (Pounds)4.4
Intercom function3 riders pairing, 2 riders intercom
Battery 1 battery, 1 USB cable, 1 charger


  • DOT Safety Standard: The helmet is designed to ensure maximum safety for the rider. The helmet is made of a sturdy ABS shell, dual visor, and removable liners to maximize safety measures.
  • Vents: The ventilation system in this helmet is top-notch. The vents allow air to pass freely so that the helmet doesn’t suffocate the rider.
  • Bluetooth: The one-touch control of the Bluetooth system facilitates communication. You can make, reject or receive calls, listen to music, operate FM radio, and get audio GPS. 
  • In-built Speaker: The in-built speaker and microphone ensures that it doesn’t get noisy while you talk on a call or listen to music. Thus you get a noise-free ride.
  • Intercom System: The intercom system not only allows 3 riders pairing but also enables 2 riders intercom communication within the distance of 500 meters.
  • Battery: The fully charged ILM helmet allows 12 hours of talking, 8 hours of intercom communication, and 110 hours of standby. 
  • USB And Charger: The modular ILM Bluetooth helmet comes with 1 battery, 1 USB, 1 charger, 1 helmet bag, and 1 user manual. These amenities add perks to this product.


  • Noise-free calling, listening to music, FM radio, and GPS navigation.
  • Efficient Intercom communication.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Has a charger, USB cable, helmet bag, and user manual.
  • Guarantees safety. 


  • Thin internal pads.
  • Noisy vents.

3. AI DI SAI Bluetooth Integrated Modular Double Visor:

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Here comes a very budget-friendly brand that offers a premium design with every amenities that you may think of. This is truly a unique helmet by AI DI SAI.

This helmet ensures maximum safety on the road. Besides, the different sizes guarantee that you get the right fit for your head. The Bluetooth can be operated very easily with the helmet buttons making your communication and listening to music or switching between calls and music simpler.

Moreover, the advanced ventilation system and inner pads facilitate comfort and the overall design of the helmet stands out. You can’t find such an exceptional piece from any other brand.

Colors Availability9 Different
Made ForStreet Bikes
Outer MaterialsABS
Inner MaterialsEPS


  • Venting: The excellent venting system of the helmet allows you to stay comfortable and at ease. You don’t feel suffocated wearing the helmet.
  • Safety Standard: The DOT and ECE approval of the helmet ensures that the helmet is safe to wear. It is made of solid ABS material with top-notch abrasion resistance so that you stay protected.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: The built-in Bluetooth system allows you to answer and make calls, rapidly switch between calls and music, high-quality stereo, etc. The Bluetooth operation is super fast and easy.
  • Colors And Sizes: 9 different color options are available in this model and each one is stunning. Besides, different size options allow you to choose the right fit. 
  • EPS Buffer Lining: The extra high-density buffer lining ensures that your head doesn’t shake or tremble much while riding a motorcycle.
  • In-built Lens: The in-built lens in the motorcycle front glass allows an easy viewing experience while riding the motorcycle. 


  • DOT and ECE standard safety.
  • Easy switching in Bluetooth.
  • EPS buffer lining for less jerks.
  • Excellent ventilation. 
  • Affordable.


  • Monotonous color and design.
  • Poor inner pads. 

4. Sena Savage Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet (CL-MB-M-01):

Sena Savage Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The plain and simple yet classy crafting of the Sena savage helmet has done justice to the model name! It is truly a ‘savage’ model with excellent features that would blow your mind.

The open-face model with 4.1 Bluetooth technology is what made Sena Savage stand out in the market. Besides taking and making calls, listening to music, and GPS hearing, 3 riders can connect through the intercom communication system up to a distance of 1 mile.

This unthinkably lightweight helmet is perfect for those who love a simple yet bold helmet with favorable safety and Bluetooth facilities.

Dimension (Inches)‎11.8 x 11.2 x 11
Weight (Pounds)1
Inner MaterialsEPS
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries


  • Bluetooth: The 4.1 Bluetooth system allows uninterrupted calling and listening to music, FM, or GPS directions.
  • Intercom Communication: 3 riders can communicate through the intercom system up to the distance of 1 mile.
  • EPS Padding: The inner EPS system ensures that you don’t face trembling or jerking while riding the motorcycle.
  • Safety: The FMVSS and DOT standards ensure that you stay safe on the road. The helmet has maintained all the safety measures. 
  • Size And Color: Various sizes are available to help you find your fit. It is available in matte white and black color. 


  • Safety guaranteed.
  • Powerful Bluetooth connection.
  • Intercom for 3riders communication within a mile.
  • EPS padding for less jerking.
  • Various sizes available.
  • Lightweight and comfortable. 


  • A bit pricey.
  • Open-faced.

5. Freed Conn Dual Visor Modular Bluetooth Helmet:

Freed Conn Dual Visor Modular Bluetooth Helmet

The Freed Conn Dual Visor Modular Bluetooth helmet is an excellent helmet by Freed Conn. This option is a great affordable choice with Bluetooth facilities.

The intercom system allows communication within 500 meters with 9 hours of intercom time while the 3.0 Bluetooth integration with your device is top-notch too. Besides, the DSP echo cancellation system ensures that you get a noise-free and uninterrupted ride while using Bluetooth. The speakers offer clear sounds. 

The outstanding ventilation system and soft cheek pads ensure safety and allow you to have a comfortable ride.

Dimension (Inches)14.5 x 10.5 x 11 
Weight (Pounds)4
Battery 1 Lithium ION Batteries


  • Venting: The lightweight helmet with proper ventilation and removable cheek pads ensure a comfortable ride. 
  • Bluetooth: The 3.0 Bluetooth technology provides uninterrupted listening and speaking. The calling and music or GPS listening are convenient with this.
  • Intercom: The intercom communication connects up to 500 meters allowing 2 riders talking and 3 riders pairing. 
  • DSP: The DPS system allows you to receive echo-free and clear sound. 
  • Single Click Operation: The helmet can be operated with a single click. Starting from receiving calls to switching the music, all can be done with a single click. Long pressing also allows you to connect to Siri or initiate Android phone commands. 


  • Topnotch ventilation and comfort.
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity.
  • DSP for noise cancellation.
  • Single click easy operation.
  • Intercom ranges up to 500 meters. 


  • No sun visor.
  • A bit pricey. 

6. GDM Ghost Mark II:

The exceptional features with the outstanding look of this helmet within this budget make it a premium choice. The DOT and FMVSS standards ensure that the helmet provides safety.

The inner part allows comfort and eases while riding the motorcycle. The 4.1 Bluetooth enables fluent calling, listening, and GPS navigation. The noise-canceling microphone facilitates communication too.

The charged battery offers service for a long time that lasts up to 110 hours in standby mode. Besides, a lot of other specialized features and amenities have been integrated into this helmet. Also, the size option made finding the right fit easier.

Model‎ BT-140
Dimension (Inches)14 x 10 x 10 
Weight (Pounds)4
Battery Up Time (Minutes)30


  • Inner Safety: The inner safety measures of the helmet include cheek pads, removable liners, and interchangeable shields that you can adjust. 
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows smooth calling, music listening, and other activities.
  • Speaker And Microphone: The microphone and speakers cancel noise while you operate the Bluetooth making the application convenient and easier.
  • Battery Life: The battery of the helmet supports 12 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. 
  • Amenities: The helmet comes with 2 Shields: USB Cable, Charger, GDM Helmet Bag, And User Manual. 
  • Shield Colors: The helmet is available in 3 different shield shades.


  • DOT and FMVSS certified safety. 
  • 4.1 Bluetooth technology. 
  • In-built speakers and microphones for noise-free communication.
  • Double shields for extra protection.
  • Has removable liners and inner pads.
  • Adequate battery life.
  • Has 2 Shields: USB Cable, Charger, GDM Helmet Bag, And User Manual.
  • Cost-effective option.


  • Limited color varieties.

7. GDM Hypersonic Bluetooth Intercom Helmet:

GDM Hypersonic Bluetooth Intercom Helmet

Here comes another GDM Bluetooth helmet which is an upgraded version of the previous one. Interestingly, the price is similar but this one offers 5.0 Bluetooth technology.

The helmet provides utmost comfort and inner safety by adding cheek pads, washable liners, and shields. The DOT and FMVSS certification guarantees that you can trust the product in terms of safety.

The Bluetooth facility is excellent as you get uninterrupted calling and listening benefits. The speakers and microphones are designed specially so that you get a noise-free voice.

Besides, the fitting would be perfect as it comes in various sizes. The other amenities include USB charging cable, GDM helmet bag, 2 shields, and a user manual.

Dimension (Inches)13 x 10 x 10 
Weight (Pounds)4


  • Bluetooth: The 5.0 Bluetooth technology allows seamless communication and listening.
  • Inner Safety: The inner safety measures of the helmet include cheek pads, removable liners, and interchangeable shields that you can adjust. 
  • Speaker And Microphone: The microphone and speakers cancel noise while you operate the Bluetooth making the application convenient and easier.
  • Battery Life: The battery of the helmet supports 12 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. 
  • Amenities: The helmet comes with 2 Shields: USB Cable, Charger, GDM Helmet Bag, And User Manual. 
  • Shield Colors: The helmet is available in 3 different shield shades.


  • DOT and FMVSS certified safety.
  • 4.1 Bluetooth technology.
  • In-built speakers and microphones allow noise-free communication.
  • Has double shields.
  • Inner pads and removable liner for safety.
  • Adequate battery life.
  • Comes with 2 Shields: USB Cable, Charger, GDM Helmet Bag, And User Manual.
  • Cost-efficient option.


  • Limited color options.

8. FreedConn BM22:

FreedConn BM22

The FreedConn BM22 helmet is a premium helmet with Bluetooth that allows 12.5 hours of talk time. The intercom system accommodates 6 riders at a time and works up to a distance of 1000 meters.

The inner EPS foam, safety strap, and DOT and ECE certification ensure that you stay safe on the road. The lightweight helmet is perfect for long rides as it has adequate battery life and safety measures.

The Bluetooth can be operated with a single click which makes the facilities even more accessible and better. The ventilation facilities make the ride comfortable and airy.

Model BM22 Bluetooth Helmet
Dimension (Inches)15.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 
Weight (Pounds)4
Talk Time (Hours)12.5


  • Venting: The ventilation of the helmet is adequate making the rider comfortable and airy throughout the ride.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth facilitates easy and seamless communication and listening to music, GPS navigation, etc.
  • Intercom System: The intercom system allows 6 riders to communicate up to the distance of 1000 meters. 
  • Safety: The helmet is certified by DOT and ECE due to the EPS foam, and inner pads that keep your face protected during a ride.
  • Battery: The battery allows 12.5 hours of talk time and has adequate life for a long ride.
  • Dual Visor: The dual visor makes viewing easier and clearer at night.


  • Dual visor for night view.
  • 12.5 hours battery life.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Safe.
  • Intercom for 6 rider communication within 1000 meters.
  • Powerful Bluetooth.
  • Great ventilation. 


  • Only 2 color options. 

9. Sena Outrush Smart.

Sena Outrush Smart

Here comes another modular helmet by Sena. Sena outrushes helmet features HD intercom and 5.0 Bluetooth. This ensures sound clarity and uninterrupted communication. The sun visor protects your face and eyes from burning and gives comfort and ease.

The jog-dial operated control system allows rapid operation of the helmet. The helmet maintains all the safety parameters that a modular helmet should have. Also, in terms of comfort, it is an excellent one.

The lightweight sleek and smart helmet is what you need for ultimate riding comfort and abrasion resistance. As Sena is a trusted brand, the quality is never compromised.

Dimension (Inches)‎ 14.25 x 11.57 x 11.18
Weight (Pounds)3.8
Battery1 Lithium Polymer Batteries
Inner MaterialsEPS


  • Bluetooth: The 5.0 Bluetooth system facilitates easy and flawless communication and listening to music, GPS, FM, etc.
  • Intercom System: The HD intercom system makes communication much easier and convenient. It ensures sound clarity.
  • Jog-dial Operated Control: The helmet can be operated easily with a jog-dial mechanism.
  • Safety: The safety parameters in this helmet are strictly maintained so that you stay safe on the road.
  • Sun Visor: The sun visor protects the face and eyes from irritation and burning and gives comfort. 
  • Battery Life: The battery would survive for 15 hours on a single charge. 


  • Safety ensured.
  • Lightweight and sleek design for comfort.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth technology.
  • HD intercom.
  • Bluetooth operation with 3 the jog-dial mechanism.
  • Excellent battery life. 
  • Sun visor for eye comfort.


  • Limited color options.
  • Not user-friendly. 
  • Sound quality can distort. 

10. KUQIBAO Bluetooth Helmet:

KUQIBAO Bluetooth Helmet

The affordable Kuqibao helmet comes with 1200 Ma Bluetooth and dual high-definition lens. This Bluetooth modular helmet is made of ABS which is sturdy and durable. 

The helmet has EPS liner for less jerks and disturbances. The sound quality is satisfactory and the battery lasts up to 20 hours and allows single click operation. 

The vents, inner pads, and linings offer ultimate comfort to the rider. The stunning design and color variety is another plus point. Overall the performance of the helmet is satisfactory.

Model Number‎ 902
Dimension (Inches)14.8 x 11.3 x 11
Weight (Pounds)3.3
Battery Life (Hours)20


  • Vents: The vents allow free movement of air making the rider comfortable.
  • Inner Pads And Liners: The inner pads and removable liners are given for ultimate comfort. 
  • Battery: The battery enables 20 hours of nonstop talk time. 
  • ABS Thermoplastic Body: The ABS thermoplastic and metal body made the helmet sturdy with abrasion resistance. 
  • Safety: The helmet is DOT approved and offers complete safety.
  • Bluetooth: The 120 Ma Bluetooth allows fluent calling and listening facilities. 
  • EPS Liner: The EPS liner allows seamless driving by reducing jerks during the ride. 


  • DOT approved for safety.
  • Quality 1200 Ma Bluetooth.
  • ABS thermoplastic and metal body. 
  • 20 hours battery life. 
  • Inner pads and liners for comfort.
  • Vents for airflow.
  • Affordable option.
  • EPS liner for less jerkings.
  • Design and color versatility.


  • Bluetooth can be improved.

7 Things You Should Look For While Buying A Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

Selecting a Bluetooth modular helmet can be a troublesome task especially when you don’t know which factors to consider while buying. 

Let me explain, 7 things that you should look for while buying a modular Bluetooth helmet:

1. Safety Parameters:

The safety parameters are the inner lining, pads, outer shell materials, etc. that make the helmet strong and can protect you during an accident. Make sure that the safety certifications like DOT, ECE, etc. are earned by the helmet.

2. Size:

The size of the helmet matters the most. Modular Bluetooth helmets are available in various sizes. Also, there are straps and buttons to adjust the fit. Check these features before buying and select the right size.

3. Purpose:

There are different helmets for different purposes. Some are street helmets while some are for adventure rides. Some modular helmets are for long rides while some may not give protection during long rides. Select your purpose first and then go to buy.

4. Price:

Comparing the price of different helmets is necessary. You must pay the right price for a modular helmet. Many budget-friendly helmets have more features than expensive ones. You just need to learn about the options before buying.

5. Bluetooth Quality: 

Try to select the latest or at least 4.0 Bluetooth technology for seamless listening and communication. Go for a wireless Bluetooth integration system for better uses. 

6. Noise-canceling Property:

Usually, modular helmets create noise. Therefore, you must look for a helmet that has a noise-canceling system so that your Bluetooth communication becomes uninterrupted.

7. Weight And Comfort:

The weight of the helmet matters. While some prefer lightweight helmets some may go for a bit bulky helmet. It depends on your preference. Consider the comfort of the helmet. See the inner features of the helmet and how easily you can operate it.

Consider these 7 things before buying a modular Bluetooth helmet and get ready for a seamless ride with the super comfy and safe helmet on!

Are Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmets Worth it? 

Bluetooth modular helmets are now in huge demand. This is because the Bluetooth features are very necessary for communication and listening. 

While operating a mobile phone is risky and troublesome during a ride, Bluetooth enables you to monitor calls with a single click, listen to GPS, and even music or radio. 

The modular features are the upgraded version of normal helmets so that face-to-face communication becomes easier and simpler with the helmet on. 

The best part is you get modular Bluetooth helmets at a very reasonable price. Paying for such upgraded features is totally worth it in my opinion as you also upgrade your riding experience. 

How Much Is A Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet? 

A Bluetooth modular helmet costs around $150- $350. The cost varies from brand to brand. The cost also depends on the features being provided by the brand.

The cost depends on the Bluetooth technology, intercom facilities, safety measures, helmet material, and shields. The sun and dual visor features also add price. 

Besides, the design and helmet model decide the price as more adornment costs more. You must fix what you want from the helmet and then decide on a price.

What Is The Point Of Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet? 

People nowadays prefer to buy Bluetooth modular helmets for many upgraded facilities that they get. The main point of buying a modular Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is to facilitate communication.

Bluetooth setup allows you to communicate with people by connecting your mobile phone with the helmet. This feature adds a perk as you can’t operate mobile phones while riding a motorcycle. But with this Bluetooth feature, you can call and receive calls with a click.

Besides, if you want to listen to music, Bluetooth is there for you. You can even turn on FM. Moreover, while viewing GPS while riding is difficult, you can hear GPS directions via the Bluetooth helmet. 

The modular features facilitate face-to-face communication while riding. The modular features add comfort and ease to the helmet too.

Therefore, the point of a Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet is to facilitate communication while riding and offer ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Can You Listen To Music With A Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet? 

With a Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet, you not only communicate with people and listen to GPS navigation but can also listen to music.

You can play your playlist, play music from an online platform, or may connect to FM radio too. All listening activities that you could have done on your mobile phone can be done with a single click on the helmet in a Bluetooth modular helmet. 

In fact, people buy modular Bluetooth helmets to communicate efficiently and easily while riding a motorcycle and listen to music and audio. 

Are Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmets generally come with the certification by DOT, ECE, or FWVSS. These certifications denote that the helmets have maintained a certain level of safety parameters. 

The Bluetooth modular helmet body is made with sturdy materials that have excellent abrasion resistance and can survive collisions. Besides, the face shields of modular helmets ensure that your face and eyes stay safe from sun, dust, and accidents. This means, your full head and face stay protected when you choose a modular helmet.

As you easily communicate via calls without operating your phone, this improves your concentration thus reducing the risks of accidents.

Therefore, all in all, not only a Bluetooth modular helmet can protect you during an accident, but it also ensures that you stay focused while riding a motorcycle.

Should I Get A Modular Or A Full-face Motorcycle Helmet?

The purpose of a modular helmet and a full-face helmet is different.  A modular helmet is sleek, easy to carry, comfortable, and lightweight. It is made for utmost comfort, eye ease, and effective communication between riders.

On the other hand, full-face helmets are for regular usage and better safety. It ensures that your full head and face are covered so that they don’t get harmed. 

Therefore, you need to decide your choice and priority before you buy a helmet. Both modular and full-face helmets have their functions and benefits. Choose after judging them well. 

How Does Bluetooth Intercom Work?

The Bluetooth intercom functions simply when you connect and pair your Bluetooth to the Bluetooth of the person you want to communicate with. Once the Bluetooth is connected, you can talk. 

However, the wireless intercom system is only for short-range communication. The range varies from company to company and product to product. It depends on the strength of the Bluetooth connection.

If you require a high-range intercom system, choose carefully that features the highest range of intercom communication. Also, make sure that the connection remains uninterrupted.

Are Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmets Noisy? 

As Bluetooth modular helmets have more vents and openings, the helmets create noise. Full-face helmets create less noise as the openings are limited. 

Though modular helmets feature different benefits, it creates noise which is a huge disadvantage for many. However, your Bluetooth calling and communicating can still be better if you choose a helmet with noise-canceling features. 

Noise-canceling speakers and microphones minimize noise while talking and communicating. Thus if you are going for modular helmets, make sure that it has the noise-canceling feature.

How Often Should A Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Be Replaced?

Ideally, a Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet should be changed every 5 years. This is because the inner safety linings and pads may tear over time while the outer shell can become fragile day by day. This increases the risk factors.

Helmets wear out over time and can become uncomfortable after using them for around 5 years. Though it depends on how much you are maintaining the condition of the helmet, you must change it after 5 years to ensure safety and comfort. 


You now have detailed knowledge of the 10 best Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmets that are available in the market. Each product has its unique features and functions which you must examine before deciding which one to buy. 

The cheapest yet the best option according to me is the GDM Hypersonic Bluetooth helmet which I have recommended at the beginning. I see no competition with this product as offering 5.0 Bluetooth with lightweight and comfortable features makes it worth buying.

I would recommend Sena savage helmet within a medium range. Sena’s sleek design and super functions would definitely satisfy the customers.

If you want to spend to the fullest for a helmet, then Sena MOI-STD-GW-M-01 is your choice. Check out the features above after you decide your budget as the final decision has to be made by you.

What are you waiting for? Reread the article, note down your priorities, and see which one matches your choices and go grab the best Bluetooth modular helmet today! 

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