Motorcycle GPS Tracker: [A Detailed Guide]

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Careful motorcycle riders prefer to set a GPS tracker on their motorcycle as it enables you to track your motorcycle’s location when you are away from it. While most people favor having a GPS tracker, they often panic about which one to select and how to choose. Not only that. Some people don’t even consider having a tracker, ultimately resulting in a blunder. 

You can solve these confusions regarding GPS trackers only when you learn about them in detail. Understanding the significance of the GPS tracker, its functions, and knowing the brands can help you decide. You need to have proper guidance and detailed knowledge to conclude.

If you are looking for a complete article on the motorcycle GPS tracker, you have reached the right website. Here, I have filtered all available information to present a brief yet enlightening article. It would inform you on A to Z about GPS trackers and help you decide without any dilemma.

Stay tuned to learn because this is important!

5 Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers Brand (2021):

Before we move further, you may like to have an idea about the recommended motorcycle GPS trackers. I have listed the 5 best motorcycle GPS trackers of 2021 that are available in the market. In the later part, I would describe the trackers of each brand.

Let’s hop in.

These are the top 5 GPS trackers. I have handpicked the affordable trackers that would provide top-notch service. There are other brands too, but these are the most popular and top-rated ones. I personally prefer cost-effective but quality GPS trackers and thus suggested these brands. They are excellent in quality but come at a reasonable price.

So, let us have a brief discussion on the trackers of each brand to help you decide which one suits your purpose. 

1. Americaloc:

Americaloc comes with a small portable GPS tracker that you can fix in any motor vehicle or motorcycle. The brand offers affordable trackers with outstanding features and facilities.

Trackers of Americaloc enables real-time tracking as well as sending various notifications (set zone entry and exit, low battery, etc.) to make the process easier.  

Let us concentrate on the features:

  • Multi-Carrier Coverage: The tracker has multi-carrier coverage. This means the tracker gives a greater coverage which is way better than its competitors.
  • Long Life Battery: The lithium-ion battery has CAT M1 technology which has a long life. Longer battery life means better and longer service.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The device enables real-time tracking and keeps a record of 1 year of tracking history. 
  • Connectable With Multi Devices: You can connect the device with any computer, mobile phone, or tab.
  • Notification System: The best part is the notification system of the device. It would notify you during movement, parking, speeding, exiting and entering zones, low battery, etc. You get all the information via notifications.

Indeed, Americaloc’s tracking devices are versatile and reliable with excellent functions and features. If you intend to spend at least $100 on your tracking system and desire to get top-notch service, this is the right option.


TKSTAR is another trusted brand that has waterproof devices with an anti-theft alarm facility. The device is excellent for real-time tracking and generally offers accurate location results.

The only drawback is that you need to buy a separate sim card that doesn’t come with the device. Also, it only supports 2G networks. Otherwise, it is a useful and cost-effective tracking device. 

The features are given below:

  • GPS+LBS Dual-Mode Positioning: The device comes with GPS+LBS dual-mode positioning. The GPS technology works if the signal is good within the range of 5-10m. On the other hand, the LBS would track the vehicle within the range of 100-1000m.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm: The device gives an anti-theft alarm whenever the vehicle shakes. It gives Overspeed alerts, geofencing, and other notifications.
  • Powerful Magnets: The device comes with 5PC strong magnets. These magnets enable you to install it quickly by attaching it to the metallic part of the vehicle. You can keep it hidden too.
  • Waterproof: The device is waterproof and thus doesn’t get affected on rainy days.
  • Battery: The battery life of the device is outstanding which may last up to 2 months. The battery activates whenever the vehicle moves.

Such a budget-friendly device can be a good choice for people living under a 2G network. All the facilities are reliable and you can get visible benefits using TKSTAR’s tracking device.

3. Optimus:

Optimus GPS trackers are best known for its mobile phone application as it makes the task easy. It allows real-time tracking and supports a 4G connection. There are several subscription packages that start from $19 per month. Discounts are available too. Also, there would be no hidden fees. 

The features of the Optimus GPS tracker are mentioned below:

  • Quick Notify: The device can notify you as quickly as 10 seconds after any unusual event. The notifications are sent via email and texts.
  • Certified: The device is FCC certified.
  • Connectable With Mobile App: The device can be connected to Optimus mobile app for easy navigation, tracking, and notification.
  • Battery: The lithium polymer batteries would last around two weeks with a reporting frequency of 1 minute. 
  • Magnetic Attachments: This feature is available on some devices for easy installation.

Overall, Optimus’s GPS tracking devices are budget-friendly and suitable for real-time tracking. Mobile app integration makes the tracking system easier and faster.

4. Spytec:

Spytec is best known for its small, portable, and durable device that can fit at any place on your motorcycle. Spytec has exceptional tracking devices designed for real-time tracking.

It makes the process effortless as it shows real-time visualizations and locations. It uses a 4G satellite network for tracking. The subscription packages start at $19 per month. Other packages are available too.

The features are explained below:

  • Developed Technology: The device uses 4G satellite technology for real-time tracking and visualization.
  • Battery: The battery lasts up to 2 weeks. 
  • Weight: The device is lightweight, durable, and tiny. You can fit the device anywhere on your motorcycle.
  • Send Notification: The device is able to send notifications directly to your mobile phone.
  • Informed In Details: You would get detailed information via this device like speed, location, map, distance, historical data, and even customize boundaries. 
  • Quick Processing Time: The device possesses a 99.99% uptime with a 0.256 millisecond processing time. Thus the service is fast and reliable.

Such a cost-effective device is rare in the market. It is budget-friendly as well as offers a fast and reliable tracking service. Also, it provides detailed information.

5. Amcrest:

Amcrest’s 4G GPS tracker has a slim and compact design that fits easily in any motorcycle. The subscription packages start at $19 per month that can go up to $35. The device comes with a weatherproof magnetic case and fabric zipper case. 

It offers real-time tracking and can be linked with your mobile phone or PC. You can use it from any browser or install the app. The device all enables geofencing, notifications, 5-second reporting, etc.

The features are noted below:

  • Adoptive: The 4G GPS tracker device is portable, sleek, and compact that you can fix anywhere on the motorcycle.
  • Connectable With Multi Devices: The device enables real-time tracking that can be viewed from any browser on the PC or mobile phone. You can install the mobile app for easy tracking.
  • Battery: The battery lives up to 15 days with 60-sec updates. 
  • Weatherproof: The device comes with a weatherproof magnetic case and fabric zipper case. 
  • Updates Of Every Single Time: The device allows geofencing and time to time notifications via texts and emails. 

Amcrest’s motorcycle GPS tracking device is one of the cheapest devices available. You get reliable service with excellent customer support from the company. If you want to spend a minimum on your GPS device, this is the best choice for you.

3 Reasons To Buy A Motorcycle GPS Tracker:

In today’s time, a motorcycle GPS tracker is necessary. It is no more an option as your motorcycle’s security is a considerable concern. As motorcycle stealing is becoming more common and easy, safety concerns are rising increasingly. 

In this part of my article, I’ll explain you such 3 reasons to buy a motorcycle GPS tracker:

1. Anti-theft:

Accept the fact that motorcycle stealing is not a hard task. Normal motorcycle locks can’t save your motorcycle from being stolen. If your vehicle is targeted by someone, he can pick it up from anywhere when you aren’t around. 

As locks can prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen, the only way is to set a GPS tracker for the motorcycle. As soon as someone moves your motorcycle, you would be notified via email, texts, calls, or other alerts that would reach your mobile phone or PC. 

Besides, the facility of geofencing is another factor to consider. Geo-fencing allows you to set a boundary within which you want your motorcycle to stay. Whenever your motorcycle crosses the boundary (enters or exits), you would get continuous notifications. 

As you get the alert, you can now track the location of your motorcycle and immediately take action. Therefore, for the security of your motorcycle, a motorcycle GPS tracker is necessary.

2. Real-time Tracking:

Real-time tracking is another important function of GPS trackers. Real-time trackers are not only helpful for stopping theft or stealing but also allow the vehicle to stay with you virtually all the time. You can always track the motorcycle and see where it is.

You also receive notifications regarding Overspeed driving, low battery, distance, etc. Real-time tracking enables you to know where your vehicle is. If your loved one is on a ride, you can always track his location and receive notification in any condition.

Real-time trackers also enable you to check your riding history. Historical data worth 3 years can be stored here. You can check the speed, location, etc. using this feature.

3. Insurance Discounts:

Insurance is a factor that you must consider while buying a motorcycle. Now if you buy a motorcycle GPS tracker, insurance companies would offer you exciting discounts for your initiative to keep the motorcycle safe.

Your credibility and reliability with the insurance company would increase if you fix the GPS tracker in your motorcycle. They would not only provide you insurance faster but also offer you discounts and exciting offers. Try to buy insurance approved trackers so that your proposal gets accepted quickly and smoothly.

Where Do You Put A GPS Tracker On A Motorcycle?

You can install a GPS tracker literally anywhere in your motorcycle. If it has a magnetic case, you can fix it in the motorcycle body or near the wheel. If it isn’t a magnetic one, you can fix it somewhere in the wheel so that it stays hidden and the thief can’t notice it.

You can fix it below the seat or near the wheel which is the safest place. You can fix it on the opposite side of your number plate which would be hard to notice.

You can install your GPS tracker anywhere but fix it carefully so that it stays hidden and no one can easily find it out. Also, make sure it doesn’t fall or depart from the vehicle.

Why Should You Use Motorcycle GPS Tracker?

In today’s time, it is always recommended to use a GPS tracker on your motorcycle. As safety and security concerns are increasing, the need for a GPS tracker is increasing too.

You should use a GPS tracker to prevent anyone from stealing your motorcycle. You receive notifications immediately after someone moves or rides your bike. This notification would let you know that something is wrong and you would receive the exact location too. Now you can take action.

Besides, you can do real-time tracking using a GPS tracker. You can track your loved one’s location, check the riding speed, etc. by sitting back at home.

Therefore, using a GPS tracker is beneficial, and you should consider buying it for your vehicle’s and loved one’s safety.

How Much Is A GPS Tracker For Motorcycles?

Motorcycle GPS trackers come in various price ranges. Also, the price of subscription packages varies from company to company. In general, the price of a GPS tracker device starts from $30 which can go up to $200 too. Even more expensive trackers are available. However, spending $50- $70 for a tracker would be more than enough as they give accurate results.

The subscription packages have different prices too. The cheapest packages can be bought for $9 but the standard packages cost $19. The package pricing is determined by the tracking speed and other factors. Buying a $19 per month package is preferred as it offers fast-tracking.

How Does A Motorcycle Tracker Work?

Motorcycle GPS trackers work using the battery. The charged battery keeps the device alive. The GPS device is programmed so that it sends notifications to the linked device which can be a phone or a PC.

If you link your phone or PC with the tracker, you would get messages, calls, or emails immediately after someone moves or rides your motorcycle. It would show you the exact location of the motorcycle on the linked device including other information like speed, distance, etc. You can link it to Google maps too.

The GPS tracker can be programmed for geo-fencing for extra protection. In this, your vehicle is expected to remain within a boundary. If it crosses the boundary (exits or enters), you would get continuous notifications.

All in all, a GPS tracker sends your signal directly to your mobile phone or PC if anything unusual happens and lets you track the location. Even real-time tracking is possible if you want to track the vehicle all the time.

How Can I Track My Lost Motorcycle?

The most reliable and simplest way to track your lost motorcycle is to use trackers on your motorcycle. You can use simple trackers that can be linked with motorcycling apps. But the better option is to fix a motorcycle GPS tracker for your motorcycle.

GPS trackers allow you to track your motorcycle in real-time. You can see the vehicle’s location on your PC or mobile screen. Also, you don’t need to look for your motorcycle as you would get notifications automatically in case of unethical access.

Besides the location, you also receive information regarding battery, motorcycle speed, etc. Setting geo-fencing is another effective way to locate your lost motorcycle.

Therefore, fixing a GPS tracker is the best way to keep your motorcycle safe and find it fast.


Now you have detailed information regarding motorcycle GPS trackers. I have discussed brands, mentioned their importance, and solved some other questions too.

Anyway, I hope you have gained enough knowledge by reading my article so do your research, and select the best GPS tracker for your motorcycle to keep it safe and stay tension-free.

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